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  • Once Sally’s Exposed, Then What? ,

    So once Sally is found out to be the snake that she is, will Lauren fire her? Will Phyllis ask that she move out of the GP? Will she leave GC? Or what? What say you?

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    Hopefully she’s been saving them pact checks?

    she should ask Jack back for whatever that was that she bought him.. (suit? Jackets?)

    Then apply for a job at the coffee house…

    nothing wrong with humbling makeovers


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      And we know Sharon only wants to see the best in people, so she would probably easily hire Sally. Or maybe go work for Adam?


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        I think she should suck it up when Lauren fires her. Vent it all out to Michael and then make a big play for him. She won't care who's husband he is after that. Then we could go another round of Sally being a liar and watch Lauren go after her.


        • Shoelover
          Shoelover commented
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          Well, if indeed she’s foolish enough to go after Michael, then at least we’d maybe see both Michael and Lauren more than every couple months.

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        For me, Tara is much more devious than Sally.


        • YDoIStillWatch
          YDoIStillWatch commented
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          Yes she is. Tara actually threatened Kyle's relationship with Harrison. Prompting Summer to run instead of talking to Kyle.

          Sally had someone offer Summer a job in Italy. From what I understand Summer was not going to take it.

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        I have to think Lauren will fire her because she messed with Lauren's business. The only place I can see her going to work is at NM and since Chloe is doing her own hiring, I could see her giving Sally a 2nd chance. I just don't see where she fits in though with friends or potential relationships.


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          Sally's crime was arranging a dream job in Italy for Summer. After that, the blame falls on Summer and her cowardice.


          • bluejazz
            bluejazz commented
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            A job out of the country was not Summer's dream and if it was so great, why didn't Sally take it? Her dream was to marry Kyle and continue in her job in GC. Sally set her up and Tara blackmailed her. That's a nightmare.

            I don't blame Summer for not wanting Kyle to lose his alleged child. For once, she put someone else's good ahead of what she wanted. Tara had already taken off with him and disappeared, keeping him from his legal father who had raised him from birth.

          • CloverLeaf
            CloverLeaf commented
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            Here's the thing. If Summer really didnt want to leave and take the job in Italy but she did it only out of concern for Kyle due to Tara's threats about taking the boy and running, then why didnt she just tell Kyle what Tara was up to? They could have come up with a plan together on how to deal with Tara so he wouldnt lose Harrison, assuming that he really is Kyle's son. Instead Summer chose to go to Milan and leave Kyle alone and totally in the dark as to what type of person Tara really is. That's not being a good friend let alone good fiancé who supposedly loves him.

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          Hmmm, let's see... For sure, Lauren's gonna fire Sally 'cause that's par for the course this story's on But it won't be because of job performance 'cause Sally's doing a good job, Lauren was thinking about promoting her from acting to permanent, and Summer recommended her as her replacement Kyle's gonna gloat, in unison w/Phyllis, who'll have Sally's room packed up and her things set outside on the curb (Sally'd ALREADY been evicted from the Grand Motel. Guess the writers thought we forgot ). Jack's gonna feel like a jackazz...

          THEN, after reality sets in, Sally's gonna sue Phyllis for using her phone w/o permission. Having nothing to lose, Sally's gonna go public w/allegations of cyber-spying at the Motel or whatever. Hopefully, somehow she'll wind-up working for Adam, because he knows how it feels to be judged by the GC "elite" and found "wanting." I want her character to stay on the Show, somehow...


          • #9
            Here are some ideas of what to do with Sally after all this is exposed.

            Sally is fired, not for doing a terrible job far from it but because of what went down, she gets as job though instantly at NM either by Adam whom she happens to run into while feeling sorry herself he remembers her having seen some of her work in the past offers her a job or Chloe offers it to her. Sally maybe even moves in with Chloe for a while because she's been thrown out of or chose to leave the GP after finding out how Phyllis spied on her.

            Sally does go public after finding out that Phyllis was spying on her which makes the GP have issues making Phyllis hate Sally all the more.

            Sally finds out from her Grandmother that she was adopted, and wonders about her birth parents, after doing a check with one of those Ancestry websites she finds out she shares DNA with at least one person living in GC. Her quest eventually brings her to Michael whose stun to learn he may have a daughter he didn't know about, they're both tested and discover they are father and daughter. Lauren and Sally patch up their differences. Michael tells Lauren given Sally's age there's only one woman who could possibly be her mother and that's Phyllis. Phyllis did have a baby after leaving GC after her affair with Michael which she gave up for adoption. Neither Sally or Phyllis are the least big happy about this recent development.


            • WorldTurner
              WorldTurner commented
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              How was Phyllis spying on her? Cameras in elevators are the norm and totally legal.

            • henyvo02
              henyvo02 commented
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              There are security cameras everywhere including elevators and it is legal and having phyllis have another child some how in between Daniel and Summer would be a major rewrite and would not go over well there is no way they would do that.

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            Hope she leaves with Tara never to return. Couldn't stand her in Bold & Beautiful then they bring her into Young and Restless to wreck this show.


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              I’m pretty sure she signed a short contract. Maybe go work on GH?


              • soaps4me
                soaps4me commented
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                No they don't need her there to wreck that show to.

            • #12
              I would like to see Sally leave.

              If she stays, the writers need to have interact with a different group of characters. As some have suggested, let her work with Chloe at Newman Communications.

              As for Sally pursuing some sort of charges against Phyllis for sending an unauthorized text on her phone: please no. That would be an embarrassingly pitiful storyline.


              • #13
                My guess is she returns to LA. Wyatt and Flo aren’t married yet. Eric has a soft spot for her.
                Flo and Wyatt don’t have a SL without her


                • #14
                  Oh Hell--this chic will land on her feet if a monsoon blows through the Great Lakes.


                  • Soapfan54
                    Soapfan54 commented
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                    I'm hoping so, Ruby1!! She's a great antagonist!

                • #15
                  I’d like to see her go after Nick as revenge on Phyllis! Phick are so boring and they need something to bring some drama.


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