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What do you think of Devon and Elena?


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  • What do you think of Devon and Elena?

    They are cute as a button. They obviously don’t need to social distance because they are a couple in real life. But it is all too sweet at the moment for me. They need some angst. But I wonder since they don’t need to social distance, if they will remain a couple longer than they would have under normal circumstances.

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    I find them extremely boring.


    • Soapfan54
      Soapfan54 commented
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      proudsoapfan ITA!

    • Penelope P
      Penelope P commented
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      Totally agree with all your posts!

    • GuidingLite
      GuidingLite commented
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      I find it hard to invest in them....Elena was brought in at the same time as Jett Slade....then both were connected to Ana....and then Ana and Jett disappeared....and very little was seen of Elena for months.....I am typically grateful not to have a newbie 'shoved in my face' in every episode, but....I again say that if the writers were to present more 'inclusive' stories that used more of the cast....we'd see the right balance of just about everyone....

      Since Jett and Ana left town - Elena has had very little story - she and Devon opened the New Hope clinic....they met orphan Jarred....and not much else.....

      I don't feel as if the writers have invested enough in the character or the couple for me to really care about them. They can correct that, but to be honest at this point I'd consider both characters 'expendable' from the cast....money for contracts for actors is always in short supply on soaps....they need to use their contract cast...or bump them to recurring....Elena has a whole past before Genoa City - we know only a little of it....her mother died after hitting her head and Elena felt guilty that she wasn't there....she treated Uncle Jett's illness.....what else? Where's her father? Does she have any siblings? A past boyfriend? An arrest record from her teens? A teen pregnancy where she gave up the baby for adoption? Could she be a relative of the Winters family? A child that Neil's dad had later in his life but never acknowledged? A child Malcolm had in his years off-screen making her Lily's half-sister (biologically)....there is so much they could do with Elena....and it might make her a lot more interesting to viewers.....

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    They are refreshing. Unconditional love. Need some of that, especially with everything going on everyday in real life. Warm feelings for the couple.


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      I think they are boring too and the way Elena seems with Nate makes me think they will be
      a couple soon. What is up with Nate and Amanda? She was sort of cool to him. He should
      be on more. Have a larger role. The clinic only has Nate and Elena? Hire another nurse or
      doctor for heaven's sake.


      • #5
        I like Elena & Devon well enough but Elena and Nate have more spunk.


        • #6
          They are a bit dull, but they are sweet and believable. I'm glad she has a professional career. In fact, I like her much better as Elena than I did when she was Valerie, that's for sure.

          I hope the writers just leave them alone for a while and not try to drum up some fake angst with Nate or something. Then there's always the Amanda/Devon possibility.


          • Forever Fan
            Forever Fan commented
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            I suspect that angst is on the way, probably in the form of Amanda & Devon, which will lead to Elena & Nate.

          • xoregonian
            xoregonian commented
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            Ya well, it's bound to happen. Devon and Elena will break up for a while, and maybe down the road they get back together. Super soapy.

        • #7
          I like them together. They are sweet and adorable. They have chemistry. I have a feeling though that Elena is going to cheat with Nate!!!


          • Good Kitty
            Good Kitty commented
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            Kyle and Lola were sweet and adorable and that ended up with Lola being sent back to Miami. I'm seeing the same fate in store for Elena.

        • #8
          I think they are a beautiful couple but too sugary-tooth decay sweet. They kept repeating how happy they were today and in love. That usually means something's coming up to give them some angst. Let's hope anyway.


          • #9
            All they do is compliment each other and talk about how righteous & philanthropic they are. In other words, they're BORING


            • #10
              I do not like them at all. They were thrown together quickly. Devon should be with someone much more lively and exciting. Instead of a love interest he should be heavily featured in a business storyline. Once he’s established, then give him a new love interest.


              • Forever Fan
                Forever Fan commented
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                The issue, which has been stated on this board before, is that Elena's character needs to be fleshed out.  She needs a compelling back story or something to do besides fawn over Devon and work at the clinic. And then Devon isn't the most exciting character on the show. So when you put the two of them together....

                Have Elena interact with other characters in her age group, like Lily, Mariah, Tessa, Abby and Kyle.  

                Why can't she and Chelsea, her next door neighbor, develop a friendship? Elena could use a girlfriend.

                Will other characters volunteer at the clinic?

            • #11
              don't like them much at all. see Elena with Nate as a good couple.


              • #12
                I like Elena and Devon, they should be planning a wedding and having a baby after that. I’m sorry I just don’t care about the Nate character, now he’s boring.


                • #13
                  I really like Devon and Elena. I love the joy, the positivity and real love that shines through in their relationship. I especially find Elena bright light - a character who can do the same for me as she does for Devon - give me a feeling of hope (for the show, in my case).

                  But I have become increasingly impatient for the writers to give them more story - especially Elena.

                  Forever Fan sums it up by saying: "... Elena's character needs to be fleshed out. She needs a compelling back story or something to do besides fawn over Devon and work at the clinic." People call her 'boring" - but perhaps they should be calling the writing for her "boring." She has energy and warmth and can be so much more - IF she gets adequate writing focus.

                  Elena needs friends! As well, he could be communicating with her neighbors Chelsea and Adam. She should be spending time with Devon's sister, Lily. (Well, so should Devon!)

                  Her clinic should be tied in the current stories including ones which can be be topical in the current social climate . This can be easily done without getting too political. In fact, Dan Kroll's Two Scoops article this week speaks about writing options for the clinic.

                  More of Elena's backstory should be developed. In fact, Amanda's story or one similar to it would have worked well for Elena.

                  As well, Devon needs more business story involvement.


                  • #14
                    Im amazed at their complete lack of chemistry. You'd think a real life couple would sizzle on the screen but they don't.


                    • caitie
                      caitie commented
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                      I don’t even think about chemistry when I watch them. All I see is love - real love. Especially when Devon looks at Elena. So different from the look he gives to others.

                      And, for me, love beats acted chemistry any day!

                    • RestlessFan
                      RestlessFan commented
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                      Aren't there all types of chemistry between different characters? There's the parent/child, siblings, friends, married couples, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.? I see chemistry between Devon and Elena as a couple. The writers just need to give them some angst. There's potential there with the group of Elena/Nate/Devon/Amanda. Hillary was a hellion type of character and the writing is lacking with Amanda right now. Amanda needs to be more like Hillary, because this group needs something to liven them up. They all can't be pollyannas type of characters.

                  • #15
                    I liked it when Devon was pleased to sacrifice his evening with Elena, to get some help with the clinic and help Nate. Elena is like many health
                    care Pros- dedicated and professional. It is a true calling. She should not be made to feel guilty about it.


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