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Phyllis and Amanda -I'm glad she has her on board


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    Originally posted by Theresa_Fan View Post

    I felt it with the GT's Phyllis and Hilary. They had fun scheming together and spent time in each other's home. Phyllis doesn't seem to care about Amanda unless she comes to her hotel. It doesn't seem like a real friendship. The show seems to lack genuine friendships and this is another problem with Y&R.
    This thread is about MS and Phyllis. Hilary is dead and GT is a past cast member.
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      Thank you!! So tiring of people bringing up GT. She's gone and she wasn't the original Phyliss anyways.

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    Originally posted by WorldTurner View Post
    I can't imagine it coming down to a case in court, but I am really enjoying the Phyllis/Amanda friendship. At first it didn't work for me, but I thought their scenes this week were great and would enjoy more of this.
    I know it is a bit of a reach--but I like to think of the two as female " Sherlock and Watson" personas. MS being the volatile and troubled Sherlock and Amanda the professional
    and sensible Watson.


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