Nick and Adam bonding


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  • Marie-B
    Recurring Poster
    • May 2019
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    Nick and Adam bonding

    So Nick made it Clear to Adam that if Adam messes up Rey and Sharon then Nick will no longer be cool with him. In other words, Nick is still hurt that Sharon chose adam Years ago.

    will he do the same of adam is with Sally?

    Sally hurt super girl so Nick shouldn’t be too accepting of that pairing.
  • WorldTurner
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Jan 2006
    • 31590

    I don't think it necessarily means he is hurt that Sharon chose Adam. I think he hates that Adam hurt Sharon.

    I can easily see him having a problem if Adam gets involved with Sally and hope he does.


    • Sara_in_BC
      Soap Addict
      • Dec 2009
      • 5996

      I dont think it's any of Nick's business if Adam dates Sally. I also dont think hell do more than warn Adam.

      Now if Adam and Sharon get close and date then yes Nick will be upset and I get that. Nick is very protective of Sharon.


      • thecourt99
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jun 2008
        • 24555

        I don't understand the comparison.

        Sally hurt Summer, so at most Nick would warn Adam but I think he would stay out of it.

        Sharon has a painful history with Adam, and Nick would want to protect Sharon from that pain again.


        • backheidi
          • Jan 2008
          • 4835

          I love them acting like real brothers and bonding!! Great chemistry!


          • Jupiter Jane
            Jupiter Jane commented
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            I do too, I'm glad they've reached this point and hope it remains like this.

          • CloverLeaf
            CloverLeaf commented
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            Agreed. It's nice to see someone have a conversation with Adam that doesnt involve ripping him with every word.

          • Mermaid777
            Mermaid777 commented
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            Yes! Adam being the town pariah for so long was so old and stale. Kudos to the writers for turning that around.

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