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More Victoria/Abby & Tessa/Mariah


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  • bronxgal
    I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
    • Jun 2005
    • 9106

    More Victoria/Abby & Tessa/Mariah

    Both scenes were really well done today. We never get to see Victoria and Abby have long conversations about their lives that was really well done.

    And Tessa and Mariah were just cute and I loved Tessa pep talk to Mariah today.

    More of this please.

  • taramartin
    Soap Addict
    • Oct 2013
    • 6352

    It was nice but I sort of had a sense that Victoria was trying to get information out of Abby - about Tara/Ashland.
    Since Society was closed for a private party (that fizzled) was Mariah kidding when she called for the check? Victoria and Abby are going back there for dinner. Isn't there a bunch of party food to be eaten? There was a huge ? group of people. At least 6-8.


    • WorldTurner
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Jan 2006
      • 31194

      I really enjoyed the scenes too and really want to see more of Abby and Victoria in the future. Let them really be sisters.


      • sparkk2chane
        Senior Board Member
        • Apr 2008
        • 2270

        I was watching thinking to myself what a shame it is that these two don't have a stronger bond. Victoria has faught with infertility, she should be more involved in the surrogacy story.


        • Scandal
          Board Regular
          • May 2013
          • 1191

          I don't find anything cute about Tessa and Mariah.


          • Mermaid777
            Senior Board Member
            • Dec 2014
            • 1794

            I’d love to see more sisterly and friendship scenes in general. Not just Abby and Victoria but that was nice today. That’s been missing for too long.


            • TunerEyes
              Soap Addict
              • Dec 2014
              • 5606

              I too thought Victoria was kind of cool (and not in a complimentary way) and “really trying” to act sisterly to Abby while fishing for info. She did the same with Nick before but he caught on to her and knew it wasn’t just a friendly sibling coffee get together. I think Victoria asking Abby to go to dinner was just to get more info if she could. I guess I felt Victoria exuded an air of superiority over Abby at least in her own mind.


              • Theresa_Fan
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Jul 2007
                • 65059

                Big no on Mariah/Tessa.
                But yes to Abby and Victoria. They are sisters! I want more of them.


                • texas
                  Soap Addict
                  • May 2007
                  • 6564

                  Every time Victoria and Abby have a scene where they are together talking, they always tell each other that "we should do this more often ". It never seems to happen.


                  • xoregonian
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Feb 2014
                    • 12768

                    Originally posted by Scandal View Post
                    I don't find anything cute about Tessa and Mariah.
                    I've never liked Tess. She scammed everyone in the beginning.

                    I've tried to get behind the girls' love affair. But they are so disingenuous. I don't get any hot love vibes from them no matter how hard they try. Listening to them talk about taking off each other's dresses just falls so flat.

                    Plus they're only shown together like once a year so I can't really feel their connection at all.


                    • GwenSharonteam
                      Senior Board Member
                      • Oct 2015
                      • 2340

                      I am not invested in Tessa and Mariah even they seems more connected, but still wish another coupling for Mariah even another female cast,... and I don’t feel enough sisterly love between Abby and Victoria to really enjoy their scenes, ..they always seemed like a forced scenes like they have to remember they are family and even two strangers talking seems more happy to see each other .. far from the bond between Jack and his sisters, or even Victoria and Nick,.. the only strong bond Abby had like this was with Lily In memory of Colleen,.. their conversation were genuine, and you could feel some sisterly love even they were not family .. I don’t understand why writers destroyed their friendship .. lately Abby seems a lost soul who see everyone family or best friends even they speak to her twice in a year, and too much self centered because her life seems what only matter for her ... really Abby, is one of the character than JG really did a bad number, ..and transformed on something unexpected boring and even more superficial what was her default in the past but still could have real sense, when they were written her right ...

                      beside what happens to Ashley they should develop the bond between Adam and Abby, ... we could see Adam care about Abby and for real I think Abby has the best family chemistry on screen with Adam more than Victoria and Nick, who even after years, we still need to remember they’re brother and sister ... what I think Melissa and Mark worked well even we could see Abby hating Adam in scenes together ..., they should develop more that relationship ...
                      Last edited by GwenSharonteam; May 20, 2021, 01:52 AM.


                      • tylergirl
                        Senior Board Member
                        • Nov 2012
                        • 1587

                        I do not like Tessa and Mariah at all. I did like Victoria and Abby talking.

                        Get rid of Tessa..................I can take Mariah, but not with Tessa.


                        • Nightrocker
                          Aspiring soap scribe
                          • Jul 2004
                          • 21636

                          I like to see More of Victoria and the Cherry Drink but I don’t care for Tessa.I want Niki to hit her with a Piano


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