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RATINGS - Week of July 27 - 31


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  • RATINGS - Week of July 27 - 31

    SOC's recaps - Week of July 27 - 31

    A week of classic The Young and the Restless episodes headlined by the Newman family. Episodes included a paternity bombshell, a tragic death, and a father/son reunion that didn't go so well.

    NOTE: There were preemptions throughout the week.

    NOTE: There were no numbers for GH’s repeat episodes.

    Total Viewers
    1. B&B 2,033,000 (-72,000/-1,292,000)
    2. Y&R 1,858,000 (-31,000)
    1. B&B 1.55/6 (-.02/-.87)
    2. Y&R 1.38/5 (-.02)

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. DAYS 215,000 (-23,000/-31,000)
    2. B&B 165,000 (-14,000/-165,000)
    3. Y&R 128,000 (-19,000)
    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. DAYS 0.33/4 (-.04/-.05)
    1. B&B 0.25/3 (-.02/-.26)
    3. Y&R 0.20/2 (-.03)

    Women 18-34 Viewers
    1. B&B 40,000 (-4,000/-45,000)
    2. DAYS 35,000 (-6,000/-12,000)
    3. Y&R 32,000 (-6,000)
    Women 18-34 Rating
    1. B&B 0.12 (-.01/-.12)
    2. DAYS 0.1 (-.02/-.03)
    3. Y&R 0.09 (-.02)

    Women 25-54 Viewers
    1. DAYS 311,000 (-27,000/-43,000)
    2. B&B 266,000 (-19,000/-245,000)
    3. Y&R 223,000 (-19,000)
    Women 25-54 Rating
    1. DAYS 0.51 (-.04/-.07)
    2. B&B 0.43 (-.03/-.41)
    3. Y&R 0.36 (-.03)-.48)

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers
    Tuesday: 1.39/1,917,000 (repeat)
    Wednesday: 1.37/1,799,000 (repeat)

    ​​​​​​​Source: SON

  • #2
    I guess the Newman week didn’t make a lot of happy people .. but seeing BB new episodes struggling also this way, ...it’s hard ...


    • GwenSharonteam
      GwenSharonteam commented
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      Easy arguments here,.. when YR are up and on top, taking only in consideration the networks numbers are fine, when the number are low ... I don’t have to take them seriously because people are watching also on web... I guess even they’re high numbers people are still watching on web,.. so those numbers, just let know that the networks has lost some audience compared to other weeks ... nothing against them , just an observation ...

    • WorldTurner
      WorldTurner commented
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      Since there were preemptions 3 out of the 5 days, the ratings don't really mean much. Monday is usually the highest day of the week but there were no Monday numbers. I don't think it has anything to do with the Newmans.

    • creation
      creation commented
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      JamesHogan, I'd wish you to tell that to my cable bill.

  • #3
    I enjoyed it the re-runs of years past because Victor was still the Victor (much nicer person) and he was still Sharon's champion, too. I thought I wouldn't be able to re-watch Cassie's episode, but just like in real life, I guess Reel Life (or TV fiction life), wounds heal, and I enjoyed the episode with Cassie in the hospital and etc. And, to see Victor really supporting his whole family, was an especially big treat for me. Also, enjoyed Victor and his father s/l at the end of the week, too, with the famous actor playing his father. I enjoyed all the re-runs for the past 4 months (April thru July). Thanks. Who knows about these ratings with all the interruptions or being pre-empts and during this pandemic and even with the new episodes coming during the pandemic, the preempts and interruptions will still happen probably.


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