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Y&R Celebrates International Women's Day!!


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  • shelle4ever
    Recurring Poster
    • Sep 2005
    • 468

    Y&R Celebrates International Women's Day!!

    On Y&R's official twitter page, there is a video that features the women cast members celebrating International Women's Day.


    The female cast members who were excluded were Ptosha Storey (Naya Benedict), Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith), and Sasha Calle (Lola).
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  • guichard
    Contract Poster
    • Oct 2015
    • 2824

    Lol was it necessary "excluded" ? Storey has been in like 10 episodes, Lind is 13 years and Calle is probably gone already


    • gippsy
      Senior Board Member
      • Jun 2004
      • 2027

      I got interviewed by a female doctor and a nurse on Women's Day. Not getting excited about it. Just another interview.


      • mizliz59
        Recurring Poster
        • Jul 2012
        • 478

        They omitted the woman in the green dress. She'd probably have no lines, but she could at least sign her remarks.


        • Sam1961
          Sam1961 commented
          Editing a comment
          *laughs* so true
      • Mr.Sami_Brady
        Soap Addict
        • Sep 2006
        • 6704

        While the women in front and behind the camera at Y&R are wonderful. You wouldn't think Y&R would be celebrating women based on the writing for most of them on the show over the last year:

        - Elena has been dumbed down into a wishy-washy adulteress.
        - Victoria has become a vindictive ice queen with no relatable or redeeming qualities.
        - Sharon has become self-destructive (again).
        - Phyllis is feeling threatened by a girl who is her daughter's age.
        - Abby has become baby crazy.
        - Mariah is "volunteering" to be an incubator for Abby (she and Tessa aren't even given a storyline about their relationship).
        - Lily is settling for a sleazy screw-up (Billy).
        - Nina is acting like a eugenics expert helping Abby find a donor
        - Lola has been ignored and dismissed (this was before her new gig).
        - Sally is being vilified to prop Skyle.
        - Chelsea is becoming mentally unstable thanks Adam's pursuing/harassing Sharon.
        - Summer is... well, regressing.

        I am basing this all on what I've been reading on the boards. I am sure I missed some characters but that's probably because A) they are hardly on or B) their characters haven't been derailed by this insipid writing. Ashley is MIA (if Abby needed someone to console her about surrogacy, it SHOULD be Ashley considering HER history), Nikki is rarely mentioned, Lauren, Traci, and Ester are MIA.

        Chloe and Amanda are the only two females on the show who are not being thrown under the bus to prop a male character or a couple. But because of that, they are playing supporting roles in other storylines. I know Amanda has her own storyline (re: finding her birth mother) but from what I am reading on the boards, it's missing a lot of story beats.

        Y&R doesn't get a gold star for acknowledging IWD when the show is treating their female characters like window dressing and/or reinforcing derogatory gender stereotypes. So much for JG empowering female characters. Like all of his stories, they sound great but they are always a let down.


        • Sara_in_BC
          Sara_in_BC commented
          Editing a comment
          Well said Mr Sami Brady

        • caitie
          caitie commented
          Editing a comment
          Amanda isn't completely escaping unscathed. Lately she has written more as a wide-eyed, naive ingenue in her budding relationship with Devon - instead of the tough, savvy lawyer we initially met. (although I think that's about to change).
      • GwenSharonteam
        Senior Board Member
        • Oct 2015
        • 2340

        I remember once a soap who used that day to celebrate all the women working with them behind the camera,.. and it was a great honour .. sorry that video didn’t have the 8th March spirit,.. but it was lovely to see give an acknowledgement to one of the fellow female cast ...


        • cat_woman
          Senior Board Member
          • Feb 2015
          • 1624

          I really enjoyed the video. I also agree many of the women should be written better. I love Victoria as a strong business woman, but do they need to make her demeanor so icy at the same time? She's hard to root for right now.

          Then there is the dumbing down of Mariah. I'd much rather see her doing well at Jabot and planning her own family.

          Plus I was really hoping either Nina or Ashley would knock some sense into Abby, but they are just her cheerleaders.


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