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Dailies - Week of August 17


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  • SPOILER! Dailies - Week of August 17

    Mon. Aug. 17 - Victor and Chelsea strategize to help Adam, Abby gives Chance a reality check, and Sharon sets boundaries.

    Tues. Aug. 18 - Nick inspires Phyllis's new venture at the Grand Phoenix, Rey is suspicious of Adam's motives, and Kyle and Theo call a truce.

    Wed. Aug. 19 - Victoria announces shocking changes at Newman Enterprises, Chelsea demands answers from Sharon, and Billy encourages Amanda to take a risk.

    Thu. Aug. 20 - Jack and Traci look to the past for answers, Nikki receives an intriguing offer, and Victor asks a family member to choose sides.

    Fri. Aug. 21 - Abby snoops for intel of Phyllis's new venture, Lola lets her guard down with Theo, and Nick puts Kyle on notice

    Source: GC

  • #2
    "Nick puts Kyle on notice"

    Don't worry Kyle. With Social distancing, Nick has to hold back from punching people.


    • kahinamah
      kahinamah commented
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      Well said, Nick the boxer from Genoa city who does not know how to express himself other than by violence, but there he will have to speak and use his little brain.

  • #3
    SO very happy to see Lola coming back! I want to see where Lola and Theo go. I wasn't on board when Lola was with Kyle but now that their marriage is over, I'm all for Lola having a bit of fun!

    Might be the minority but I'm glad that Victoria got over the "you've lost my respect" lunged her way by Victor. Adam can dish it but he can't take it. He would've been better off creating competition for Newman instead of going this route. Adam's comeuppance is deserving.

    Nick can take several seats. I know he's in "dad mode" but I just can't take him seriously when it comes to the matters of the heart.


    • #4
      Welcome back princess ! Lola back on her screen it’s the second great news after my Shadam scene finally, and with Theo ,... it’s happy dance for me ..., Sharon, Adam, Theo and Lola in one week, it’s a great week 😄


      • #5
        Thu. Aug. 20 - Jack and Traci look to the past for answers, Nikki receives an intriguing offer, and Victor asks a family member to choose sides.
        In other words the Abbots still don't have a real story. This Dina crap needs to end.
        Last edited by Crewe; August 13, 2020, 09:00 AM.


        • ChadamFan
          ChadamFan commented
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          Either PB asked for less screentime, or they're really just reducing Jack to this Abbott family legacy storyline. That and playing referee between Kyle and Theo.

        • Crewe
          Crewe commented
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          ChadamFan I'm willing to bet that JG has no use for PG and it shows.

      • #6
        Glad to see Lola back. Sasha is a great actress, and the Lola character is a breath of fresh air, she’s a keeper. The Abbotts needs a new story, I guess they will always be on the search for secrets surrounding Dina because she left them and they knew nothing about her life so there will always be new information that’ll surface but they do need a new story, Jack and Tracy needs love interests and drama could be written around that. Ashley should announce that she’s married, just something different for this family.


        • #7
          Glad to see Lola again, and with Theo it's really a couple that I would like to see together.


          • #8
            The overall storyline preview for the quad sounds interesting. Summer getting pushed back into bad behavior, either she's bitter at seeing Lola and Theo together or something is happening to make her feel insecure with Kyle. Skyle's reunion always read like a crash and burn scenario, no lead up, completely rushed. And Kyle a month in was already giving Lola heart eyes watching her sleep on Theo's arm at Society. Only a matter of time until he goes Liam Spencer 2.0 and waffles back to Lola as soon as she and Theo become official. And I for one will be excited to see Lola turn him down.
            Last edited by ChadamFan; August 13, 2020, 10:43 AM.


            • #9
              Jack and Traci look to the past for answers
              Looks like we're going to have another Abbott "mystery" ..


              • #10
                I would like to see Lola with an edge. The innocent wholesome girl act has run it's course. The disappointment with her divorce has to color her view and outlook in her life. She would do really well with a wardrobe change.


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