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Chelsea Doing Business Based On PERSONAL Feelings, (Jealousy) And Chloe...


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  • Chelsea Doing Business Based On PERSONAL Feelings, (Jealousy) And Chloe...

    Too WEAK to stand up to that physco!

    Chelsea is not stable, she's just switched to another target, instead of being obsessed with Sharon, now Sally's the reason for all her problems. Her attacks on Sally are heightened, from her days of fixation on Sharon. She has used her position, to strike out at Sally at all turns. She's been getting off having power over Sally, that's how she been paying Sally back, for loosing Adam.

    She hasn't been doing what was best, for NF, she's been getting back at Sally, and being extremely petty. Sally made a name for herself long before she came to GC, but Chelsea refuses to acknowledge that. She has to keep her foot on Sally's neck, in order to feel good about herself. How sick is that, that girl is not well.

    Chelsea was not going to stop until she got rid of Sally, not because she's incompetent or doesn't bring anything to the table. She's doing it because she's JEALOUS, so much so, she can't even stomach Sally getting a compliment.

    I have long wanted Sally away from Chelsea and Chloe, because Chloe knows this ain't nothing but petty jealousy, yet she's going along with every bit of. Leave their dumb a$$es to themselves, if Chelsea too delicate to ge around Sally, she has no business in the business world.

    She's so THREATENED by Sally, that she can't even be a professional and give credit where credit is do. Sally is better than this, being held back, by the Mean Girls, girl please!

    Sally went against the biggest well known fashion house in the world and won, even though her victories were taken from her. Sally shouldn't have to grovell to the likes of Chelsea. Crazed, cop poisoning whack job, child have SEVERAL seats, and little lapdog, Chloe too.

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    Well I have to agree, even though I despise Sally but in reality, this team of designers was not working. Yes, it was mainly because of the jealousy but either way, it wasn't working no matter what the reason. That three way relationship was toxic to say the least. So getting rid of Sally is the best thing they can do, otherwise it just won't function.
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      chloe better grow some brain cells and listen to sally - chelsea is going to drag her down with her!! she will have nobody to blame but herself.


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        Wow, very well said Smoochies, I totally agree with every word!!! 👍👍👍👍


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          This is why I believe Chelsea and Chloe will fail in the new venture. It was a bad move to let Sally go from the fashion division especially considering she is a hot commodity in the fashion world right now! The wedding dress that Chelsea hates hearing so much about, is the reason why Sally's name is buzzing right now! Chloe should of insisted that Sally stay on and not give in to Chelsea's every complaint about Sally. The fashion division was doing well before Chelsea even came on something Chloe should of thought about before she tossed Sally out.
          I am not a big fan of Sally, but I have no doubt she will rise. I really believe Victoria and/or Adam will be instrumental in making that happen for Sally. I have a strong feeling that Sally will leave Chloe and Chelsea's new venture in the dust unfortunately


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            No Sally isn't a hot commodity in a company. They will not have Chelsea to fail. The dress Sally made was a contrived plot. Chelsea isn't a newbie and has a child who is a Newman, Sally is nothing to YR. She'll be back on BB sooner than later, she doesn't belong on YR.


            • dedicatedsoaper
              dedicatedsoaper commented
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              Sally is NOT going anywhere. She and Adam could be a super couple - they certainly have the potential, despite the haters...they have a HUGE fan base.

            • Lauren1
              Lauren1 commented
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              No one knows about that. Adam plays with her, she's a distraction. It's be delusional than thinking they can a power couple.

            • Nancy T
              Nancy T commented
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              The show doesn't need Chelsea either Y&R was doing just fine during the years she was gone.

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            Now since they told Sally to move on....now Chelsea is gonna be following Sally seeing what she is doing who she is talking too I hope maybe jack or Lauren give Sally a second chance. In fashion world!!!


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              It's a tie Vicky and Chelsea can be bitchy to others. UGH!! Vicky even to her dad and brother.
              She just tolerates Nikki. Not sure.


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                The MEAN GIRL CLUB. I want to see Victoria or Victor realize that Sally would be good for the company. That would really piss C&C off


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