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What's your favorite current set at the moment? Whose house/apt would you live?


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  • DOOLWill
    Board Regular
    • Jul 2013
    • 1396

    What's your favorite current set at the moment? Whose house/apt would you live?

    Watching some of these older episodes reminded me that I LOVED some of those older iconic setts. Though it was outdated I still miss the Newman ranch.

    I think my favorite is the Abbott house. It has a character and it is warm. Closed second is the Crimson Light. I love coffee houses. Sharon's house is definitely in my top 3.

    I loved some of the older apt/house sets. They had so much character. It is a toss up between Sharon's and Abbott mansion for me.
  • TwoOfEach
    • Jun 2013
    • 4926

    I love the Penthouse. It's big; the tall windows and high ceilings speak wealth while it also feels like a home with the fresh flowers, pictures of Connor, and the occaisional ball glove or toy left around.

    I really miss the GCAC especially the revolving door at the front.


    • CouchCruisin'
      Executive Poster
      • May 2014
      • 3626

      Newman Ranch, 421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B

      But I do love the Abbott home as well.

      Did ya'll know that Abbott Manor has no address?


      • Shayda
        • May 2020
        • 4

        The Abbott home of course.


        • Forever Fan
          Board Regular
          • Sep 2018
          • 997

          The Abbott house is my favorite set because it brings back good memories. But it's too dated for me to live there. I'd like to live in the Neil/Adam penthouse primarily because of the view.


          • debbymac
            • Mar 2019
            • 43

            I love Katherine Chancellor's house and the (old) Newman ranch. The Colonnade Room was wonderful too. I hate Nick Newman's new house and the scenes at The Grand Phoenix. The GCAC was so much nicer.


            • seattleannie
              Day Player
              • Oct 2004
              • 128

              I could live in either Sharon's cottage, or in the Tack House. Both are loaded with charm.


              • DallasGal
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Jun 2008
                • 17106

                Abbott mansion; old time money - love it

                Devon’s condo- nice updated look

                The couch in Adam’s condo looks so uncomfortable

                Sharon’s place is so dated and that couch is disgusting. But with a remodel it could look fantastic.

                Chancellor mansion was ruined by Billy’s remodel and seedy affair with Phyllis.


                • stillrestless
                  Board Regular
                  • Aug 2008
                  • 1218

                  The Abbott mansion, without a doubt. It’s always been a beautiful family home & has been a constant for nearly 40 years.


                  • Good Kitty
                    Contract Poster
                    • Jun 2015
                    • 2555

                    I liked both of Adam's places, his spot at the ranch better than the current penthouse. The decor is modern but rich looking and not quite as stuffy as the Abbot and Newman mansions. I'd like to be an overnight guest at Sharon's - it has a Bed and Breakfast feel.


                    • ericrx
                      Recurring Poster
                      • Jun 2009
                      • 459

                      The Abbott home. I really can't hardly stand Society or the Grand Phoenix. Both are so cold and sterile. They even make me FEEL cold while watching. I miss GCAC. Wish the Grand Phoenix and Society both would fall victim to an arsonist. lol


                      • caitie
                        Aspiring soap scribe
                        • Mar 2010
                        • 13484

                        I like Devon's penthouse. Lots of light and open and airy. And welcoming. I always feel I'd be happy staying a while here - and I'd love to join a singsong around that great piano!!


                        • mslove83
                          Board Regular
                          • Jan 2009
                          • 916

                          Devon's Penthouse for sure. I like how open and bright it feels.


                          • Jupiter Jane
                            Soap Addict
                            • Mar 2004
                            • 6806

                            Originally posted by seattleannie View Post
                            I could live in either Sharon's cottage, or in the Tack House. Both are loaded with charm.
                            Same here. I've always liked Sharon's cottage; 2nd choice is the Tack House too except for the kitchen lol. I also like Devon's penthouse; Adam's across the hall seems quite cold to me, but Devon's has a different feel.


                            • seattleannie
                              seattleannie commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Jupiter Jane, I liked Devon's better when Hilary was alive. There was more use of neutral purples in the decor, which they seem to be phasing out. I also love The Grand Phoenix set: the main lobby area and the guest room.
                          • Mr.Sami_Brady
                            Soap Addict
                            • Sep 2006
                            • 6704

                            The Chancellor Mansion, The Abbott Mansion, Sharon's cottage... Everything else is so... sterile and lacks personality. I miss the GCAC and the Colonade room.


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