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My wish for the reruns


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  • My wish for the reruns

    Instead of the theme week, I'd rather see a complete, edited storyline. I just watched one on YT, a GH rape s/l from the 90's. But I do realize that it would cost money and take effort to do. They don't care enough about GH to do that. Or they could just pick a date and start airing it daily from there. But the theme week is really just so random, it's frustrating when there's a show like today's with Young Traci suicidal, and not seeing the rest of it.
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    I had forgotten how Cricket heavy the show was. I could do with a lot less Cricket.


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      Back in the 80s when she was the face of Jabot, she was on nearly every day. It was tooooooo much!!!

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    I agree with the op's comments. The reason I'm not watching these days is because I don't want to see random episodes. I've only been watching for about 8 years so I would like to see one s/l with beginning and end.


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      I wish CBS/Sony would just put all of the episodes in an archive according to seasons and years and just put all of the episodes online for people to watch. That way people can watch all of the storylines and episodes from the past that they want.

      Then I wouldn't mind the random showing of episodes on tv.. So that way if a particular old episode peeks someone's interest they can just go online and watch the rest of the storyline from there.


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        The reason people watch soaps is to see what happens next. We aren't getting that with these random episodes that leave you hanging.


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          The show will resume taping in early July aiming for the sixth.

          This is why this idea is a challenge, you cannot complete a storyline because it can be stopped at anytime without warning, and other storylines will remain incomplete. You will still wonder what happens next.

          While not perfect the theme weeks allow the show end them at anytime with no loose strings.

          But I agree older shows should be available online for those who want to reminisce/learn about old stories.
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            ITA with OP and I posted this on another thread (which for some reason got deleted). Much as I've enjoyed some of the episodes, it IS frustrating because I want to know what happens next - shows it can still draw me in - and even if they're episodes that have aired since I've been watching, my memory is not good enough to know how the sl goes.

            One day Victor is married to Nikki, the next to Ashley etc. etc. etc. LOL The Victor/Nikki wedding that just aired (can't remember how many times they've been married) was lovely but wasn't that the one where he got shot and Adam (played by MM) rushed in to save him? That wedding was held in that home. Would love to have seen that episode carry on.


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