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Classic episodes-changes in the format/Splicing/Pop-up videos [MERGED]


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  • Classic episodes-changes in the format/Splicing/Pop-up videos [MERGED]

    I love these classic episodes, but I would like them to splice a couple episodes together so they make more sense. I would have loved yesterday's episode to be about Kay's kidnapping, but we only got about 10 minutes of that. I didn't care about Christina/Danny or Cassandra. I loved seeing John, but he didn't fit in with the story with Kay.
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    Would it help or would it be annoying if they turrn the classic episodes into something like "Pop-Up" Videos and tell whos on screen and a little info about the characters? .I think it would help new viewers and refresh older viewers memories to know who these people are.


    • TunerEyes
      TunerEyes commented
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      I want to see more early Brad episodes with Traci and Ashley and Sharon. Would LOVE to see Jill with Larry and the episode where he had to crawl out the window — I never got to see. For some drama, and very well performed, would love to see Kevin’s emotional Terrible Tom episodes including when he had his breakthrough, and maybe the one where John shot Terrible Tom.

    • Chabby lover
      Chabby lover commented
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      I would love to see more episodes of Phyllis, Traci, Ashley and even Lily. I would love to see some of Jill also. They are the only ones I would love to see early episodes on.

    • Miguel.r
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      Originally posted by soapfan6 View Post
      I heard Lauren was a bully to Traci, I would love to see those episodes as well as the ones with Michael was a bad guy and trying to rape (or did he) Christine. I heard that storyline was good. I wasn't watching during this time. I probably wasn't even alive.
      So true Lauren was very
      cruel to Traci. She was always portrayed as like n snow White. And she would fall n love with all the hunks who never gave her a 2nd look

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    I'm with you. I've watched Y&R I THINK from the beginning, but I was sitting there watching and wondering who the heck everyone was. I've seriously slept since this first aired and although everyone looked familiar, I couldn't pinpoint what any of it was about. Did Victor put John in the hospital taking over Jabot? Don't remember that. The Leigh girl with Jack? Don't remember her, but she looked familiar. Nina, Danny, Cricket, definitely knew them but never was a fan of Crickets anyway. It was good to see Katherine and Esther but all in all it felt really random. I'd much rather see a short pieced together sequence. JMO


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      It is a little strange how this week is being marketed as "Katherine The Great" when she's not wholly featured and there are other things in the episodes, but I am enjoying seeing the original episodes unedited and I think they should keep them that way. I'm not a fan of "special episodes" that only feature one character.


      • CDawnB
        CDawnB commented
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        Oh I don't mean one episode spliced, I meant maybe a week's worth of whatever the story line was to give us a better feel for everything.

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      I agree. Even the show about Victor and Nikki's wedding made me wonder why the woman was trying to kill Nikki and who she was.


      • chandon1
        chandon1 commented
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        Eve Howard was once upon a time TGVN's secretary!

        I think this may have been in flashbacks while he was living/working in Denver b4 Mitchell Sherman(kay's lawyer)brought Vic 2 GC!

        They had a ONS!

        She got preggers & had a son!

        Years later she told him HE was the baby daddy!

        Vic gave her $$$$ 4 a few years!

        I think @ that time the kids name was Charles or Chuck or some such nonsense!

        Years later Vikki met & married Cole Howard who was Eve's SON!

        When it came out who he was....they separated.....Vikki was preggers & kept it secret!

        Neil was there 4 Vikki & they sort of hinted that he was the baby daddy(he ws NOT)

        But, turns out Cole Howard was NOT ole Vic's kid after all!

        Cole/Vikki got back 2gether but the lil girl was stillborn.....they named her Eve!

        @ the time that Cole/Vikki were separated.....Nikki tried 2 get with him....so did Nina!
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      I have been watching Y&R for nearly 40 years and I feel the same way you all do. Memories fade and it is hard to remember everything that happened back then. I would rather watch actors on video telling us their favorite storylines and why. Also show clips of those said favorite story lines.


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        That woman trying to kill Nikki was Eve Howard. She was crazy in love with Victor. Cole Howard, who was shown married to Victoria is her half brother.

        I agree that continuity is a problem when episodes jump around. I just remember most of them and what happened. Katherine was such a great character. Her rivalry with Jill was epic and her friendship with Nikki was wonderful. Hope to see more of those scenes.


        • RestlessFan
          RestlessFan commented
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          Thanks for this info. I know who Cole Howard is (J. Eddy Peck) and was a huge fan of the couple, Victoria (with Heather Tom) and Cole (J. Eddy Peck). Was disappointed when they broke up the couple. I also really like Heather Tom's Victoria with Ryan (before Cole Howard), too. Also, remember Cricket, NIna, and Nina's baby stolen around 1986, 87, and Cricket was trying to help Nina find the baby and I think a big woman name Rose (?) stole the baby to sell on the black market. And, years later, the baby was Ronan, the policeman, Cricket/Chris located him, and Ronan was reunited with NIna until he was all grown up.

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        Since this could go on awhile, what if they would start with the 1st episode?


        • piano0105
          piano0105 commented
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          That's what I wish they'd do. Since I wasn't watching back then, I have no idea what's going on or who some of the characters are. It's like watching a totally new soap but being kept in the dark at the same time. Don't plan on watching until the show is back.

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        Instead of the actor briefly mentioning the episode as an intro to it, I agree a better intro might be one that set up the storylines and characters. Telling of Major action that happened before the episode and then maybe even a clue as to what happened after.

        While I personally don’t like or want to see character specific episodes (like they do sometimes ie “ghost of christmas past” style), two or more strung together for the action and then some resolution would be great. They use to do Friday cliffhangers so a Friday episode followed by a Monday and/or Tuesday would make me happy.

        In any event, LOVE seeing these old (and not just from a few years ago) episodes!!!


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          I agree 100%.

          Have the actor who is introducing the show give a quick update on what is going on at that time and mention the Year it originally aired
          I watched these originally, but a short re-cap would be nice.

          It has been 30 years!!


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            Isn't there a weekly thread right now for this week and it summarizes or give details on this week episodes and there is also the recaps. I appreciate seeing the classic episodes in its originality and don't need intros by actors (it is annoying sometimes with certain actors).


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              Originally posted by Cindy View Post
              That woman trying to kill Nikki was Eve Howard. She was crazy in love with Victor. Cole Howard, who was shown married to Victoria is her half brother.
              Victoria thought that Cole was her half brother, but as it turned out he isn’t.


              • TexasTango
                TexasTango commented
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                Cole is not Victoria's half brother - He is Eve Howard's son - she tried to convince Victor that Cole was his son but he was not. Victoria/Cole are not related. They were married and had a child that died briefly.

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              I agree with you all. we can also have it where they show one storyline this week and another next week. For instance, if they show Cassie's death, have that whole week be dedicated to that story. and the next week have it be Dru's death then the next week be Crazy Tom and so on and on ( just ideas and the only stories I can think of). With that said, I really appreciate Y&R doing this unlike BnB and GH playing shows from like last year LOL


              • TexasTango
                TexasTango commented
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                No one is in the studio, no one has access to the vaults, and even if they did the point of production being shut down is to protect everyone involved with Y&R. I am loving the shows, so grateful CBS is showing thrm.

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              It would be nice to get storylines than just characters. Like finish the costume ball and it’s fall out. Katherine and Esther escaping their captors, etc.


              • Good Kitty
                Good Kitty commented
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                ITA. From our lips to TPTB"s ears.

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              At least you’re getting to see them. Our area is nonstop news coverage- with no updates- and cbs can’t even be bothered to put the episodes online.


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