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Chance telling Abby to take a minute!


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  • Chance telling Abby to take a minute!

    Don’t know about you guys but when Abby was balking at signing the agreement and Chance suggested she “take a minute” I wanted to reach out through the TV and throttle him. He should have picked up on her feelings and told her we can hold off signing and instead let her contemplate this longer and totally support her if she doesn't want to do this. No reason visitation shouldn’t have been good enough given Devon willingly sign away his rights right from the beginning.

    How can Chance be SO tone deaf to her feelings? All he cares about is giving Dom to Devon. I SO wanted Abby to listen to her heart and stop this. Terribly disappointed and crushed for her. Just watching her try to act okay with this today was hard to watch.

    I honestly do not want to follow Devon’s screen time with Dom over the years or have to watch her louse of a husband try to date his wife to make her forget Dom’s not with them.

    Is this show going to show Victor’s response?
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    Thanks for the recap. I have already started to FF any scene with Devon.


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      Am I to believe that this guy is smart enough to do black ops and undercover missions? He is coming across so empty headed in this story.


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        It's totally unwatchable.


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          Chance definitely isn't operating with a full deck and how can he when he refuses to seek out professional help to help him through his emotional problems that haunt him daily... Abby needs to insist that Chance get professional help because she doesn't have the emotional support from him that she clearly needs. Chance making all these plans with him and Abby is him deflecting in my opinion. It just looks like Chance is trying show Abby that he is doing better by carrying on this way when in actuality he isn't.
          Chance could clearly see that Abby was struggling with this decision about shared custody, which should of led him to make the decision to postpone the meeting today with Devon and Amanda so that he and Abby could talk.
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          • afinebalance
            afinebalance commented
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            I agree with you 100%. Chance is definitely in denial of the extent of his PTSD and how it's affecting his emotions and decisions.

          • Pamcho
            Pamcho commented
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            Not to mention, he is having nightmares. If Abby can't convince him into going to therapy, she should ask Nate to talk him into it.

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          Chance is just awful. 😐🙄


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            Is Chance so delusional that he thinks constant date nights when Dom goes to sleep over Devon’s is going to make Abbey not miss her baby. He thinks by not having the baby around and wishing his problems away will make his PTSD will just go away.


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              They really have done no favors for the character of Chance. And by they, I mean the writers. Devon is looking just as bad in the story. They have Billy Abby’s uncle celebrating with Devon.

              they, the writers, have made a mockery out of surrogacy and more so surrogacy contracts. And worst of all a mockery of PTSD. The story really is just so poorly done. And I can’t believe the writers think otherwise, but they are continuing it, so I think they do, they are sadly mistaken.
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              • Mermaid777
                Mermaid777 commented
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                When Billy paraded into Devon’s with champagne, I was like Really? What about your niece’s feelings? He did ask about her but still.

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