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Tuesday, 5/19/20 Classic Episode Discussion


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  • Tuesday, 5/19/20 Classic Episode Discussion

    Victor and Hope happy together.

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    Wow seeing Hope now with Camyrn Grimes grown up she could have been cast as Cassie or Mariah mother


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      Malcolm sees Neil for the first time.


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        Ahhhhhhhh Malcolm!!!!


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          do you really say to a blind person I have something to show you?


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            Victor leaves for work, while Jack calls Hope. He wants to drop by, so she agrees.

            In a courtroom, Stanley Shelton is on the stand. He's a desk clerk at local hotel. He knows Dr. Lynch as a client. Cricket is the defense lawyer?

            At Jabot Victor finds Victoria is in an office. She's moving in, up from the mailroom. He's disappointed; he'd like her to go to college, but she disagrees.

            Neil at work; Malcolm at the door!!! It's been a long time (and the classic Y&R theme music plays.....sniff, sniff.).

            Back to the trial, Mr. Shelton found Dr. Lynch in his room with a letter opener in his back! He looks at a crime scene photo and confirms that this is what he saw although the letter opener is gone. He then confirms the letter opener as evidence. Then John SIlva cross examines.

            Jack has something incredible to show Hope.
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              Smiling Jack Abbott flirting with Victor's lady, Hope.


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                Great to see John Silva again - be still my heart


                • littleliz
                  littleliz commented
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                  Was he a handsome guy- John Castellanos I think played him.
                  After he left don't remember seeing him in anything else.

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                Ahhh seeing the winters brothers together is everything. I hope shamar is watching


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                  I forgot that Neil was the older brother.


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                    Neil doesn't look happy to see Malcolm, who says that Dru called him. Neil points out that Malcolm is his half-brother! He wants to know why Malcolm is there.

                    Victor laughs when Victoria wonders where she got her inflexibility from! She asks if he is avoiding Nikki.

                    Jack gives her a perfume named "Hope". Awww. It's a prototype for Jabot's new line. She's thrilled.

                    Next on the stand is a dr. who says that Lynch died by bleeding out and that a dull instrument was used with force.


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                      Originally posted by kitty711 View Post
                      Ahhh seeing the winters brothers together is everything. I hope shamar is watching
                      Not sure if he is watching but he knows about and promoted on social media


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                        How did Hope and Victor meet?


                        • Sweaver
                          Sweaver commented
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                          Thank you Jupiter Jane and Y&R25years! Now I remember him doing that!

                        • thecourt99
                          thecourt99 commented
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                          Victor was in an accident (maybe plane?) and landed near Hope's farm. He had amnesia. Hope nursed him back to life and they fell in love in the process. Ultimately Victor's memory returned and at that point, he began biding his time and making plans before going back to GC. There was another flashback episode showing Victor turning slowly in his chair to Jack's surprise. That was when Victor returned and found Jack running NE. I skipped a lot of details, but that's the overarching story. I don't recall if Hope came back with him immediately, or if she came to GC at a later point.

                        • longtimewatcher
                          longtimewatcher commented
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                          There was no amnesia involved. Victor always knew who he was. He got robbed and the guy who stole his car and all his belongings crashed his car and died. Victor had a bracelet and since the guy was wearing it when he died, he was IDed as Victor.

                          Victor left town on very bad terms with Nicki, Ashley and Victoria. They blamed her for a fight that left Jack in bad shape, assuming he started it when Jack had started it.

                          Hope's farm was very remote. No real contact with the outside world in the sense that he had no tv or things like that. Victor initially has no idea everyone thinks he's dead. He left because of the fighting, really enjoyed the simplicity of life on the farm, and decided to stay for awhile.

                          Hope needed the help. Her handyman turned bad and was gone. Victor actually saved him from her. This was back when Victor actually did heroic things. Anyway, they slowly developed feelings for each other and she went with him when he finally returned to town.

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                        The next witness (a dentist) said he knew Dr. Lynch (also a dentist); he took over Dr. Lynch's practice in NY while Dr. Lynch went to GC. He told him wanted to reunited with his wife (the defendant), April. Paul is sitting behind her, staring hard at her.

                        Victoria asks Dad when he's going to marry Hope. She puts Victor right in his place then asks for the rest of the day off to spend it with her husband.

                        Hope is very happy there is a fragrance named for her. Jack tells her Victor doesn't deserve her. She sets him straight that she's happy with Victor. jack thinks she could be a lot happier. He points out she's not married.


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                          Ugh I don’t care about this trial. Show more Neil and Malcolm! (I’m sure the NJ gov will be cutting in soon)


                          • Y&R25years
                            Y&R25years commented
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                            April was gorgeous sitting in this trial

                          • Forever Fan
                            Forever Fan commented
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                            Not a very interesting show outside of the Neil/Malcolm scenes. I'm going to tune out on the live show and watch the tape later so I can fast forward through the courtroom and other scenes. Speaking of courtroom scenes, the judge looks familiar. Is that Bryan Cranston?

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