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Is anyone else irritated with Abby and Chance


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  • Is anyone else irritated with Abby and Chance

    I don't understand why Abby is going along with Chance. Just because he doesn't want to be a father why is she going along and giving custody to Devon. Mostly why hasn't she told any of her family what is going on. She has so many powerful family member that could step in and help her out but all she does is listen to Chance who's whining about not being a good father. She should give him the boot and move on. She can do better than him. He doesn't want his child he doesn't want to go to therapy. She just does what ever he wants.

  • #2
    Abby's instincts about signing the contract were spot on, and it got my hopes up that she had decided to delay it. I still don't understand why she isn't talking about this to her family and allows Chance to influence her. He's ignoring everything that she's suggesting about her concerns for his mental health and shouldn't be relied on to give good counsel at this point.

    Edited to add that I'm even more irritated with Christine for not representing her clients, Abby and Chance.
    Last edited by RedheadTeacher; February 2, 2022, 11:54 AM.


    • Tjsands1
      Tjsands1 commented
      Editing a comment
      Me too. I thought she had changed her mind. Dump chance I say

    • Betsey
      Betsey commented
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      I'm surprised Christine didn't tell Devon and Amanda that they will be receiving their bill in the mail because CLEARLY, she is working for the OTHER SIDE!!!

  • #3
    Abby no.

    But Chance, yes. He's undermining his own wife and it is annoying that Abby is allowing it to happen.


    • KimLovesPiano
      KimLovesPiano commented
      Editing a comment
      At this point, I want Abby to dump Chance and leave the country with Dominic!!! The custody agreement is not a done-deal yet.

    • Leanna Love
      Leanna Love commented
      Editing a comment
      Abby is letting everyone walk all over her, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why! She's Victor's daughter but she's being written like a doormat!

    • Brendas
      Brendas commented
      Editing a comment
      I don't know wo annoys me more, Devon or Chance. I want Abby to dump Chance and tell Devon their whole agreement is off and take him to court. Also, she needs to remove Devon as Dom's godfather and make Nick or Noah Dom's godfather.

  • #4
    The fact that not one other person can see how this is affecting Abby is revolting.

    Every one, especially Devon only seem to care about themselves and not the mother of the child.


    • KimLovesPiano
      KimLovesPiano commented
      Editing a comment
      I think Amanda knows good & well that Abby is NOT on board with this!!!

    • NolaAnn
      NolaAnn commented
      Editing a comment
      I Hate Devon. He's no friend. And this story continues to disgust me.

  • #5
    Ya Think? I can't bring myself to watch. I have not felt that way for most of the time since I started watching in 1994.
    Briefly during the Kyle/ Lola upside downer, and Daisy was on. Not 1/3 of the scenes from an episode.
    I hope they do a quick fix.


    • #6
      I admit the past few days that I have FF through anything Devon and the baby. Today, Lily told Billy that her schedule included seeing Devon after the papers were signed. No reaction from Billy? So, he knows?

      I am so irritated that not one person is there for Abby. Her family is still in the dark after all this time.

      It’s time for Chance to just consider himself a step-dad because after today this dynamic just became like Abby and Devon divorced. And, the Chancellor name removed from Dominic list of names.

      I saw them sign the papers so I assume that Devon got everything he wanted. Ugh. I am back to FF through this guy.


      • Rubythroat1
        Rubythroat1 commented
        Editing a comment
        I just flick the TV off button and come back in two minutes!
        Survival instincts! LOL

    • #7
      Abby was just the incubator so Devon and Hilary's twin could play happy family. And her own husband has helped put her in that position.

      The woman has to cave so Devon can have a baby and Chance can have sex and not be bothered with parenting, something that the character had always wanted.

      The misogyny this story displays is revolting and it's offensive on every level. I think this is the big moment that people will look back on as being the show's downfall. It's destroyed every character involved. I have to say I'm kind of surprised that LLB came back as Cricket to look like the most incompetent lawyer EVER. I can't and won't watch this bull****.


      • Babe to family
        Babe to family commented
        Editing a comment
        Unbelievable at the end of the show we find out that she has indeed been constantly in touch with Ashley and her own mother has encouraged her to do this!!! I hope Victor is going to go off. Or maybe he likes it too. I agree I don't know who is writing this but if any of them are mothers for shame. I agree this could be the end. Every character involved is destroyed. They let children die all the time. It would be tragic but that's the only way out of a ridiculous story. Chance is disgusting and a huge disappointment.

    • #8
      If Billy knows WHY hasn’t he gone to see his sister to find out if she’s okay with all this. Apparently Jack doesn’t know, he only has Phyllis on the brain. UGH to that relationship.


      • #9
        I am a few minutes behind so I can FF but I just saw Billy with champagne! What the hell.


        • #10
          Oh my gosh- the writers have Abby call Ashley with an “update”!!! So the writers couldn’t do a one-sided conversation before today? And, what was meant by everything went according to plan? Are these writers going to try to sell Abby and Ashley with a grand plan? It doesn’t make sense now that she signed the papers.


          • hollywoodbetty
            hollywoodbetty commented
            Editing a comment
            I am also wondering what the call to Ashley was about. I don't have faith that there will be a big twist to reveal that Abby has undermined the process unbeknownst to everyone else, but I hope that is what has happened. Abby tossing Chance to the curb and telling Devon he is getting shared custody over her dead body is about the only way the story will be salvaged for me.

        • #11
          I'd like Mama Bear Ashley and Nina to come Marching to town and rescue Abbey from this hell, and Chance can go live with his Mommy until
          he is prepared to seek therapy or at least get a CT scan of his head. MRI preferably.
          Britney is a family court lawyer and should deal with the situation at the Condo.


          • #12
            But do we know if Abby has signed the papers? I hope not! Also, Rubythroat1 - I would love to see the same thing!!!


            • Rubythroat1
              Rubythroat1 commented
              Editing a comment
              We need to see someone kick some butt!

            • 1catlover3
              1catlover3 commented
              Editing a comment
              She must have but why didn't they show it? Why didn't Christine take the papers with her?
              Amanda picked them up so what does that mean that she will be filing them? I'm also very annoyed with this story line.

            • dedicatedsoaper
              dedicatedsoaper commented
              Editing a comment
              I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is something wrong and that the contract isn't valid. (lol @thecourt99) (@Rubythroat1 - yes we do!) (@1catlover3 - I am also annoyed!)

          • #13
            I am irritated by this entire story and what it is doing to every single character involved.

            I'm irritated by Christine who seems to come up with contracts that can be revised (which means that the latest one can be revised as well)
            I'm irritated by Devon acting as if this change is in any way similar to his own adoption. Dominic has a family, legacy, and frankly family businesses to grow into already. Then they add Billy and the baby book? Wow...they are really putting too much on something that was supposed to be more frequent sleep overs
            I'm irritated by Chance having PTSD cured by sharing custody with the sperm donor
            I'm irritated by Abby not using the full power of her heritage to stop it from happening and to get Chance the help that he needs.

            I'm irritated by the lasting impacts that it will have on the families, even if it is reversed. The fact that Devon asked and that Abby rolled over will always become a part of their histories and it is sad.


            • #14
              So Ashley knows and sees how upset her daughter is and doesn’t talk her out of this or just come and help her out.


              • TunerEyes
                TunerEyes commented
                Editing a comment
                From the one sided conversation we heard Ashley apparently asked Abby if she was crying!!! Of course Ashley knows how Abby feels about this. OMG this is so infuriating. After everything Ashley did to have a baby of her own (Abby) to let her daughter give up even a day a week with Dom (we know Devon will want more) is unconscionable.

            • #15
              Chance wants to be a father but just doesn't believe he is doing a good job. He has mental health problems and you don't just boot somebody you love when they are ill. I'm not mad at them. I'm furious with the writers for this ridiculous story and it is making Devon look terrible. How can Devon talk about how he and Abby can get back to where they were as friends and be so oblivious to how badly she is hurting?

              Billy is ridiculous too. He was so excited about Devon getting shared custody and sure he said he called Abby and left a message. However I don't think he ever went to see her after Dom was born. Seems his family doesn't matter.


              • perky7kc
                perky7kc commented
                Editing a comment
                Then why isn’t Chance getting help instead of sitting around doing nothing. PTSD is serious and calls for help especially if he’s going to be a cop again. Totally ridiculous and Abby shouldn’t put up with it.

              • Rubythroat1
                Rubythroat1 commented
                Editing a comment
                There is no basis in real life where ANY of it since the beginning would ever go the way they have written.
                Thus: I am unable to suspend disbelief, whether or not it is soap. I don't care.
                This is NOT the Chance that was portrayed by either of the previous two actors.

              • WorldTurner
                WorldTurner commented
                Editing a comment
                If only people who needed help for their mental illness always got it but sadly they don't. Chance thinks he can handle it which only shows how much he really needs it.

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