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Canadian Monday/US Tuesday


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  • SPOILER! Canadian Monday/US Tuesday

    Abbott home: Jack is talking to Abby, thinking he could have handled the Theo situation better.

    Society: Theo recording a self-promo when he sees a food order for Chancellor Media (CM after this). He puts a note in the bag.

    CM: Lily notes that Billy was deferential to Amanda in their meeting “YESTERDAY’ & asks if hiring her will work.

    GP –Phyllis’s room: Amanda arrives & quizzes Phyllis about a box of bones.

    Sharon’s cottage: Rey & Sharon arrive home & Faith, Tessa, Mariah &Nick arrive with packages. Faith asks if they got all the cancer. Sharon says they have to wait for the report, but she will need chemo/radiation. The packages are prepared meals. Tess slips that they saw Nick & Phyllis while getting pizza & Sharon is surprised.

    Phyllis’s room: Comic tone re the bones with Amanda asking & Phyllis evading –until she says: “These are dinosaur bones & they are going to save this hotel from extinction.

    CM. Billy says that there is nothing romantic between him & Amanda. He is just adjusting to the new professional dynamic & they can work together.

    Cottage: The news about Phyllis brings down the mood in the room with Sharon being unable to process this. Nick leaves.

    CM. Lily & Billy are reading Theo’s list of influencers. Lily looks one up & is impressed, but Billy doesn’t trust Theo.

    Abbot Home: Jack wanted introducing Dina to her grandson Theo to be one last present for her. Abby figures Theo always lands on his feet.

    Society: Theo gets a call from Billy to come to CM to make his pitch

    GP Lobby (intermittent jackhammer throughout GP scenes): Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon knows about them & then convo shifts to the drilling next door with Phyllis looking like she’s up to something.

    CM: Theo makes his pitch (building on what he overheard “yesterday”-April 23). He says he understands how young people think & the length of their attention spans. Says he knows how to get their attention. He implies he left Jabot on his own, but Billy replies that Traci told him he was fired & asks for the truth

    Cottage: Alone, Sharon confides to Mariah that she worried about her scar.

    GP: Phyllis says she has learned to deal with the noise, but Nick senses she is scheming. As he wipes dirt off her face, he says that, whatever she is up to, he doesn’t want Abby to get hurt. Phyllis acknowledges the construction noise is messing with business.

    Society: Abby get a call from Nick with an offer.

    CM: Theo admits he lied & blames himself for things not working out at Jabot. CM is a better fit for him than Jabot. He leaves

    Cottage: Nice mother/daughter moment with Sharon & Mariah with Mariah assuring her mother that worrying about the scar isn’t superficial & that Rey won’t care because he loves her. Mariah calls the incision a “physical representation of your strength & bravery.”

    Society: Nick offers a choice of his buildings for Abby to choose from to build a new hotel in quicker time than new construction will take. But Abby knows he is doing this for Phyllis –not her. Nick says the GP is Phyllis’s only shot whereas Abby has choices.

    CL: Jack is on the phone when Theo joins him.

    GP: Amanda joins Phyllis to joke about skeletons (bones) in her room & tells Phyllis about her new job as in-house counsel for CM. Phyllis wonders if she can work with Billy.

    CM: Billy is now supporting Theo & wants to give him a chance, while Lily is reluctant.

    CL: Theo says Jabot was “too much, too soon” & Jack agrees. They bond about maybe both “carrying the causing trouble gene.” (reference to Jack as a young man)

    Cottage: Family enjoying take-out pizza.

    CL: Jack agrees with Theo’s wish to continue to spend time with Dina

    GP: Amanda assures Phyllis that Billy won’t be a problem. They have a sugary sweet moment about sharing staycations with good friends.

    SocIety: Nick asks Abby if they have a deal.


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    Thanks for the recap, caitie .. it will be interesting to see tomorrow's eppy with the social distancing in place.


    • savytabby
      savytabby commented
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      So they have several more pre-break episodes? I think BnB only had two.

    • caitie
      caitie commented
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      savytabby The only one that was taped before the break was the one we watched in Canada today. The others were written but not taped. Those episodes were edited to adjust for Covid restrictions and we will see them for about 4 weeks.

    • guichard
      guichard commented
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      hopefully they do a better job than B&B

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    Thank you caitie

    NOW, I feel like we are back to a marginal normal! LOL


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      Thanks caitie- you are a trouper. I think things will pick up closer to Labor Day.


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        there goes nick defending his crotch, I mean whatever Phyllis is, his bedmate, over his sister. that is good old nick Neman for you.


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          Originally posted by Rubythroat1 View Post
          Thanks caitie- you are a trouper. I think things will pick up closer to Labor Day.
          I'm not surprised at the low response - for many reasons - including having seen comments down all across different boards and during the live show on YR twitter.

          However, because of the low response, recaps will be random from me - only on days when I have lots of time.

          Hoping, for the show's sake, that things pick up.


          • Rubythroat1
            Rubythroat1 commented
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            Same here. I am thinking Sept will be better.

          • GwenSharonteam
            GwenSharonteam commented
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            To be honest I came too early to look for it ..., but I am always enjoying reading the recaps ,and give me idea if I want to watch it or not ...I will definitely not missed this episode. Thank you for the recaps 😊

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          I was watching it yesterday and thought to myself..........Self.........this is new, Sharon had her surgery, nice seeing Theo and the crew. Thank you caitie!!


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            It was nice to see Theo. I hope he gets the job at Chancellor Communications.


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              Originally posted by CanadianGirl_06 View Post
              It was nice to see Theo. I hope he gets the job at Chancellor Communications.
              I don't mind Theo at all, as long as he is not involved in any more Kyle/Summer/ Lola stories. That was just like an after- school special about
              immature adolescents.


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                I think they are using Phyllis as the comic relief now. Dino bones indeed!


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                  Originally posted by caitie View Post

                  CL: Theo says Jabot was “too much, too soon” & Jack agrees. They bond about maybe both “carrying the causing trouble gene.” (reference to Jack as a young man)
                  Ha, I referred to Theo as more of an Abbott (as a young Jack) than Kyle on this board a few days ago. So glad this was brought up, lol


                  • TunerEyes
                    TunerEyes commented
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                    Yes Jack has in the past told Theo he reminds him of himself in his earlier days so that was nice to hear some continuation of this thread that runs through them both linking them to Dina and their own personalities.

                    I suspect Jack and Theo will continue to enjoy each others company and build a nice raport. I think “This” will be a source of jealousy that Kyle will have.

                  • islezeus
                    islezeus commented
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                    Rubythroat1 ha. That's a good way of looking at him. He has since lost his personality from the first day I saw him (this particular portrayal of Kyle), that's for sure

                  • GwenSharonteam
                    GwenSharonteam commented
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                    @TurnerEyes, I hope not ... we saw enough Kyle’s anger and jealousy against Theo, but sure Kyle could not like it to see his father so close of Theo ...

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                  At least Theo had the grace to look sheepish, instead of arrogant, when Billy asked him why he was fired.


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                    Dear god... do the writers really expect viewers to believe there were dinosaur bones under the GP? If they were so close to the surface, why weren't they discovered when Abby and Chelsea were building it the first time around?

                    Good grief, this is border-lining on painfully contrived and weak writing.


                    • Forever Fan
                      Forever Fan commented
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                      Phyllis likely located some fake bones from somewhere and will plant them under Abby's hotel construction site.

                    • Mr.Sami_Brady
                      Mr.Sami_Brady commented
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                      Ooh. Well, then that checks out. Phyllis would do something like that. While I am team Phyllis when it comes to her high school rivalry with Abby, I look forward to this blowing up in Phyllis' face.

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                    Are they fake bones cause real dinosaur bones would be hundreds of thousand of dollars if not
                    millions. Phyllis is a hoot. One hotel really means a lot to her. Why doesn't Nick give her one
                    of the three properties?


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                      Maybe Phyllis robbed the paleo bone dept at the Chicago Field Museum or Natural History Museum somewhere. At least she said they were Mastodon bones not a T-Rex LOL. Still doubt Phyllis could afford to buy those bones either. Not Like people wouldn’t easily pick out a resin copy and know they were planted. Guess Phyllis doesn’t know that real fossilized bones in the pristine condition those two looked to be in will likely be found hardened/enclosed in the surrounding soil not as loose, cleaned bones like Amanda was holding. Lots of hours to prepare fossilized bones in that condition. This is all too funny to be believable but then so is Phyllis.

                      littleliz has a good point. Nick shouldn’t ask his sister to give up this hotel she worked for after his sleazy, manipulative bed partner literally stole the GP from his sister and her partners. Really puts Nick on the same level as Phyllis in my eyes. Sharon has his number now too LOL.

                      of course not even sure mastodons lived in that area of the country to even make “the find” believable and not some cheap scam.
                      Last edited by TunerEyes; August 11, 2020, 06:29 PM.


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