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The community baby/Mariah/Stitch kidnapping storyline


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  • The community baby/Mariah/Stitch kidnapping storyline

    continues to blow my mind!!!! I know Im watching a soap but am I living in an alternate universe?? My head continues to re-explode every day with each developing crazy scene of everybody going on continuing with life as normal and ignoring the elephant in the room and putting their fingers in their ears like 4 year olds singing "tra-lala, tra-lala" Im just gonna pretend like none of this is happening


    Sharon kinda sorta mentioned it and Tessa kinda suggested it today and Mariah snapped at her but seriously, Mariah should have NEVER left the hospital without a treatment plan in place. She needs to be in a psych center but not because that would mean being locked up which would be reliving her nightmare all over again so since Abby has all the money in the world, she needs to send her and Tessa and maybe Sharon to some high end wellness center with her own personal counselor on hand 24/7 (not Sharon) where she can get help and get AWAY FROM THAT BABY AND ABBY!!!

    She doesn't need Abby going about like business as usual with welcome home baby parties with cake and balloons and giggling about christenings and nannies and how super fabulous it will be to have Devon and Mariah be the godparents!

    If this was a movie, the vibe would be very somber and all "normal activities" of a normal homecoming of baby would have been cancelled and everyone would be focused of healing and oh yeah - FINDING THE KIDNAPPER!!!!!!!!!!! Another thing that nobody seems to give 2 figs about!!! Maybe if someone occasionally mentioned what a deplorable human being Stitch is and that they're gonna search to the ends of the earth to find him, that might help Mariah's recovery a little but NOPE!!! I guess they all just see this as Mariah was doing a good deed, hit a tiny road block, like she got a cold in the middle of it but now she's fine and TRA-LA-LA.....let's all go on like nothing happened.

    I'm soooooo over this storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    I agree with you. You make excellent points.


    • Betsey
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      Thank you! I honestly feel like Im losing my mind!

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    It really is ridiculous. Anyone who was in that situation for weeks would need counseling. Why is Sharon absent from this?

    And why is no one concerned about Ben getting caught? He's on the run with his son, and he needs to pay for that as well as what he did to Mariah.

    The dumbest thing is Mariah and Tessa still living with Abby.


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      Yes I completely agree . I know many are annoyed by her but I feel bad for her she’s been through the wringer and needs someone impartial to help her .
      I can’t stand that arresting Stitch isn’t a high priority but some find him more sympathetic ! At least that’s what it seems like.


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        I never cared for this surrogancy storyine. Lost interest a looooooooooooooooonnnnnngggg time aaaago. This storyline is ruining it for me when I want to watch Y&R as a whole and I have to fast forward thru this nonsense. Stopped watching it ever since Ashley and Nina were sitting in Chancellor house living room and I am like: Whyyyyy?????? Are these two veterans, Ashley and Nina, reduced to this type of scenes, just sitting in Chancellor house, talking endlessly about Abby and the baby. Like these two have nothing better to do in their own lives. I stopped back then. Did not even watch the part with Stitch being found out of what he did. So, predictable, and this type of babies s/l's have gotten very old and tedious over the years, too.


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          I simply don’t care about this SL. It was and continued to be a slap in the face that Devon a foster child, Devon who was so fierce in anger over his dead child with Hilary, would be chosen as a donor for a kid he has no legal claim to….so that a married Newman rushing to have a baby could get what she wanted.
          AND of all people to be surrogate let’s get the lesbian whose never been pregnant, wasn’t shown to be BFFs with Abby since she’s been onscreen. I mean it was garbage. Mariah is a cheater so if the SL was to center on her that’s one way they could have written it. Let her have slept with Kyle one night, gotten pregnant and then having to sort it all out with Summer and Tessa.
          Chance is gone and not coming back . Abbey is too weak a character for this SL. None of it makes sense


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