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What are some of the worst rewrites of the past/history in Y&R?


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  • What are some of the worst rewrites of the past/history in Y&R?

    For me there are three:
    1- Neil Fenmore being Jill's father. Really!?!?!?!?! Who came up with that idea.
    2- Phillip was alive and hiding in Australia. WHY?!?!?! what was the point of that story.
    3- Katherine gave a child to adoption. Tucker. Then what. That story went no where as well.

    What are your thoughts?

  • #2
    I thought when they put Kyle with Lola that was the worst rewrite. They had to make it seem like Kyle didn't live Summer anymore when he loved her still when he met Lola. That was the worst rewrite.

    Plus they had to change Kyle for the worse and make him a purse holder who couldn't be himself. He had to hide away. It was a horrible rewrite. Lola was basically emotionally abusive toward Kyle. She hated his money made that known he couldn't confide in her about anything and he had to walk on eggshells around her. I am glad they fixed it and got him out of that horrible relationship and put him back with summer who he has always loved since he was a teenager


    • #3
      Well, those three were head scratchers and I cannot argue against any of them.

      4. Jill as Katherine’s daughter then the next storyline - no she’s not.

      5. Nikki snd Paul creating Dylan. I am convinced this was solely to tie SB to a legacy family to make to character more important by Jill P. ((Executive Producer).

      6. Sharon has twins


      • Smithey
        Smithey commented
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        @TheMartinsforLife. His past actions support his aggressive actions.

      • Chatty Cakes
        Chatty Cakes commented
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        On a recent classic episode, Jill mentioned being woken up by JTs yelling and cursing at the Chancellor mansion.

      • BrAk5742
        BrAk5742 commented
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        I thought JT's violent tendencies were explained away by a SOCBT (Soap Opera Classic Brain Tumor).

    • #4
      Cane as Jill’s son Philip, but not really.
      Sheila’s unheard of twins and sister, Sarah Smythe.
      J.T. as an abuser.


      • #5
        JT's last story in 2018

        Philip being alive.

        Adam being dead then alive then dead again then alive again. How many times will this man be able to come from death?

        Sheila having a sister. Sheila having twins with Tom Fisher.


        • Arckangel
          Arckangel commented
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          I'd explain Sheila and Tom knew each other prior to 2005 but acted like they didn't know each other, even when alone, even in Lauren's presence (all part of Sheila's plan). That's what recently happened when some of the Newmans acted like Victor had died (even when they were alone) when he didn't. I remember that scene w/ Nikki all alone crying like Victor had truly died...

          As for Sarah Smythe (I'd bring her back), she may have been a paternal half-sister using her married name (we had never heard of Phyllis's sister Avery Bailey Clark neither).

      • #6
        The worst is undoing Katherine and Jill as mother and daughter just so that Billy could get back with Mackenzie, which went absolutely nowhere.


        • #7
          I take particular exception to the way the J.T. story was twisted, in the end, to turn him into a wife abusing monster. J.T. loved women, and would never have behaved that way.
          Bad, bad, bad.......


          • #8
            The worst rewrite, for me, is using the Sharon character, to mess with a grown 18 year old character paternity. A paternity mess that Nick created himself by lying about his test result when the baby was born, hid the inconclusive test result for 18 years, took it out of hiding when he turned grey with worry when he saw Summer hanging with her possible half-brother, Kyle. NIck announced to everyone he was definitely the father at the time the baby was born, he read the result by himself, expression showed him not happy at all at the time it was shown in 2005. He disappeared and reappeared next and he just announced he was the father and never showed the test result to anyone (not Jack or Phyllis, Jack being the other possible father). So, it was rewrite to make Sharon, the fall guy, for NIck, in 2013. NIck created the paternity mess, originally, when the kid was born.


            • YoungandBold91
              YoungandBold91 commented
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              Yes, Summer's DNA switch was the worst rewrite and long lost twin Mariah. Why couldn't they just write Cassie into a coma and then gradually bring her out of it when CG made her return? Viewers actually started to believe that Sharon suddenly began showing resentment towards Summer, saying that she "Hates the fact that Nick had a child with another woman other than her."

              No, she doesn't hate the fact that Nick had a child with someone other than her, she hates the child's mother. Not once did Sharon express hatred toward Summer. If she had, she would've stopped Nick from going to the hospital when Summer was sick with a Peanut allergic reaction ('09), and let her OD on pills ('13). Since she's so gosh darn evil and jealous, right?

              I don't understand why it's hard to hold Nick accountable (still) after all those years. Sharon didn't hound Daniel, run off and have another baby to play mommy to for 18 years, HE did. He's only held responsible for his part in the affair, but not the Paternity test? And Victor shouting off at the mouth at Jack about how silly he was for wanting Summer to be his child was complete nonsense, "She'll always be a Newman!"

              I'm sorry, but SuperGirl is living a lie. I did believe that Nick was her father, but once I read that he only claimed her just to fill the void of losing Cassie, that was wrong, especially once she found out, he told her that she saved his life. I want her to be Jack's daughter. He deserves it after the loss of 2 babies.
              Last edited by YoungandBold91; November 9, 2020, 06:31 PM.

            • Imy&rb&b
              Imy&rb&b commented
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              When they touched on summers paternity the intent should’ve of been to make her jacks daughter. Nick should’ve been held accountable for his lying and Sharon should not have been anywhere near it. The whole thing was useless! Sharon was simply a scapegoat. I’m still mad about that!

            • Mr.Sami_Brady
              Mr.Sami_Brady commented
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              This! All of this! 100% co-sign!

          • #9
            I agree with the whole Dylan story. I hated that they created a child just to bring on that actor and to bond Nikki and Paul....and created yet another child that Paul has zero interaction with. Paul has too many kids out there and it's like they don't exist. Jack has Keemo and Paul has all of them. LOL

            Sharon paternity switch. Usually when a soap does a paternity switch, the person doing the switch either works for the lab or they hire someone that works for the lab to make the change. In this case, suddenly Sharon knew which lab was being used and knew how to make the switch herself? I mean, it would be more than switching from "yes" to "no". I HATED that storyline. I hated it even more when it came out that Nick was never really sure and just made his own assumption. Nick was immediately forgiven, Sharon was a pariah.

            This isn't technically a rewrite, but I hate how Neil treated Hilary. It was woefully out of character, so a character rewrite?

            I liked Jill and Kay as mother/daughter, and I hated when they removed that connection and made Jill a Fenmore.

            The introduction of the Australian Cattle Mob so that Cane can be Phillip and then Cane again was....ugh.


            • #10
              I am just the opposite of Jill and Kay, I always considered it a rewrite when they made them mother/daughter. Bill Bell, the creator, wrote Jill, with her mother, Mrs. Foster and Jill also had siblings or she had brothers, too. They were shown as a family and Jill's mother also worked at the Chancellor estate or mansion and she worked for Mrs. Chancellor, too. Jill, was young, and that's how she met Mr. Phillip Chancellor (Mrs. Chancellor's husband) and so Jill had an affair with an older married man (Mrs. C.'s husband) and so Phillip Chancellor was born, too (Jill had a baby for Mr. C.) and Mr. C. died when Mrs. C. was driving and she ran off the road with her husband in the passenger seat, too. So, Jill already had a mother, Mrs. Foster and Jill had brothers, too, I believe, Greg and Snapper (if I remember the correct names of the brothers). So, the Jjill/Mrs. C. written as mother/daughter, I thought was the most ridiculous rewrite, too, so unbelievable at the time. I ignored it at the time, too, and never fell for it, the rewrite. When it was changed back to them not being related, I was relieved that it was changed back to its originality.


              • #11
                Originally posted by Rubythroat1 View Post
                I take particular exception to the way the J.T. story was twisted, in the end, to turn him into a wife abusing monster. J.T. loved women, and would never have behaved that way.
                Bad, bad, bad.......
                Wait, didn't they explain it as him being ill? I think the writers were trying to say that J.T. wasn't himself when he did what he did from my understanding.


                • DallasGal
                  DallasGal commented
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                  Yes, you're correct but the issue is that Young wrote JT as an abuser and probably would not have changed it. JG was hired and he corrected the misguided storyline.

                • Rubythroat1
                  Rubythroat1 commented
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                  Not in the end. Mack said that J.T . was controlling and vindictive for the entire marriage.

                • stopthefall
                  stopthefall commented
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                  Mac saying that was not on the screen so also rewrite.

              • #12
                I thought making Dylan the son of Nikki and Paul and not keeping the character around was a waste.

                When Adam died the last time he was on decent terms with his family. He comes back and everyone involved is hateful again.

                Kyle moved mountains to find a liver donor for Lola. For him to be so into the wedding and Lola to have him go back to his old has been Summer made no sense.

                We could have had more follow up with Ronan. They showed him in the hospital bed and after that we saw him briefly if I am recalling correctly. It seemed an unfinished story.


                • #13
                  Not sure if this classifies as a rewrite but Sharon being tossed under the bus for Summer's paternity mess. This was obviously not something they originally planned and only did it as a last minute resort to get Nick off the hook. Sharon has zero motive for doing this, it made no sense at all. If anything she would have switched the results to keep Summer as Nick's child so her children wouldn't lose a sister. Nick and Phyllis were not even a couple at that time. Nick was with Avery and if anything, Summer not being Nick's child would help that relationship since Nick would no longer be dating his daughter's aunt. Also it made no sense that Sharon wasn't furious with Nick for lying about Summer's paternity in the 1st place since she was his wife at the time. But yet Sharon finding out about this deceit makes her want him more? It was so dumb.


                  • #14
                    As already stated....

                    Sharon switching the paternity tests . I think the excuse that Sharon had mental illness
                    The Katherine and Jill mother and daughter storyline made no sense
                    Dylan being Nikki and Paul son

                    The ratings for soaps would probably be a lot better if the writers do not insult the audience's intelligence


                    • #15
                      Not sure if this classifies as a rewrite....

                      The weird storyline of Shelia getting plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. It seemed out of character for Shelia to do this and as far as I remember Shelia never had any interactions with Phyllis whatsoever so it just seems strange that she would want to get surgery to look like someone she doesn't even know. Then it's confusing if it was even Shelia or not because Kimberlin Brown surfaced as Shelia a few years ago on The bold and the beautiful and they never addressed the whole Phyllis situation which drove me nuts... The whole Shelia/Phyllis storyline was one of the worst that Y&R has done in my opinion.

                      Turning Neil into a psychopath and having him kidnap Hilary was out of character and plot driven..
                      Last edited by Carjack4ever; May 13, 2020, 01:18 AM.


                      • Arckangel
                        Arckangel commented
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                        Sheila had tricked her best friend, Sugar, into looking just like her (Sheila), and she had Sugar locked up in a mental institution! (Sheila later explained to Lauren Sugar's plastic surgery had taken place in South America.) Sheila was that psychotic at the time. When she realized her plan to kill Lauren and replace her as Scotty's mother failed, her psychosis led her to see Fen as Scotty (psychological transference). Since Lauren & Phyllis were best friends, Sheila figured that looking like Phyllis was the best way to get very close to Lauren and fool everyone. It all makes sense if you understand Sheila's mental state at the time.

                        When asked why did Sheila choose Phyllis' identity, former Y&R executive producer/head writer Lynn Marie Latham deflected: "That is a question more for Sheila than for me." Latham also did refer to Sheila as a "psychotic killer." That was Sheila's mental state at the time—making Lauren suffer and reliving the past with Fen as Scotty, as weird that it may seem.

                        Also, Kimberlin Brown had an accident and could not play Sheila Carter at the time. Brown explained: "I had a bad accident last year, and when they wanted me back in November, I really couldn't go at that time, and that's why I came back looking like somebody else."

                        B&B executive producer/head writer Bradley Bell explained that "what happened in Genoa City stays in Genoa City" and he preferred focusing on Sheila's B&B history. Sugar had a raspy voice, walked well and tried to stab Scotty to make Sheila suffer for tricking her. The real Sheila walked with crutches, spoke with her normal voice and asked the doctor to make her look like the one on the photo she handed to him. Sheila (looking like Phyllis) told Michael she had taken photos of Lauren and Brad in bed (something only Sheila and a few other people knew). The Phyllis look-alike would also look in the mirror and speak to her reflection, just like Sheila in 2005.

                        Several years later, Sarah, Daisy and Ryder (Sheila's sister and twin kids) all confirmed Sheila's the one that Lauren shot. Sarah even said (to Daisy) that Phyllis made her think of Sheila. I think the writers were very clear on that. Besides, Sarah explained to Patty that she, Sarah, was the nurse that cared for Patty when Patty had surgery to look like Emily. (Sarah revealed Patty's surgery took place in South America.) Sarah later decided to have surgery to look like Lauren.

                        Tracey Bregman explained: "I think it’d be too easy to kill Lauren. Sarah really wants Lauren to suffer because Sarah has suffered so much. In Sarah’s mind, Sheila was murdered in cold blood by Lauren. Also, Sarah had to raise Sheila’s children because Sheila was always so obsessed with Lauren that she wasn’t around to raise her kids properly. You can just imagine what it would be like to be in a family with Sheila! 

                        Sarah never had any sense of personal power, she never had a real chance in life. So now, in setting up this revenge, she’s finally as powerful as Sheila was. Sarah’s initial goal is to make Lauren suffer by taking her place in her world, and letting her know it. But pretty soon, that doesn’t become enough for her."

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