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Katherine's Will. Did Devon get his money back?


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  • Katherine's Will. Did Devon get his money back?

    I skipped a couple of episodes and now I cannot figure out if Devon got his money back. Did they drop the story after Cane left?

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    That was when I stopped watching. From what I've read, the story got dropped. I rank that up there with some other turkeys that have been written over the years. Totally unkind to the memory of Katherine and her portrayer, Cooper.


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      The ending of this storyline happened off-screen.
      Cane left town to find Colin.

      At the beginning of April .. we learned the law had caught up with Colin.
      Jill's name was cleared & Devon got his $$$ back.


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        This ill-conceived story was concluded in the February 27 episode which begins with Devon at Crimson Lights received a cryptic set of numbers in a text message. He calls Chance who then enlists Kevin's help in figuring out what the numbers mean. (Kevin, of course, just happens to be sitting in the coffee shop, too.) In a second, Kevin figures out it's an offshore bank account to which he links and then informs Devon that this account holds Devon complete inheritance (2 point whatever billion) - and the account is in Devon's name. Seems Colin transferred Devon';s money back to him because the police were too hot on his trail.

        To check off another plot point, Chance takes Devon (and Kevin) to see Grandma Jill to update her on the funds. Devon decides he doesn't want to press charges, but Chance says that Colin has broken a lot of laws.

        Devon then leaves to go home - well not really home - because we see him next joining Elena and Nate at a planning lunch at Society. These two have been seen in juxtaposed scenes throughout the episode talking about sites for the New Hope Clinic and about how projects like this have given Devon some purpose while dealing with the mess.

        Of course, Devon updates them with the good news and, after Nate leaves, Devon and Elena toast to all the good they can do together with the inheritance (ie projects like the clinic).

        So, like magic, a story which shouldn't have been written was swept under the table. Well, at least it shouldn't have been written the way it was. There could have been a will story which respected Katherine's legacy and which also valued Devon more by making him a more active part of the solution.

        But I guess this is what we get a head writer drafting a story to facilitate the introduction of a new character in an situation which puts her in opposition to Devon. Characters twisted to serve as plot points.


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