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Why would Nina kidnap Mariah,


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    Whoever used Mariah's phone to text that she would return by the first Doctor's appointment, must have intended to return her or knew that the ladies and Devon would contact
    authorities. I'm wondering if Stitch has totally lost his marbles, and decided to give Mariah a warning about being more careful with the pregnancy. He did not approve of her
    running every day, and tried to give her advice which she did not take. I'm sure Stitch does not want his license to practise revoked, so Mariah might not ever know it was him.


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      If I remember correctly, Stich’s family was very troubled. Wasn’t his father an abuser? Didn’t his sister kidnap Jack and abuse him? Didn’t his son cause Abby’s miscarriage?

      I think Stich is deeply disturbed. We just learned that Stich lied about his new job. Maybe he’s delusional in other aspects of his life. Maybe Stich believes he is the father of Mariah’s baby or that he can replace his dying son with Mariah’s baby.

      I highly doubt Nina has anything to do with Mariah’s kidnapping. But I’m not going to lie. I think Nina is an excruciatingly boring character. Involving her in Mariah’s kidnapping would be a welcome change from her pointless presence. I just don’t believe for a minute that’s what’s really happening.


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        Well could it be that Stitch kidnaps pregnant women, takes their babies and sells them, kind of like Rose DeVille used to do and that's how she got Nina's oldest son Ronan? Could Stitch actually deliver this baby and sell it to someone..... like he might have with Tara......and perhaps Stitch is really her brother? I might find this to be a bit logical if not for the fact they say Stitch is stayong on the show. So how can he go on for too long if he is actually a criminal?


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          Maybe the tactic to find the kidnapper is to follow the money? Could Devon, with all his millions, have hired someone to kidnap Mariah in a totally off the wall desire to protect a baby he may deep down see as his? I remember how devastated he was when Hillary lost their baby, then died. He was portrayed as possibly temporarily not in his right mind during that time period, but does not show signs of obsessing over Mariah's pregnancy or obsessing over Hillary's twin sister Amanda. He may be obsessing, and hiding it in the name of love. We'll have to see who shows up at Mariah's door. Maybe his plan is for he and Amanda to raise Abby's baby as theirs but he hasn't said so. He might look at Amanda and say to himself " I will never risk her dying in pregnancy", so he'll have to get them a baby through other means. Surrogacy makes sense, but sometimes, people don't go the sensible route on soaps. ( more often than not, I believe).

          If not Devon, is there anyone known who has enough interest or desire for revenge on one of the parents or donors to do something as drastic as this? If they are not insane, then they are plainly evil. I see no middle ground on the issue of kidnapping, and risking loss of a baby that didn't ask to be conceived.

          There's a basic flaw in the idea that Nina and Chance, working alone or in tandem, kidnapped Mariah for her own safety. They'd tell her they really needed to move her to a secret place, and for how long, and would tell her what it would be like, and WHY. I didn't see her get kidnapped, so I don't know if force or drugs were used, or just deception and a door slamming shut, but that would provide perhaps more info into the mindset and criminality of the kidnapper.

          Why can't it be that the act of kidnapping Mariah is an act against Chance? Is it because not many people know how Mariah's pregnancy came to be, and do not associate it with Chance? Or Devon?

          It's really easy to focus on Stitch ( Ben), because of his return to the show, but I think the overview of no contact, no outdoor time, no orientation to time and place points to someone else entirely. I believe there's an impartial 3rd party providing what little care she gets. A person who might have once been a professional caregiver like a former doctor or nurse, and is being paid " To keep the baby safe".

          No to little thought is being shown to Mariah except as a human incubator, which is demoralizing to her on many levels. This also points to someone directly in charge who's hired an employee to monitor fetal safety by keeping Mariah close to immobile. The ones responsible are staying hidden, so they KNOW what they are doing is wrong. This points away from a break with reality such as Stitch has been accused of having.

          The caretaker paid by the person in charge can report that Mariah has a daily routine of 2 hourly walks in nature, a leisurely bath followed by massage for pregnant people, and a session of yoga for pregnancy with a personal trainer, and profit from keeping their work at a minimum level. They could also pocket their cash payments for charges associated with yoga clothing and instruction, a helper with the nature walks, and a massage therapist for pregnant women after her bath. Probably pad the bill by $1000 per day. Kidnapping would be a cash- only crime, of course.

          A misguided but trusting person might never know Mariah's being minimally cared for, much like some homes for the elderly treat their residents without family to check on them. A woman who's had a child that lived would likely check on a pregnant woman's living conditions if there was even a reason to hold her against her wishes, which, in the free world, there's not, in the absence of dangerous medical conditions.
          That leads me away from Nina.

          It's too bad Mariah doesn't know to fake premature labor or another fetal distress event to get to a hospital. I guess this SL is for vacation purposes.


          • aussiegal87
            aussiegal87 commented
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            I don't think it's Devon because you can tell they've been shuffling the story & it's not thought out. But it would've been a great story for Devon. Before Devon & Hillary got together for the last time, Hillary was freezing her eggs to do the same thing as Abby. ( but Devon wouldn't let her have his sperm at the time). Devon has the money to go get one those eggs, change it out with Abby's, and use his swimmers to fertilize Hillary's egg. Mariah would then be carrying the baby he lost.

          • MalteseBaby
            MalteseBaby commented
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            I hope the writers remember this part of Devon's and Hillary's history, but I doubt they know it.
            What you said there at the last, Hillary's egg instead of Abby's, fertilized by Devon, and carried by Mariah- WOW!

            That would be a twist and a half in a SL, wouldn't it?

            I'd truly LOVE a shocking but happy twist like this. It's not like we even have any actor playing the character of " Chance" now to pick up the SL, you know?

          • Milkshake24
            Milkshake24 commented
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            I like the whole Hillary's egg theory though it wouldn't be Devon behind it.....Don't need to be a billionaire to pull it off, I mean frozen sperm has been swapped around in the past so why not frozen eggs. Amanda's Dad who may not be dead could be behind it or even her would suck for Abby but would make for good TV

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          Lets look at this logically. Lets say Nina finds out that Chance has the Mob after him and they threatened the Baby. Nina tells Mariah. What would Mariah do? Say Nina. I want to live my life. Just get me Police Protection. Technically Nina/Sharon are both rich. They could hire Security for her and Chance/Paul/Rey would make sure everything is on the up and up. I don't know what the problem is. Josh G as writer has his hands tied.

          YR is so dismal these days. I don't get what they are doing with the story. If this was Bill Bell. No way would he write things this way. Paul would be front and centre devising a way to get the bad guys and having Rey execute his plan. Chance would not be off the air during this story.


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            Have I missed something? I didn't see anything indicating Nina may be involved so I am


            • Rubythroat1
              Rubythroat1 commented
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              Pure fan fiction. so far.............

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