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    New Head Writer and Executive Producer to Re-Establish Classic Soap Storytelling


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      -Loved it when Kicktoria (Kyle and Victoria) made out but I prefer Kicki (Kyle and Nikki) better.

      -Was shocked when I found out Traci is the one who kidnapped Mariah!

      -When the Abbott’s and Newman’s go on Family Feud, who do think will win?

      -Can’t believe Victor spun the wheel on Price is Right got 1.00 on first try and won BOTH Showcase Showdowns

      -CASTING: Laird Worthington to return and to put together a Fall Halloween Costume Gala….Expect Something Huge to Happen!


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        Y&R hires a new HW that worked under Bill Bell Sr.


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          -Nikki Catches Victor Playing With GI Joe and Barbie Dolls…along with Johnny’s toy choo-choo train!

          -Sally and Summer BOTH fired and try to become beauticians but fail GC Beauty Academy Exam!

          -Jack having to babysit Keemo’s 5 year old triplets…Boy…Grandpa was worn out!

          -Phyllis made a great business decision by turning the Grand Phoenix into a brothel…She makes a good Madame!

          -Shela sighting at GC Airport….She was flying around on a 🧹 broomstick spelling out “Surrender, Lauren!” .with Black Smoke!


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            Sally character was put in a video game.


            • jpa777
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              That I can easily see! LOL

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            Fall Spoilers

            OMG! Gloria is pregnant! Who's the Daddy?

            Nate Hastings aka Dr. Death

            Billy Abbott named sole beneficiary in Victor Newman's will

            Kevin takes a new job as a Confined Space Attendant

            Paul and Christine make a sex tape, Nina directs

            Chance the invisible man

            Sally and Tara invite Jack & Kyle over for a game of Truth or Dare

            Nikki teaches Faith how to Pole Dance

            Noah 's back this Blackface

            Adam and Chloe spells true love

            Rey smells rotten eggs...Sharon admits she farted

            Victoria and Phyllis sign up for The Amazing Race

            Abby and Tessa take a journey out of this world to find Mariah who gives birth to an Alien

            Devon hires Amanda to sue the sperm clinic who's been artificially inseminating women with Alien sperm.


            • jpa777
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              Omg ROTFLOL….Too Funny…Nina directing; Sharon far-ting_— . Billy in Victor’s WILL….CLASSIC….

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            Originally posted by CloverLeaf View Post
            Adam Newfound proven not guilty in death of Delia Abbott.
            This would be the most fantastic intriguing nail biting riveting story ever!! I would LOVE this and wouldn't miss a single moment!!! This is not a joke; I would want to see this happen!!


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              Originally posted by carolinakid View Post
              Noah Introduces His Grandparents To His New British Boyfriend
              What a great idea! Wish the writers would surprise us.


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                Kyle Goes to Work at Jabot, Employees Try to Remember Who He Is

                Sharon Fails to Notice Rey's Broken Leg

                Billy Discovers a Shocking Scandal, Decides to Keep it to Himself

                Mariah Wakes Up in Bed With Sally, Wonders How She Got There

                Tara and Phyllis Enjoy a Girl's Night Out

                Abby Discovers Raising Triplets is Quite a Challenge


                • jpa777
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                  Girls night out…love it! And yes to the triplets…they will keep Abby busy around the clock!

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                Oh this is fun.

                Abby Abbott Carlton Newman Chancellor dies after aneurysm while having her daily meltdown.

                Rey Rosales Killed by Lunatic Chelsea Lawson.

                Billy Abbott is Found Guilty for Child Endangerment for Leaving Child Alone in Car at night.

                Nick Newman Has Successful Brain Surgery for Malignant Tumor-He's a New Man

                Devon Hamilton To Join the Priesthood.

                The Brain of Jack Abbott Has Been Found At Last.


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                  Pure Gold! Billy Abbott and Rey Rosales would be great… @Cindy


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                    I vote for Adam being cleared!!!!!!!! I would definitely be watching this one along with Billy being convicted for child endangerment. Would love love love to see Billy's reaction to this. And let it be Nikki be the one who hit Delia. She has already killed several others and not been convicted. Maybe she was drunk or having one of her MS episodes to get her out of it yet again.


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                      Someone, anyone, has dinner at the Athletic Club.
                      The roof pool is where all the teens are hanging out this summer!
                      Jack and Victor decide to open an ice cream shop together.
                      Genoa City develops a new housing development and residents are no longer required to live in a hotel.
                      Fans are so happy to see Phyllis and Jack happy reunited!
                      Fans are so happy to see Nick and Sharon finally reunited!


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                      I love this. Some of the headlines are really funny. 😂😂😂

                      Phyllis Decides That Jack's Personal Life is None of Her Business

                      Ashland Asks Billy to Be His Best Man at His Wedding to Victoria

                      Six Months After Mariah's Disappearance, Sharon Asks Tessa if She's Heard From Her Lately

                      Billy Accepts New Job Offer at the National Enquirer

                      Society Suffers Huge Financial Loss When Residents Discover There are Other Restaurants in Genoa City

                      Did Anyone Notice Kyle Smiled Today?
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                      • jpa777
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                        LOL so true about Kyle! Yes Sharon is being a ditz about Mariah….I mean shoot her a text just to say hello .and Phyllis is always up in everyone’s biz. :/
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