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Unpopular opinion: Chance doesn't want Dom with or without PTSD.


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  • Unpopular opinion: Chance doesn't want Dom with or without PTSD.

    Do I think he suffer PTSD? Yes.

    Do I think this is why he keeps encouraging Abby to hand her kid over to Devon? NOPE

    Chance doesn't want the kid because he's not biologically his. If Dom was his there's no way he would want to hand over his child to someone else because he suffers from PTSD. He would fight like hell for his child.

    When Dom is around, Chance is all mopey and down and depressed looking like he barely drag himself anywhere. When Dom isn't around? He's all smiley, talkative, almost like he's someone with no burdens. Yes he does seems to have some moment when he's depressed when Dom is not around but not as much when the kid is around.

    I don't agree with Devon having any sort of custody. He should have stayed what he signed on for. A SPERM DONOR. However I'm not surprised that he pulled what he did. I've always seen Devon as a snake in the grass who fools everyone around him. Never understand why people don't see through Devon so called good man act.

    I'm no Abby fan, but I want her to wake up and see her so called husband true motivations in regard to Dom. He doesn't want the kid, with or without PTSD. She needs to give him an ultimatum to get his act together, get therapy and deal his issues,, and be a father to Dom or move the hell and get her kid back from Devon and put him in his place as a sperm donor.

    I want Abby to see Chance and Devon for who they truly are, and stop letting herself been bullied by them.

  • #2
    ITA. The way he’s being written, I don’t think Chance wants to be a father to a child who isn’t his. Also, why isn’t Abby demanding he get therapy, he wants to get better but won’t get help.


    • Babe to family
      Babe to family commented
      Editing a comment
      Your opinion is not unpopular. I developed this opinion awhile back when it was brought up by several of the best people on the board. He is sickening and I can't stand the way Abby gives in to him so easily. I agree about Devon. What a total waste of the Chancellor fortune.

  • #3
    I get the same feeling. He is trying to wine and dine Abby and doesn't give a
    hoot about Dom. A very cold person to act like that. I hope she leave him
    or at least get him some help.


    • #4
      Your opinion isn't unpopular. I agree with you and can see he's happy to let someone else raise the child.


      • #5
        I'm not sure how unpopular your opinion is! Remember at one point he told Abby that he went on the mission because he couldn't accept that he was unable to father a child. This was only stated once but I distinctly remember it. But that leads me to question why he didn't get honest with her in the first place and nix the idea. Supposedly his condition could reverse.


        • kha
          kha commented
          Editing a comment
          I thought their fertility issue was that Abby's uterus couldn't attach to an embryo (not a scientific description but something like that). Maybe i mis-remember it. That was ages and ages and ages ago in this dreadful story.

        • Pamcho
          Pamcho commented
          Editing a comment
          He had an injury that left him with a low sperm count.

        • Mariko
          Mariko commented
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          But, he also told her he was fully on board with the surrogacy plan and for her to go ahead with it without him. He also said to her he was excited about it, and has said he loves the child. So, I don't think he doesn't want him. I think he's second guessing himself and ALL his abilities/capabilities.

      • #6
        OP don’t think it’s an unpopular opinion!

        I feel he doesn’t want the kid as part of his life and has nothing to do with his PTSD which he seems to push aside for spending just time alone with Abby. Feel horrible for Abby, who hasn’t always been a fav character of mine.


        • #7
          Chance can go soak his head. He's worthless. The writing and excuses that have been written for Chance are terrible. Drivel.


          • #8
            That doesn't make sense though. Although the show doesn't seem to want to acknowledge the history, Chance was engaged to Chloe while Delia was a baby and was eager to become her step-dad. I guess technically they shared biological blood, but he wasn't Delia's bio-dad - Billy was. And before Chance left on his mission, and before he found out about his sperm issues, Abby and Chance discussed adoption. The only reason they didn't chose it was Abby said she wanted to be part of the birth experience from the beginning.


            • CloverLeaf
              CloverLeaf commented
              Editing a comment
              This is exactly the point. Chance has now been written to be bowl of Jello. Nothing he does now makes any sense compared to who he used to be.

            • PennyB
              PennyB commented
              Editing a comment
              Mariah had the birth experience. Morning sickness, weight gain, stretch marks and painful labor followed by producing milk for the baby and post partum depression. Abby was interested...but a spectator.

            • BigCheddar2
              BigCheddar2 commented
              Editing a comment
              PennyB - maybe "journey" is a better word. Regardless, she wanted to be there from the beginning. I believe that's also one if the reasons she invited Mariah and Tessa to live at the Chancellor mansion during the pregnancy

          • #9
            Even though Chance seems a lot more at ease, excited about life and giddy when Dominic isn't around. I don't get the sense that he doesn't want Dominic around. That to me would just be awful if he really did feel that way about this beautiful innocent little boy. I really don't even get the sense that Dominic not being his bio kid has anything to do with Chance being distant from the child. This is something Abby and Chance both wanted from the beginning. I truly think Chance PTSD is dictating his behavior. Chance came back a changed man.. very traumatized and full of guilt for not being there in the beginning for Abby and Dominic and he also doesn't feel like he deserves to be here while his comrades died. How can Chance be there for Dominic when he is dealing with all of these emotions and still hasn't sought out professional help to deal with these emotions. The longer he waits to get the professional help that he needs, the more distant he will be towards Dominic which I feel is not intentional but one of the ways he is coping with all that grief and guilt. I keep waiting to see a spoiler about Chance finally getting the professional help that he needs but so far nothing. That's just how I feel about it.


            • TunerEyes
              TunerEyes commented
              Editing a comment
              If Chance can’t be well enough to be a father to a little boy who doesn’t demand much so he feels a failure, how does he think he can be a husband to Abby. He can’t even recognize or he simply ignores how she is truly feeling and instead pushes her to clearly do something she doesn’t feel is right for her, Dom or her family. He’s a bigger failure with her if you ask me. I don’t know how after talking her into giving up her baby that she can even let him touch her. I don’t see Dom as a PTSD issue for him. The nightmares are about his time in Spain.

          • #10
            Let Chance walk and Abby and Devon can raise their son together. Abby chose Devon to be her baby's father.


            • #11
              I think Chance is being affected by PTSD but I also think that he is struggling with not being the bio dad. It's one thing to say let's adopt then come home after a year and you have a kid from someone else.
              Devon is discusting me. He's not in love with Dom he's obsessed. Everything he did was in his best interest not Dom's but used that as an excuse. He totally threw chance under the bus and Chance easily threw away kid. Devon is a sperm donor. Period.

              Can't stand this storyline and Devon. FF through all Devon's scenes.

              Abby and Chance are through. Abby's resentment has been seeded and it's not going away. She just under the "poor Chance has it so bad blah, blah,blah." When that's lifted, good bye. Besides he's doing nothing to help himself. Abby knew that Chance was a liability in court so she went along. She's not struggling with this she's pissed and it will come out.



              • #12
                I can't stand the way Chance is acting. He is a pitiful excuse for a husband. I hope he doesn't have a chance to be a father to Dom. He would be a worthless parent.


                • #13
                  I was seriously annoyed with Chance today telling Abby about the great dates they'll have on nights that Dom is at Devon's. Chance has no grasp whatsoever of how badly Abby is hurting. And she's supposed to be thrilled about a dinner date at Society (which is the only restaurant in GC, obviously)?! Chance is clueless, selfish, immature, insensitive ... and any other bad adjective you could name.


                  • CashierJudy
                    CashierJudy commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Exactly. Who wants a man who doesn't want to be with your child??? What the holy heck is the matter with Abby? Chance is a loser.

                  • Leanna Love
                    Leanna Love commented
                    Editing a comment
                    And it irks me that Chance doesn't seem to realize that being a mother is not something you can just "turn off" when the baby's not around. Even when my children stayed with their grandparents when my husband & I went out, I still thought & worried about them. I kept my phone nearby & would do a wellness check at least once (if not more). How is it that Chance is perfectly content being alone with Abby as well as thinking of returning to the police force? Is being able to be a father the only thing that's affected by his PTSD? It just seems that it would be affecting everything, not just his ability to be a parent.

                  • MsMalin
                    MsMalin commented
                    Editing a comment
                    The first time my husband and I went out on a date (baby was 5 months) all we could talk about was the baby. I have the feeling that is not what Chance will be discussing in their date nights.

                • #14
                  I'm anticipating Chance suggesting to Abby that they send Dominic over to Devon's more often so they can have fun date nights together. Maybe that will give her a clue that he's completely checked out on parenting Dom, and she's better off without him.

                  Chance has determined that he's not well enough to be a good father to Dominic, yet he doesn't seem to believe that he needs therapy.


                  • #15
                    Originally posted by aryastark View Post
                    Let Chance walk and Abby and Devon can raise their son together. Abby chose Devon to be her baby's father.
                    Abby did not chose Devon to be her child's father. Devon offered when he learned what Abby was doing and Abby accepted Devon's offer.
                    She was looking into anonymous sperm donors before Devon inserted himself into the process.


                    • henyvo02
                      henyvo02 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      By Abby accepting the offer she actually chose Devon she could have said no.

                    • Carroll
                      Carroll commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Abby should have had the sense to realize that having Devon donate his sperm was a truly bad idea. But Abby is an airhead. Wasn't there anybody with half a brain close to Abby to counsel her on the problems Devon could cause?

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