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RATINGS - Week of May 4 - 8


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  • RATINGS - Week of May 4 - 8

    SOC's recaps - Week of May 4 - 8

    A special week of episodes devoted to telling Victor and Nikki Newman's love story. The episodes included Nikki's first visit to the Newman ranch in 1981, Nikki taking center stage at the Colonnade Room in 1990, and Victor and Nikki's 2002 wedding ceremony.

    NOTE: There were preemptions throughout the week.

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 2,341,000 (-213,000)
    1. Y&R 1.75/6 (-.12)

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. DAYS 257,000 (-4,000/-31,000)
    2. GH 245,000 (-33,000/-8,000) <—— new low
    3. Y&R 182,000 (-41,000)
    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. DAYS 0.39/4 (-.01/-.05) *
    1. GH 0.38/4 (-.05/-.16) <——- ties low (2nd straight week)
    3. Y&R 0.28/3 (-.06)

    Women 18-34 Viewers
    1. Y&R 58,000 (+4,000/-29,000)
    Women 18-34 Rating
    1. Y&R 0.17 (+.01)

    Women 25-54 Viewers
    1. GH 380,000 (-14,000/-91,000)
    2. DAYS 368,000 (-19,000/-4,000)
    3. Y&R 285,000 (-50,000)
    Women 25-54 Rating
    1. GH 0.62 (-.02/-.15)
    2. DAYS 0.6 (-.03/-.01)
    3. Y&R 0.46 (-.09)

    Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers
    Monday: 1.69/2,200,000 (repeat)
    Tuesday: 1.67/2,179,000 (repeat)
    Wednesday: 1.79/2,430,000 (repeat)
    Thursday: 1.82/2,442,000 (repeat)
    Friday: 1.86/2,548,000 (repeat)

    Source: SON

  • #2
    How can Nielsen discount a day’s rating, because the 5/1 was not counted.


    • #3
      Wow, I knew the reruns would not score well in the ratings, but this is worse than I thought. It looks like the shows might not return until late Fall at the earliest. There is also a bloodbath going on in the TV industry with advertisers pulling out of commitments to run ads in the third quarter. This whole thing could bring about total destruction for network TV as a whole.


      • KaydenMayer
        Lurking in the Shadows
        KaydenMayer commented
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        2 million viewers for a old af reuns is nothing to sneeze at. These shows are beating NEW GH and Days eps

    • #4
      These ratings for reruns are incredible. Literally beating out brand new episodes of other soaps and the cost to #YR is minimal. If this is going to be a long term thing, it would be interesting to see the ratings after having them run a week or longer arc of episodes around some epic storylines. I think ratings could go even higher.


      • #5
        Yes it is beating GH and Days (tells you the states of those two soaps), however Y&R still lost half of its audience, and 213,000 from the week before.

        The demos are also dropping losing at least 40% in every demo category from the last week of original episodes.

        There is clearly a large portion of the audience that likes the new episodes and show minimal interest in the classics.


        • #6
          While they aren’t as great as I wished them to be, I am
          ecstatic that these great episodes are beating the other soaps which are new. Goes to show that if the writing was better today, Y&R would hit it way out of the park!


          • #7
            ^^^ Personally, I found last week boring as I'm not invested in Victor and Nikki as a couple however no one can deny the acting and production values of these classics. I think YR need to diversify the classics to reach everyone and ratings will consistently beat any new episode from the other shows. Some people think we keep being negative but these classics prove better writing always equals higher ratings


            • #8
              ^^^ not necessarily higher ratings. The ratings have not gone up. They didn’t even go up from the week before. It is just that the baseline for Y&R is higher than new episode of GH and Days.

              The gap in total viewers between Y&R and Days would have been hard to overcome regardless. However in demos Days will most likely overcome Y&R in the 18 to 49z

              There is a threshold for network tv shows. It just is the way things are today. Advertisers and network execs realize this now. There will probably be a bump above 4 million when the show comes back and then settle back down.

              In my opinion unless daytime soaps do something radical in their storytelling to make themselves relevant again especially to a younger audiences (GenY and GenZ), that they need to have any real future beyond older generation the ceiling will hold.

              But if they think out of the box many won’t like it because it most likely won’t be like Bill Bell’s original template or any tropes of the original soap template.


              • geraldine123
                Board Regular
                geraldine123 commented
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                So true about the Y&R baseline.. If GH's came generally close to what Y&R's has customarily been, then GH not beating Y&R with original episodes would mean more.

            • #9
              I remember hearing for years "if Y&R just shows rerun, then the ratings will go through the roofs" or "return to 'classic' Y&R!" I think these past few weeks plus Sally's reign a few years ago show that ain't gonna work.


            • #10
              Loyal viewers and fans will stick to Y&R through thick and thin, new vs classic, to the end. I don't think we are anywhere near the end.


              • #11
                I haven't watched any of the classic episodes. I'm just not interested in seeing stuff I've seen before.


                • #12
                  It's really not surprising that these re-runs wouldn't outdo new episodes as they may not make much sense to viewers who are unfamiliar with these older storylines. But the fact that these already produced and aired episodes, after some mild editing, can get these kind of viewing numbers is still quite a feat. Take into consideration how much money CBS saves with these re-runs than producing new episodes and that success can't be denied. Overall, I'm confident CBS will notice what is happening here and take it into consideration in he future when it comes to handling these classic episodes.


                  • creation
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                    creation commented
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                    Don't give CBS any ideas about how much money they are saving, because they might see that as a good thing, dropping the soap altogether, and decide to just show re-runs! You know it's all about the dollar bill anyway!

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