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Are any of the couples working? Are we run out of people to pair some characters?


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  • Are any of the couples working? Are we run out of people to pair some characters?

    Y&R has always been strong in the romance dept but not lately IMHO. Most of the current couples are not working or the ones who work are hidden from us.
    Let's start with the ones that work: Lauren and Michael (no where to be found), Chloe-Kevin (hardly ever on), Devon -Elena (under developed). Victor-Nikki

    Kyle-Summer: They are not Sharon/Nick OR Victor/Nikki. They are both very spoiled and not grounded. So not sure how this will work. May be it will for another 6-8 months.

    Jury is still out for Abby-Chance. I feel like Abby is a doomed character. None of her pairings worked, only exception being Scott. Jury is still deciding on Sharon-Ray as well.

    And then there was the rest:
    Billy-Victoria: Ruined
    Adam-Chelsea: Overdone
    Nick- Phyllis: It is all about sex

    I feel like one of the problem is the lack of character development for some of these characters. And secondly, there is hardly anyone if around to pair them up with. All has been done to death and it did not work out.

    Billy-Lily might work. Please pair Jack, Nick, Victoria, and Phyllis is someone new.

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    I think most of the couples are working

    Kyle/Summer are working big time they have the chemistry and the history. They are both mature and grounded and have a good job. They are very good paring and I do think they will end up breaking up but always ending up back together because they are soulmates and belong together. They have the chemistry to go with it. I also think they will always make it. Since they were teens they have loved each other. They are endgame. They are the perfect paring. They will be the new power couple.

    Abby and Chance don't have a chance they don't have chemistry and I do think they are doomed together.

    Nick and Phyllis are a good paring but they have hurt each other enough and I don't think they should be together. They are good paring together they have the chemistry to go with it and they are not all about sex. They have a good friendship also

    Sharon and Ray work together because they are both boring and kind of annoying even though I do like Ray a lot more than any of his other family members.

    Adam and Chelsea no thank you

    Billy and Victoria no thank you. Billy can do better than dating someone who would chose her father over him every time.

    No to Billy and Lily ever. I don't want to see Lily with Billy ever she can do better. I will always miss her with Cane he was her soulmate.

    I would love to see Phyllis with someone new she can do better than what she has been given. .Phyllis and Nick just don't make a good couple they keep hurting each other. I do want them to keep their friendship though I do love their friendship and how they are always there for each other it seems no matter how much they hurt each other.


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      I still love Chelsea and Adam. I also like Mariah/Tessa; Abby/Chance; Summer/Kyle and the maybe Theo/Lola. I think that the show is highly invested in Phick and Shey as well and I think there are good story potential for both.

      I think it was interesting that they paired up Chadam/Phick in the GC Buzz segment as GC's "power couples." The 4 of them click well together as rivals--no thanks to revisiting Chelsea/Nick as a pairing (which doesn't seem to be an option now anyways) but there was an energy in that "zoom" chat and in the last fight at Victor's office that I want to see explored.


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        Kyle and Summer are boring. You think entitled brats would have a little depth to them but these two do not.
        Nick and Phyllis also boring unless you like seeing a woman get pushed around the shower. Very one dimensional with the sex scenes.
        Adam and Chelsea. They aren’t bad. Their eyes light up around each other and Chelsea finally seems to have Adams back.
        Sharon and Rey. These two good looking sexy people need something better than the cancer story. They should be cracking cases together or something more exciting.
        Mariah and Tessa. They annoy me. I think Tessa starting out as a big time con and louse is hard to forget.
        Abby and Chance. They are passionate and delightful. I love seeing Abby get the best of Phyllis and her man really likes her unlike Nick who just wants sex.
        Theo and Lola were adorable, I hope there is still a chance for them. Lola is like the girl next door, very hardworking and a go getter. Theo is a bit rough around the edges but just needs a girl who really cares unlike Summer who used him to make Kyle upset.
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        • Chabby lover
          Chabby lover commented
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          Summer did not use Theo she liked him he is the one who broke up with her and she was a little upset about it because she would not move forward in their relationship. Summer liked Theo he broke up with her. She never used him she was moving on with her life with Theo he dumped her and she was upset about the break up.

          Nick really likes Phyllis and they are not all about sex at all. They also have a great friendship.Abby and Chance are all about sex that is all they do and they have nothing else. Abby also doesn't get the best of Phyllis. She is not even on the same level of Phyllis. Phyllis destroys Abby.

        • Chatty Cakes
          Chatty Cakes commented
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          Abby has been holding her own with Phyllis. You figure Abby hasn’t been around the block nearly as long as Phyllis,
          I didn’t think Summer cared for Theo because she was glad to kiss Kyle when Zoe drugged everyone and she didn’t care that Theo was around and she certainly didn’t care that Kyles wife was around,

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        I really don’t care about pairings. With one lone exception if a couple is gong to continually break out and get back together, like Billy and Victoria, put them together once and for all and play musical chairs with everyone else.

        Not because I particularly like Billy and Victoria together- although when they are together and happy they are fine. But the back and forth is ridiculous in the day and age especially when the break ups don’t make sense. We all know they will be back together eventually, don’t waste fans time with other relationships when we know how it will end. For GH fans see Sonny and Carly.

        For other characters let them be single. Not every character has to be in a pairing all the time. And fans who insist on one pairing or another and hassle the tptb are in my opinion hurting the genre.

        But if fans insist writers and the tptb should do what they want regardless.

        There are other aspects of a soap outside of romance and pairings. IMO.


        • RestlessFan
          RestlessFan commented
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          I agree, there is too much back and forth conversations about the same ole things between the same ole couples. It is beyond boring by now: the same ole, same ole, dialogues, between: Kyle/Summer/Lola/Theo; same ole dialogues or hissy fits between Abby/Phyllis. Then, everyone against Adam is also beyond repetitive, too. This regimes seems to only concentrate on these same dialogues among the same group or groups and they get the most airtime just to do the same thing over and over and say the same things over and over. I just don't see how this can continue forever. I've tuned out on this same plots, same dialogues, and the way certain characters seem to get more airtime, thus more pay.

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        I will start by saying since this is a soap then all couples will eventually break up for one reason or another.

        Nikki and Victor have broken up over the years but given their history it would not last long.

        Lauren and Michael; Paul and Christine - couples of convenience. Neither of them are exciting.

        I prefer Phyllis with Jack. I thought they were very much in love and understand each other. Phyllis and Nick are good as friends with benefits.

        Summer and Kyle are good for now. I can see them breaking and making up many times over the years if the show lasts that long.

        No other couple has a "long lasting feeling" to me.

        Devon an Elani will be toast as soon as Devon's feelings for Amanda surfaces.

        Abby and Chance - there isn't any undying love there yet

        Sharon and Rey - no way this will last. Sharon never stays with a man very long and I think deep down her heart is always with Nick

        Nate and Amanda - I like these two but the writing seems to be on the wall that after this grace period of MM reintroduction the writers will pair Devon and Amanda.

        No comment on the others who aren't even couples yet, (Theo/Lola, Billy/?)


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          I love Chadam, Skyle, Teriah, Chabbs and Phick, Chadam being my favorite. All in all, except for Shey and Elevon, who bore me to tears, I am pretty happy with the current pairs. They finally ended the fiasco couples like Kola and especially the dreadful Chick.

          I am very excited about Thola too.


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            Overall yes! I my favorite being Shey, i also like chadam, chabby. I can tolerate phick. Just need better writing for the couple's


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              I love Chadam, Shey, Skyle, Chabby, Teriah.
              I want Theo with Lola (they remind me of Nathan / Hayley in OTH


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                I am probably in the minority, but I want to see Billy and Amanda become a couple. I really love their connection and they have great chemistry.


                • kahinamah
                  kahinamah commented
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                  Also, I had forgotten them, but yes beautiful chemistry, I love their moments and scenes together, natural.

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                The OP makes some really good points here. We do have good couples with chemistry who don't get enough air time and/or development. Lauren & Michael and Chloe and Kevin definitely work - but are rarely seen. Victor and Nikki are, for me, in a class by themselves and are at a point where I'm happy to celebrate their patriarch/matriarch status and focus more on their family and community lives.

                Devon & Elena have a very natural chemistry, an emotional intimacy that works but they, too, aren't really seen all that often and they most definitely qualify for the description - UNDERDEVELOPED!! A truth I continue to find both very unnecessary and incredibly frustrating! Elena, in fact, is a prime example of a character whose potential has been seriously wasted so far - no significant back story or overall character integration with other high profile characters. Even Devon, in spite of his 16-year history, has been marginalized. But, even though much of their air time has revolved needlessly around his late wife's face, they still have managed to gain an enthusiastic fan base and that makes me optimistic that they could be more "interesting" as individuals and as a couple if only they had the writing and quality air time!


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                  Part 2: Unfortunately, several are too much about sex - definitely Phyllis & Nick but also Abby & Chance and, in spite of bits of Jabot business, sometimes Kyle & Summer. Frustrating because these characters have enough history that their love stories don't need to be written this way. There is potential for the younger couples, but I'd like to see less of the bedroom and more of the personal dynamics.

                  You make one of your best points with these few words re some of these couples: "All has been done to death"!!! Amen to this comment. Going years - even decades - back to recycle the same love stories and even similar dialogue just isn't working - at least not for me. Some characters really do need completely new love interests.

                  And we need less repetition for some characters so some of the rarely seen and underdeveloped couples and characters can get more chance to show what they can really bring to us viewers.

                  Final note re Billy. He might work with Lily. But, ducking here from some, I think - so far - that Amanda's best chemistry has been with him. A little volatile maybe, but there is a spark between Amanda & Billy - more than I've seen with Nate or Devon (although the latter is a pairing the writers might default to simply because they are showing that they like to retread past stories).
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