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I Feel Nothing for Jack and Phyllis


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    I think Phack is so boring. IMO if the writers put them back together, It means they no longer see MS as a leading lady. That's what happens to actresses in the entertainment business after a certain age. Many actresses have spoken out about this. In the movies the age is 40, On tv the ladies have it better because the cut off for them is age 50. Even the great Meryl Steep said it happened to her. It already happened to Tracy Bregman (Lauren). ED saw the writing on the wall and went off contract to do other projects.
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      It’s early in the day but I cannot figure out who is ED?

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      Ashley Abbott - ED

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    Originally posted by bronxgal View Post
    I don’t get it Nick and Phyllis make a good couple. They just needed to be written for.

    Now this whole doubt thing from Nick and pushing Phyllis away feels rushed. Phyllis is happy with Nick.

    Plus Jack and his lonely sad sack act is annoying and I don’t get how Phyllis feels anything for him outside of pity.

    I agree with this completely. I like Nick with Phyllis…he’s hot and fun and interesting and cool with her. With Sharon where it appears this is going, he’s a dull wuss. So then Rey ends up with Chelsea? It’s all crazy. They may be on a budget, but cast a new female for Jack. I liked him with Rey’s (too young) mother as played by Eva LaRue.


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