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Nikki faked cancer & death.


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  • Nikki faked cancer & death.

    Always see the talk that Victor is cruel to Nikki yet today's show is proof that Nikki has done just as cruel things to Victor too! Today's show was back in the story line when Nikki faked she had cancer & was dying to try to keep Victor from Ashley. She even had talks with a little Victoria about it in her scheme. This was WAY before Victor's ever first "death". Just proof Niktor are as equally in their bad moments/ times to each other of almost 40 years.

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    I believe Nikki really was dying of cancer but then she went in remission but didn't tell Victor & went on letting him think she was dying.


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      It wasn't cancer it was a rare autoimmune disease sarcoidosis. Nikki was wrong but she was desperate to save her marriage. This was Ashley's first affair with Victor. So Victor has some culpability as well. If memory serves this is the time Ashley got pregnant, she didn't tell Victor and after learning Nikki was "dying" she had an abortion (very controversial with viewers back then). When Victor learned what she had done he went ballistic on Ashley and was very cruel to her. I think this was when Ashley had a complete breakdown including amnesia and disappeared. John and Jack were frantically trying to find her but I think it was Victor who finally did. Learning the reason for the breakdown is one of the strongest reasons for Jack's hatred of Victor.
      Don't hold me to any of this as am working ftom memory. But I do know the "fatal illness" was sarcoidosis as a lot of viewers researched it and were commenting on how it wasn't usually fatal. W. J. Bell learned that no matter how obscure a disease he chose we viewers would be looking it up.


      • Cassie1965
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        Victor found Ashley after her first breakdown, which was after she found out that Brent and not John was her biological father. Her second breakdown was due to all the emotional fallout after her abortion. John is he one that found her when she had the second breakdown; her family didn’t even realize she had had a breakdown, as they thought she was on an extended well-needed vacation and wanted quiet and privacy. Ashley was basically catatonic, clutching a doll, and committed to a not very nice mental institution, Eventually one of the doctors got in touch with John after one of Ashley’s business cards was discovered in her affects. John was sure the unknown patient was not Ashley, but went to the hospital and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the disheveled, catatonic patient was his beautiful Ashley. Poor John - crying and clutching his beloved daughter who had no reaction to seeing him😢. (The doctor eventually followed Ashley to GC and became her husband. This was Steven.)

      • llanviewlover
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        Wow Cassie1965 your write up is incredible. I would love to see a week devoted to Ashley, and the episode you described would be wonderful to see.

      • TexasTango
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        Thanks Cassie, Ash has had so many breakdowns it. Is hard for me to keep them straight. Steven was the best husband she ever had.

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      See this is the history I would refer to whenever Nikki or even Victor would slam Sharon, they are both the biggest hypocrites on the show. Can you imagine all the horrible things that would be said about Sharon if her history was that of Nikki and Victor? We’ll still be hearing about it today. We already get all of GC talk about her and her past, if she’s sneezes wrong, but people seems to forget all the underhanded things that Nikki and Victor has done. That’s why I roll my eyes every time Nikki try to look down her nose at Sharon or anybody.

      To add, Sharon faked her death because she was falsely charged for murder, Nikki faked illness for a man, and had her child lie along with her.
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      • Nancy T
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        I remember on Nikki's anniversary show she was remembering her past that little detail about the time she pretended she was still dying was left out.

      • Silentfan
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        Nikki used to be proud of her stripper past. Good god, the way she stripped to her undies to make Victor jealous while Jack was there.

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      Did not know about Nikki faking cancer to hold onto Vic
      I am not surprise with anything the Newman hypocrites conviently forget. It is just more proof that Nikki in her glass house should not be throwing stones at Sharon ,Chelsea,. ... the list could go on forever.

      Nikki has zero room to look down her G string at other women


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      OP, like you some of these older episodes have made me wonder how anyone got over some of the things people did back then. I have never liked Phyllis, but I didn't pay much attention to her back when she first came on, but when Danny was telling Daniel what Phyllis did, the real truth not Phyllis truth, I was like WOW. I mean to have to tell a teenaged boy what his mother did, that should have been enough to scare Daniel off from women or ever having sex. that was plain despicable what Phyllis did. Danny didnt love her or want her, so she tricked him all the way with a child. a child she claimed to love. and now Phyllis is praised by Nick, Jack, everyone just about, how dare Phyllis ever get to say anything nasty towards Christine after all she did to her.

      apparently nikki had schemes too. but my favorite of all is how Nikki has always been so nasty of Sharon saying she is a gold digger and other things when Nikki was straight off the stripper pole when Victor found her.


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      I remember also when Nikki was using little toddler Victoria to try to hold onto Victor. She would read the tot fairy tales with a wicked step-mother and purposely manipulate V into confusing Ashley with all the evil step-mothers in the story. It was very low and unfair to purposely terrify and manipulate a little child that way.


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      And stripping to get his attention. I read she used Victoria, who was a kid back then, to get Victor back. Yet they are presented as some grand love story. I found it interesting during the great romantic week, how many times Nikki totally humiliated herself and had to manipulate Victor when he had left her for other women.


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