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Is Lily the last Jabot model?


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  • Is Lily the last Jabot model?

    Over the years Jabot has fantastic models and they were integrated to the stories. Julia Newman, Nikki Reed, Diane Jenkins, Christine/Cricket Blair, Glow by Jabot kids to name a few. Then models are gone as Jabot stop being a center for business storylines. I think Lily was the last Jabot model. Am I right?

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    I’m pretty sure Summer in 2014 was a model for Jabot... I remember her working with Sharon during that time at Jabot as well.. I think Sharon was a consultant or something for the young models. Lilly was a Jabot model as well but it was awhile before Summer was. Early or mid 2000’s or so maybe ?


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      I thought Chloe was fantastic when she was over the models at Jabot. She was a little taskmaster.
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        Don't forget Dru was a model and Malcolm, Lily's father, was her photographer. And wasn't Ashley married to that handsome blond photographer, I forget his name? IRL he was married to Taylor on B&B.


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          That was Blade Bladeson. Mary Jo was also in love with him and he had an evil twin brother if I recall correctly.

        • Good Kitty
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          Riiight - I remember the evil twin now.

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        I think Summer was after Lily. She took pills and became a pill head for a short time.


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          She was model for one week and even one day,... so I don’t think they did any promotion with her ...hard to see it as a modelling job, she never went further to try the clothes on her ...

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