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Which one of the Y&R character slept with the most siblings?


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  • Which one of the Y&R character slept with the most siblings?

    Over the years Y&R used this soapy device but lately more too often. Who slept with the most siblings?

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    Phyllis slept with Billy & Jack
    Chelsea has slept with Adam, Nick, Dylan
    Sharon slept with all 5 plus daddy Victor.

    Nick has slept with sisters Phyllis & Avery
    Brad slept with Ashley & Traci.
    Stitch slept with Victoria and Abby


    • DallasGal
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      And Ashley.; although not siblings. Didn’t they have sex at The Top of The Tower when they were trapped? Or, was it that just they confessed their love (ughhh). I never liked that guy.

    • CouchCruisin'
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      Yuck... I never liked him either.

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    Jack slept with Lauren and Jill. (Are we supposed to forget the ladies have the same father who is Neil Fenmore?)

    Neil Winters slept with both Dru and Olivia

    Dru slept with Malcolm and Neil Winters

    Olivia slept with Malcolm and Neil Winters

    Gloria slept with both Jeffery and William Bardwell

    Ashley with Blade and Rick

    Brad with Traci and Ashley ...

    (I could be here the next four hours doing this!)


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      Yep soaps truly believe in "keeping it in the family".


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        Tessa with Noah and then Mariah.
        Mia with Rey and Arturo.
        At one time, I’m pretty sure Nikki was “dating” Matt when she was on break from Victor but not sure if she slept with Matt.


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          Sharon slept with the Newman brothers Nick and Adam, Sharon also slept with Nick's other brother Dylan. Sharon also slept with Adam's and Nick's father Victor. Sharon also slept with the Abbott brother's Jack and Billy.
          Chelsea slept with the Newman brothers Nick and Adam, Chelsea also slept with Nick's other brother Dylan.
          Brad slept with the Abbott sisters Ashley and Traci.
          Both Barber sisters Olivia and Dru slept with the Winters brothers Neil and Malcom.
          Blade and his twin brother Rick slept with Ashley.
          Newman sisters Abby and Victoria slept with Stitch.
          Ashley and her daughter Abby slept with Stitch.
          Nikki and her daughter Victoria slept with Cole, Deacon, and Brad.
          Abby slept with her neice's Summer's husband Austin.
          The Abbott brothers Jack and Billy slept with Sharon and Phyllis.
          Jack and his father John both slept with Jill and Gloria.
          Summer slept with Kyle, his uncle Billy, and cousin Theo.
          Cricket actually kissed and made out with her own brother Scott.
          Nick and his father Victor slept with Diane.
          After Nikki was married to Victor and in the process of divorcing Nikki the first time, Nikki dated Victor's brother Matt.
          Both Winters brothers Malcolm and Neil slept with Sophie.
          Both brother and sister Noah and Mariah slept with Tessa.
          The Rosales brothers Arturo and Rey slept with Mia.
          Nick and his brother Dylan slept with Avery. And Nick slept with sisters Phyllis and Avery.
          The Bardwell brothers William and Jeffrey slept with Gloria.
          Neil and his adopted son Devon slept with Hilary.
          Cousins Kyle and Theo both kissed Summer and Lola.
          Ashley slept with Victor and his brother Matt.
          JT slept with Brittany and her mom.
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          • ncposton
            ncposton commented
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            Devon and Neil also slept with Tyra who Devon thought at one point was his aunt.

          • lpatter
            lpatter commented
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            Didn't Paul sleep with Nikki and Casey her sister?

          • RestlessFan
            RestlessFan commented
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            Cole Howard (J. Eddy Peck (believe that is actor's name (off the top of my head)) is the name of the writer who married Heather Tom's Victoria in the 1990's, one of my most favorite couples of that decade, btw. Nikki, was involved with the Cole Howard and she expected it to become serious, but Cole and H.T.'s Victoria fell in love instead. Victor was with Hope (Adam's mother) at the time, I believe. So, Nikki was hurt and she was bitter at her daughter, Victoria, too, when Cole Howard (the writer) married Victoria. Nikki thought she had a chance with Cole, never expected her 18/19 year old daughter to win Cole. Victoria also overheard her mother, Nikki, telling Mrs. Chancellor that she was interested in Cole and hinted that Cole needed a woman and Victoria overheard and confronted her mother about it later, and called her a desperate woman. So, in a way, Nikki (in her 30's) and Victoria at a very young age of 18/19 (she was already divorced once (from Ryan)) competed for the same man, Cole Howard (he was tested to see or Victor dug up Cole Howard's mother's grave to take a sample for a paternity test of Cole to see if Victor was his father or not). So, Cole found out and he was outraged at Victor for doubting his mother's and digging up her grave illegally. Victoria and Cole were broke up thinking they were brother and sister, until it was proven Cole was not Victor's son, and they got back together and remarried again.

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          “Which one of the Y&R character slept with the most siblings?”

          The way you wrote that, it really doesn’t sound so good! Ewww! 😂😂


          • Forever Fan
            Forever Fan commented
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            Ewww is right. Didn't look so good when they did it either!

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          Sharon. She slept with all the Newman brothers including Dylan. She slept with both Billy and Jack. We won't even discuss the barf inducing relationship with her children's grandfather.


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            Ashley slept with the twins....Blade/Nick Bladeson and also slept with BOTH TGVN & his brother Matt Miller(she was engaged to him)

            It was hinted that Nikki could have possibly slept with Matt Miller...Victor's full brother.

            Cricket made out(kissed)Scotty b4 she ever found out that they were halfsies & had the same father. She was engaged 2 him.

            Vikki married Eve's son (the writer...4get his name) & she got preggers & then it came out that his mom Eve had claimed he was TGVN's son years ago)

            It was later determined that it was ALL a lie....the baby was stillborn) Nikki also slept with him.

            Vikki/Nikki both slept with Deacon whom later married Nikki. Phyllis also slept with him while still technically married to Nick.

            Vikki/Nikki had relations with 3 of the same men.....the writer, Brad, & Deacon.

            Malcolm/Neil both relations with Dru/Olivia and then 2 other women.....one that raised devon's lil sister(4get her name)and then some lady that Malcolm was engaged to that was from overseas.

            JT had relations with BOTH Brittany Hodges & her mom!(her mom on the down low but it of course came out)

            lance prentiss had relations with both Lori & her sister(leslie, I think it was the one who was the concert pianist)

            Lance's brother Lucas also dated both prentiss sisters but not really sure if he had sexual relations with BOTH or not!

            Lori gave birth 2 Brooks Prentiss who was the 1st soapy Y&R kid 2 be given the 1st name of the last name of a character family)

            Summer had sex with cousins Kyle/Theo...so far Lola has only kissed cuz Theo!

            Jill boke up the marriage bt. her son Billy & Mac when it came out that they could be related when it was revealed Kay was her mother......then of course that turned out not 2 be true!

            IDK, if Ashley would technically win or not because she slept with 4 FULL blooded brothers while Sharon slept with 5 halfsies.......Nick/Adam/Dylan all are halfsies as are Billy/Jack. Ashley was aklso "tricked" into sleeping with the twin of her husband.....
            Jack slept with 2 women that had been married to his daddy(Jill/Gloria)....slept with Jill while they were married.....Gloria after daddy had been dead 4 many years)

            Several of the one's listed are either halfies(bothers/sisters)and some were raised apart from the family and some were not.

            Phyllis slept with Jack/Billy .....when she slept with Billy she had already slept with Billy's older brother's(PC3) son's (PC4) half brother Ronan.
            Which, I guess would ONLY "count" if she goes ahead & sleeps with PC4 which some are expecting to happen .....2 get back @ Abby.....but who knows which direction show will go.

            Some were expecting show 2 have her bed Adam when she was in "business" with him @ Dark Horse.

            Considering how soaps just LOVE 2 mix relations between characters that are related or almost but not quite related by blood.....I expect them 2 continue!
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            • DOOLWill
              DOOLWill commented
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              Wow. This is an excellent recap. Thank you!!!

            • chandon1
              chandon1 commented
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              oopsie, I just re-read the above post of mine & there's an incorrec statement.....Leslie brooks NOT Lori Brooks gave birth 2 Brooks Prentiss!

              Lance was Loir's LOHL(love of her life)and she was the one who JILTED TGVN at the altar when she climbed out of the bathroom window in her white wedding dress!

              Lori only became engaged 2 TGVN so she could get Prentiss industries from TGVN(as a wedding gift)so she could get it back 4 the LOHL(love of her life)Lance Prentiss!

              Leslie got knocked up when Lance/Lori were broken up!

              Sorry 4 the confusion!

            • RestlessFan
              RestlessFan commented
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              Cole Howard (played by J. Eddy Peck (believe that is his correct name, correct me if wrong), is the name of Eve's son, or the writer. Both, mother/daughter (with H.T. or Heather Tom as Victoria), fell for Cole Howard, the writer, too. Nikki, thought he had a chance with Cole, but Cole fell in love with Victoria and he married her, disappointing Nikki in the process. Mother and daughter were at odds over Cole Howard, and, there was also the issue of Cole Howard possibly being Victor Newman's biological son, too. Victor, had Cole's mother's body dugged up illegally (signed her son's name like Cole H. requested it to have his mother dugged up), and secretly took sample to find out if Cole Howard was his son or not. Cole confronted Victor about it, too. So, Cole and Victoria broke up thinking they were half-brother and sister. And, Nikki, thought she had a chance again and she lost out again after the paternity test came out that Cole Howard was not Victor Newman's bio son after all. Victoria overheard Nikki telling or talking about Cole and her having a chance at a relationship, too and also said she was a woman or Cole needs a real woman. Victoria confronted Nikki about it later and called her desperate. I believe Victor was with Hope during this time (Adam's mother).

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            Oh, I 4got about Jill sleeping with Stuart brooks when her mom was dating him(don't know if they did the deed or not)but Jill claimed she was preggers & Mr. Brooks broke up with Jill's mom & was ready to marry her.

            4got how that LIE came out that she was NOT preggers but it did!

            Also, wouldn't be surprised if show has it come out that @ sometime(off screen)TGVN banged Dina Mergeron!
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              "Forever Fan commented Ewww is right. Didn't look so good when they did it either!"

              Hahaha. No no. I meant that the title sounds like the characters are having sex with their own siblings.


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                Originally posted by TwoOfEach View Post
                Phyllis slept with Billy & Jack
                Chelsea has slept with Adam, Nick, Dylan
                Sharon slept with all 5 plus daddy Victor.

                Nick has slept with sisters Phyllis & Avery
                Brad slept with Ashley & Traci.
                Stitch slept with Victoria and Abby
                There isn’t any proof or scenes that Sharon has every slept with victor Sharon didn’t sleep with 5 family members she has slept with Dylan nick and Adam the same as Chelsea ! There no scenes that has ever shown that Sharon slept with victor And yes Sharon slept with billy and jack and so did Phyllis ! Chelsea slept with billy also !


                • Forever Fan
                  Forever Fan commented
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                  I prefer to think that she didn't.

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                There are no scenes or proof that Sharon slept with Victor she only kissed victor but there’s no scenes or proof that Sharon slept with victors those that dislike The Sharon character say that Sharon slept with victor only but there were never any scenes that confirm that !


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