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Wardrobe, sets, hair, makeup, music May 4/20 [MERGED]


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  • Wardrobe, sets, hair, makeup, music May 4/20 [MERGED]

    Here we are in a new week of classics! Since it is Nicki and Victor-centric, let's see how the decades treat the fashions! It is kind of like a history book of fashion and hair styles.
    Oh yes--and decor.

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    Does anyone know what year this episode aired?
    And am I imaging things but wasn’t Barbara’s bandage on her left cheek before it moved to her right?


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      Oh that eighties "Big hair" ! And the combination of Mullet and Pompadour on Danny Romalotti! Of course, the way it is done now, seems to be the only
      way to do it!


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        The classics have reminded me how women used to spend most of their time on personal grooming--hair in curlers overnight, garter belts, pantyhose, going to the salon once a week,
        dresses rather than pants; how blue jeans were not acceptable wear except in the barn ! ; I for one, would never go back!


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          May 5

          Cricket Beautiful in a Blue Bathrobe

          Niki Beautiful in a Coffin

          Ashley Beautiful in Red

          The Guy From All State
          Last edited by Nightrocker; May 5, 2020, 01:12 PM.


          • Chatty Cakes
            Chatty Cakes commented
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            Spot on! Cricket looked so young and pretty like a girl next door.
            Nikki was very 80s coffin glam and Ashley looked like an 80s fashion plate.
            The All State guy! Thank you,I was trying to place him. 🤣

          • Nightrocker
            Nightrocker commented
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            Thanks Chatty . I Know LB'S Eyes .

        • #6
          Most of the female hair and makeup seemed over the top, but I really loved a very young Christine
          with her curly blonde mop and minimal makeup. So fresh and pretty.

          l like her eye makeup at that time.


          • #7
            OMG loved Ashley and Nikki's big hair. And Ashley's eyebrows, gorgeous. Also, one look at Nikki so beautiful
            in that coffin. How could Vic think she was dead? Then he picks her up out of the coffin. Nice scene. Christine
            so young. What a fresh face and loved the bob hair. And Danny had quite the Elvis hair style. Longer than I remember it.


            • #8
              Ashley and Nikki workin’ the 80s hair!

              Country Jack in his sweater.


              • #9
                Jack now, has a sage and distinguished look. A paternal smile. Warmth for his family. One thing that struck me in the early episodes with Jack, was his " piercing blue eyes"
                and his intense look all the time.


                • #10
                  Nikki looked like Stevie Nicks lying in that coffin.


                  • #11
                    Jack and Nikki are the Barbie and Ken of the soaps. Both so attractive. Nikki's hair today so smooth with gorgeous
                    light blue outfit. She was so stunning. It looked like when Jack kissed her he got a little red on his lips. Before
                    permanent lipstick. Cricket was beautiful too. A little mixed up about Scott's role. His hair was really a long mess
                    sort of similar to Danny's.


                    • #12
                      May 6

                      Cricket Hair Beautiful

                      Lauran looks like Princess

                      Tippy Niki Beautiful Night Wear and Dance

                      Victor and the Widow Cassandra

                      Nathan having seen him since OLTL


                      • #13
                        I don’t recall ever seeing the Abbott kitchen before or since. I guess they created the set when they started featuring Mamie more?


                        • #14
                          Oh Dear Lord that "sea foam green" gown on Lauren made her look like she was in a production of "Beauty and The Beast" on stage. The trims actually seemed like
                          cake frosting!


                          • #15
                            had forgotten all the different sets Y&R used to have and it is quite obvious that the shows budget was much more in the past especially in jewels and flowers lol. I am surprised at how many characters I had forgotten about but have noticed "Cricket" is in every classic episode so far...interesting one of my least favorite characters.


                            • RestlessFan
                              RestlessFan commented
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                              Christine, Nina, and Phillip Chancellor (Jill's son by Mr. Chancellor's husband (they had an affair because Mr. C. was still legally married to Mrs. Chancellor) were practically all very young (Laura Lee Bell was born in 1968, I believe, and in 1986/87/ or so, give or take, she was practically still a teenager) and these 3 were all written as teenagers and they all had key storylines, too. I remember watching at the time and they were my favorites at the time, too. So, Cricket was her nickname at the time, too (late 80's). I really liked watching these two, Phillip and Cricket (Christine) together and they were becoming a romantic pair or had become when NIna interfered and got pregnant for Phillip, instead, and thus Chance was born. Nina, also had a s/l around 86/87 and she had another baby (before Chance) stolen by a woman who dealed in stolen babies to sell on the black market, too, at the time (thus Ronan, as a grown up and police cop, reunited with his bio mother, NIna, approx. 20 to 24 years later, Ronan is the cop who investigated Diane (Kyle's mother)'s death right around 2010/11/12, give or take. For me, Christine (Cricket in her teens) is one of my all time favorite character and I really enjoyed these episodes from the 1980's, 90's, especialy, written by Bill Bell, the creator of Y&R in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, especially until he died early 2000's. I know 2005 on were written by different regimes who took over and Y&R has never been the same.

                            • TheRealMike
                              TheRealMike commented
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                              Originally posted by fracabell View Post
                              I am loving these classic episodes, I love the old ranch, I forget so much from then, but did jack and nikki live at the newman ranch when they were married???? that's hard to believe cause of how much victor hates jack, well now at least.

                              the abbot mansion hasn't changed much. the abbot kitchen in the 1990 episode when john and ash had to tell mamie about dru in jail, the kitchen seemed so small for a mansion. so nice seeing mamie and Olivia. I LOVE Eileen Davidson, but Brenda E was so pretty and I liked her too. it was sometimes hard to steal ED away from Days back then, so they had to make due with someone else.

                              Lauren's house with Scotty looked like a hotel, it looked like it had the hotel bulletin on the dorr of saying not to take the towels and when the lobby hours were and all that. Loved seeing Lauren, scotty, totally forgot about them.

                              And Nikki dancing and stripping at the colonnade, I was surprised she took off that much, but she had an incredible body so why not. Victor Newman, eat your heart out. have fun with your Cassandra, and jack was one lucky man.
                              Nikki got the ranch in the divorce settlement. She owns it but yes that STILL was weird seeing Nikki and Jack married in the ranch. Come to think of it she lived there with Dr. Joshua Landers when she married him too.

                            • fracabell
                              fracabell commented
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                              Originally posted by TheRealMike View Post

                              Nikki got the ranch in the divorce settlement. She owns it but yes that STILL was weird seeing Nikki and Jack married in the ranch. Come to think of it she lived there with Dr. Joshua Landers when she married him too.
                              it is crazy, cause there is no way in 2020 that if Nikki and Victor divorced again, and nikki and jack remarried, the only way Jack Abbott would live in the Newman Ranch would be over Victors dead body, you got that??? haha.

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