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Chance's PSTD Won't Allow To Be A Father, But Won't Get Help


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  • Chance's PSTD Won't Allow To Be A Father, But Won't Get Help

    OOPPS I meant PTSD... How bad does he want to be a father? He's not fighting for his son, he's handing Dom over almost gleefully. He says what he went thru is preventing him from being the father Dom needs. Yet he won't go to a professional to help him deal with it. Doesn't seem like being a father is all that important to him.

    He Told Abby to make this happen, then he left her to handle it all by herself. Now he's abandoning her all over again, he's handing his responsibility as father to Devon. Trying to run back to work and hide from his family. Chance maybe a great special agent, but he's a horrible husband and father. He won't lift a finger to be a better father, but he'll break his neck on a case.

    Abby is swallowing alot to be with this man, just wonder how long she will be able to keep this up.
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    Its just bad writing. Making this inferior story about PTSD mocks what thousands are going through every day.


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      Great post. ICAM, Chance doesn't want to be a father, he is very selfish.

      If he wanted to be a Dad to Dom, he would do what's needed to get there and it would start with therapy. He is refusing to get therapy and putting a lot on Abby to deal with.

      Abby needs to leave Chance and tell Devon their deal is off and go raise Dom on her own..


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        Yes he is refusing help; it is called denial.


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