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It’s Abbott week, which Abbott is the biggest disappointment?


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  • It’s Abbott week, which Abbott is the biggest disappointment?

    -Billy for his numerous antics including gambling, sleeping with Phyllis when she was married to Jack and then using her daughter for a little revenge and starting an emotional affair behind Victoria’s back?
    -Kyle for turning on Jack to work for Victor, his antics in New York and dumping his beautiful wife Lola after a year long pursuit of her and taking a mistress?
    - Jack for his clause against Ashley and not managing the family very well?
    - Ashley who is usually above the devious behavior for making Jack think he was not an Abbott?
    - Dina for deserting the family?
    - Abby for sleeping with her nieces husband?
    - I can’t think of anything bad Traci has done but if someone has one, feel free to add.

  • #2
    Billy for everything has done to the gambling to sleeping with Summer

    I love Kyle so he is not a disappointment to me anymore he was when he got with Lola that was the biggest disappointment when he pretending he didn't love Summer anymore when it was so obvious that he did. He became my favorite Abbott when he left the horrible Lola and got back with the beautiful Summer

    Abby for sleeping with Summer's husband and being a horrible auntie to Summer ever since.


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      Billy Boy is easily the biggest disappointment of the Abbott family with Jack as a close second. John Abbott would be ashamed by the disgrace each son has become.


      • Chatty Cakes
        Chatty Cakes commented
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        Your avatar and then posting Billy Boy 🤣 I can hear Victors voice saying that.

    • #4
      Probably overall Kyle for turning to be the shallow , spoiled kid . Predictable and boring.

      Jack, Billy and Ashley are flawed but interesting and have had their share of grief they can be good and bad not heroes or villains .

      Dina wasn’t a good mother but she had moments of showing her love like her and John making sure Ashley had the patents . She came in later too so we knew she had already disappointed her family there were no high expectations.

      Traci isn’t perfect but her flaws are not exaggerated for drama most of the time. I can’t remember feeling she was a disappointment .


      • #5
        Ashley for the bratty and disloyal treatment of her brother over the years.


        • #6
          Kyle, I will say ... whatever their point of life I always enjoy Billy, Jack , Tracy even Ashley ,true I am not a fan .. but Kyle, it’s the one, who’s real in my FF card .... so much potential ... and they just stuck him with what I called a malediction of how not to be inventive by the writers ...


          • #7
            The writers really messed up Kyle. I don't give two hoots about him anymore, he can go.


            • shelle4ever
              shelle4ever commented
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              Actually Lola destroyed Kyle's character. Lola brought out the worst in Kyle.

          • #8
            I wish we had 2 weeks of the Abbott family!


            • #9
              Ashley. She made Jack think that their father wasn't his father. I will never ever forgive her until she apologizes to Jack without excuses. Which I know will never happen.. So, I will hate her forever.


              • #10
                Originally posted by Emerald Greens View Post
                Traci isn’t perfect but her flaws are not exaggerated for drama most of the time. I can’t remember feeling she was a disappointment .
                Gee. I didn't think anybody was disappointed in her and/or hated her.


                • Emerald Greens
                  Emerald Greens commented
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                  I don’t hate her . She’s flawed like anyone but not on soap level. Some don’t like and don’t want her around.

              • #11
                My vote would be Dina

                Sorry but with a mom like that who needs a wicked stepmommy .enough said
                ..and just because she is sick now,does not excuse the abandoning of her kids to prusue her own selfish lustful needs.

                Most of the Abbotts have done disappointing things but Dina is in a class of her own.IMO


                • Good Kitty
                  Good Kitty commented
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                  Amen to that. I had forgotten about Dina. She was so infrequently around I forgot she was even an Abbott.

              • #12
                Emerald Greens commented Some don’t like and don’t want her around.”

                Awwww! That’s too bad. I think she is a sweet person who likes to help people!


                • #13
                  I see Ashley as being justified in letting Jack think he wasn’t an Abbott due to his “first” intentional distancing of the sister who he felt was always a family member. He knew that John would have been upset by that and later learned that Dina would have too. Given he knew how deeply hurt Ashley was by learning of her parentage early on, Jack cut her emotionally in the worst way.

                  While Billy wasn’t to be commended for his one night stand with Summer, I don’t hold it against him for giving her what she wanted all along. Fulfilling her wish came at great personal cost to him and Phyllis and quite honestly her secret personal embarrassment wasn’t punishment enough for what she did to them in my soap book. After going after Billy obsessively she then turned her attention to Kyle and set out to ruin his relationship with Lola.

                  John despite being lauded as a great father has taken sides with his kids — Jack left feeling insecure and in need of proving something while using underhanded means (he really was a unlikable person many times in the past) — Traci for I think feeling kind of abandoned in comparison of the three kids, he really bent over backwards with Ashley. Nice he always encouraged her and made her feel special but at the expense of his other two children.

                  Dina, while I haven’t seen many scenes with her when the kids were growing up, I love the character. She was very stylish, business minded and loved her with Mrs C. She did care about her kids but wasn’t the doting type from all accounts, except maybe where Jack was concerned. Don’t see her any differently than John in many respects.

                  Abby is annoying at times and has a habit for also going after others men but in a different way than Summer. I give her a lot of credit for breaking off on her own and creating the restaurant after falling down on the internet dating and warehouse space plan. She’s insecure all the same.

                  I guess that brings me to Kyle, who has all kinds of issues himself. I am bothered a lot by his going after his father especially after what sounded like Jack supporting him and bailing him out in NY, so don’t see a reason for it. Do not like his yo-yoing with Lola and Summer. He doesn’t seem to commit to much long term. I didn’t like his essentially blackmailing Jack to get a co-ceo position. Don’t like how he handled finding out about his cousin or how he treated him afterwards with no explanation of what happened in NYC. If he left and went off to do something else somewhere else I don’t think I would care one bit so guess he’s my least like Abbott.

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                  • #14
                    I am torn between Billy and Kyle .


                    • #15
                      I forgot what a pack of awful people the Abbott's could be until seeing what they did to Gloria during John's funeral.


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