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What would you like to see after the hiatus?


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  • What would you like to see after the hiatus?

    When the show returns, I’d like to see that life kept moving in GC though we didn’t see it.
    I’d like to see Theo and Lola are a couple.
    Mariah broke up with Tessa after developing feelings for Kyle.
    Abbys new hotel is built and it is gorgeous.
    The Grand Phoenix went out of business,
    Jack fired Summer for stealing a new product and giving it to Newman.
    Nick cheated on Phyllis with Amanda.

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    Summer and Kyle thinking about getting married again and finally doing so.

    More of summer working at work. I love seeing her work when Kyle is not trying to distract her.

    Theo finally leaving the show or getting what is coming to him for being a snake.

    Less Lola would be great

    Jack realizing he made the right decision with Kyle and summer

    Phyllis working more and realizing she can do better than Nick. Finally finding a new guy who can make her happy

    Nick finally getting an actual job. Nick realizing that Sharon is one of his worst relationships and him and Phyllis are better as friends and going forward with someone new

    abby never being able to get her hotel up and running and she finally getting was is coming to her obnoxious self

    Billy and Amanda finally getting together
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      I forgot Jack, I’d like Jack to find love. Not sure if I like him with Jill.


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        1. Nick and Phyllis realize they are better off as friends/co-parents. Phyllis finding a new man - not Jack, Nick, or Billy. Phyllis actually making the GP successful. Nick connecting with Lily - growing up and treating the woman he's with with some respect. He and Lily hit a rough patch and he finally sticks it out and shows some growth.

        2. Sharon's cancer storyline can continue but they need to inject more realism and more drama into it. She's realizes life is too short and she's just with Rey bc he's a support system and not bc she loves him. They break up. She battles the cancer with just her family for a bit. Adam finally finds out about the cancer and they have a heart to heart given that their lives are topsy turvy.

        3. Adam hits rock bottom. Realizes he needs to self reflect. He becomes resentful of Chelsea for pushing the CEO take over. Bonus points if the reason Chelsea pushed the take over is bc she is running a con. Chadam realize they don't bring out anything good in each other and part ways other than to co-parent connor. Chelsea either leaves town or they make her useful and actually go full on bad girl with her. Let her and Phyllis tango together....possibly over P's new man.

        4. Jack gets a storyline that isn't him coddling and trying to play peacemaker for the young guns.

        5. Rey leaves town. OR if he must stay...he and Victoria get together

        6. Billy and Amanda get together. With some mild interference from Nate. Nate and Elena grow closer causing problems for Elevon.

        7. Adam and Devon become friends and go into business. Setting off tension for Nick/Lily/Devon/Adam.


        • #5
          I wonder if they will jump ahead in the future with just references to things that had transpired or pick up from where they left off. I'd love to see Lola back in GC and spending time with Theo. I'd like to see their rescheduled trip to NYC where he gets to show her things and we learn more about him. Eventually I think I would like to see them get together. Can't say the same about Kyle and Summer as they have been boring and pretty much office and sex when they weren't visiting Lola's restaurant or griefing Theo. So whether they work out or not I don't care and would be happy to see less of them on the screen than we have seen in the past. In fact while I'd love to find out what the deal was between Kyle and Theo that caused such hard feelings between the two, I'd be happy seeing that all explained to Lola by Theo. I'd definitely love to back to some of our main vet characters like Michael, Lauren, Paul and Christine (all four of these guys use to be way more interesting and would like to see someone better write for them). I'd be happy to see Gloria return. In a big way. She was Y&R spice to me and more tolerable than Phyllis. I wouldn't mind seeing Phyllis' sister, Avery, however come to back to town. More of Esther would be nice.

          As for storylines, I'd like the Adam/Victor/AJ one wrapped up and hopefully some healing there and moving on from. I'd like to see a bonding between Adam and Victor. I really don't care what Victoria does with NE to be honest. or care about Nick. I will assume Sharon will ultimately be okay and actually if they skipped ahead in time, that would be good for her storyline as I'm not sure I'm wanting to see her having to deal with all the after surgery stuff. I do like her with Rey so wouldn't mind if she and her family get together for their wedding. More police storylines maybe with Paul, Rey and involving Chase maybe. Haven't really thought much more about the rest of the cast or direction of storyline, except may be for wishing for more Dina/Theo/Ashley and wanting Dina to leave her estate to Ashley, Traci and Theo for the most part. Would be nice to Jack realize even though he was her favorite, she equally valued her other kids and wanted them taken care of, knowing John had provided very handsomely for Jack. Probably time for more action/mystery/fun storylines that could revolve around the law, businesses, and good friends. I'd love to see Jack and Adam back together as social friends and maybe in some business together.
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            Realized I didn't mention Jill. I have missed her and love having her back. Hope she will continue to be in GC for the long foreseeable future. She and Jack have a great rapport. Definitely on board for something romantic to go on there. Have felt the magic clicking when the two have gotten together recently.


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              I hate the Days time jump and I don’t care to see that mess on YR.

              I want the story to pick up where it left off by showing Adam dealing with the knowledge of the cause of AJ death.


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                I’d like to see reconciliation between Adam & Victor. Adam gets his repressed memories back and with Chelsea and Victor’s help realizes why he’s always been so destructive and anxious to destroy before he can get hurt. He stops caring about NE knowing he always had his dad’s love.

                Chadam marry one a small ceremony with Victor and Anita in attendance. In the meantime, the video game company creates the next hit and adam uses that income to create a new tech company. Victoria is jealous of Adam’s reconciliation with Victor and tells Billy about Adam killing AJ as a child.

                Theo goes to work at Chancellor Industries where he thrives. He finds out Billy is going to publish the story about Kansas and warns Victor who warns Adam.

                Mariah and Tessa get engaged.

                Summer gets pregnant but the liver transplant creates complications.


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                  Originally posted by DallasGal View Post
                  I hate the Days time jump and I don’t care to see that mess on YR.

                  I want the story to pick up where it left off by showing Adam dealing with the knowledge of the cause of AJ death.
                  I wouldn't care if they did a time jump of a couple of weeks or maybe even a month, but I don't want to see jump too far into the future.


                  • #10
                    Today, at this point? What I want is the show back, with all it's current actors and characters, and just pick up as though nothing ever happened!
                    That is all I ask. I fear it may be at least three months! I think THAT is being optimistic.


                    • bronxgal
                      bronxgal commented
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                      The film industry cannot stay out that long. I think they will find a way to come back sooner.

                      In Australia the soap Neighbours has picked up production with a lot of new rules. I am guessing US soaps will adopt many of the same rules.


                    • CouchCruisin'
                      CouchCruisin' commented
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                      I agree with you Ruby.

                  • #11
                    I want Nate to be moved up to lead status. And a full relationship with Amanda.

                    Victoria to run NE and to actually see her run the company. And maybe get another employee.

                    To actually see Nick and Devon working at New Hope more and to have conflict with NE.

                    Victor and Adam to finally get over it. And have Victor help Adam start his own company.

                    Jack and Jill’s romance.

                    Billy and Jill to finally work on their issues.

                    For Billy to be single for a while and not going from woman to woman. Let him prove that he will not implode and take someone down with him.

                    Lily to maybe have a flirtation/romance with Nick or Chance.

                    Tessa and Mariah to adopt a child or one of them to get pregnant via sperm donation

                    Phyllis to win hotel wars.

                    More Kevin and Chloe.

                    Sharon and Rey get married.


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                      I would love to see Billy and Amanda become an official couple and have a beautiful romance story. I also am looking forward to Amanda working with Chancellor Communications.

                      I would love for Theo to join Chancellor Communications.

                      I want more backstory, and to learn if she’s related to Hilary.

                      I would also love to see more backstory for Elena and find out more about her.

                      I would love for Jack and Jill to start a romance.


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                        What my wish would be:

                        The show returns with a lot of different stuff then was last shown. The viewers will be like "how did that happen?" and the show will explain that thru eipsodes or storylines, showing how we go there.

                        example: Shick wake up in bed together. the viewers are like "what", and their story is told intertwined with these next stories:

                        Victor and Nikki wake up in Figi, they moved there after all that went down...……………..

                        Adam wakes up at Newman, in the bosses chair, Vicky comes in, asks adam if he slept there again last night, if he is having trouble with the little misses, he says well..... (but no mention of who the misses is, that we have to find out). Vicky says she is so blissfully happy with her hubby (don't know who that is) and Adam says better hope it lasts. Vicky not worried, but if they are going to defeat Jabot in the next quarter they better get to work...……………..

                        Kyle wakes up in bed, woman in the shower, hear the shower don't see her. Kyle saying to himself its going to be another fun day in his life of women troubles...……

                        Phyllis, wakes up in the hotel lobby where she has a bed now. Abby comes in and asks her if she is nursing a hangover, Phyllis says yes, and how did her life get so out of control, she had a great life, great men, but..……..

                        that would be the first episode of Y&R on its return. some of the above storylines that intertwine:

                        who is Adam and Vicky's significant others? How are adam and Vicky working together now? what all went down? Vicky's new man, wait for it...……..Ryan. and the story unfolds. Adam is with cheslea, but that was after Chelsea found ryan and brought him back to put Vicky in a better mood, but ended up angering adam cause ryan wanted to work for victor and take over with Vicky, etc.

                        Kyle's woman in the shower was Lola, and he and Lola have been dealing with stalker Summer, Kyles current wife again, but summer wont let Kyle go. she was taught by her mom that if you want to get revenge, go thru lola's bra and panties and cut them up and throw them all over the room.

                        Shick are making breakfast talking about how Sharon has been cancer free for blank, blank, blank, they are all interrupted for a special report, Phyllis Summers, being arrested for being publically intoxicated. Sharon tells Nick well he dodged a bullet with that one. Nick says yes, they both did, then goes back to Sharon and Rey, and Sharon with cancer, and rey being upset with Nick coming over a lot. Phyllis comes over a lot too, cause she cant trust nick's wandering eye.

                        all of GC is in an uproar, Rey and Phyllis teaming up to keep shick apart, Chelsea trying to get rid of ryan cause her plan backfired and Ryan was interested in Phyllis, but Phyllis only wanted Nick. Kyle being stalked by Summer, Lola fed up with Kyle, but has her eyes on Ryan, Jack still in love with Phyllis. a big earthquake rips thru GC and sends different people to different places, Sharon and Nick stuck together, ryan and Vicky stuck together, kyle and lola, Chelsea and adam, Phyllis b herself, but jack and rey are outside trying to get in. Rey and Jack are fighting each other to get in to see Red. They are all stuck for several days, and shick decide they want to get married asap, ryan and Vicky love each other and want to be married, both couples run into each other and Paul, and Paul agrees to marry shick and ryan and Vicky there in case they all die, so they can die married. they all get out, and Phyllis comes out last, and both rey and jack are there, and both yell at the same time (will you marry me?). Phyllis sees shick married and cant believe she is here again. Vicky and ryan want to work with adam and Chelsea at newman they all go home, but Chelsea kisses adam and adam says well I bet you are happy with yourself, Chelsea tells adam he can sleep at newman for a few nights while she gets everything ready for a surprise she has for him back at the penthouse.


                        • Chatty Cakes
                          Chatty Cakes commented
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                          I love it! Maybe they will have something like that in store for us.

                        • Annabelle575
                          Annabelle575 commented
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                          I adore your post. Hilarious----and yeah, I want to see these things, too. Especially the Phyllis parts, with her exposed. EPIC. Thanks.

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                        I would love to see more like the old times. I want Jack & Jill; Theo & Lola, both moving back to Miami; Theo NOT being Dina's grandson; Mariah & Tessa break up, Mariah & may Fen; More Lauren & Mike; definately Nick & Sharon; Rey moving back to Miami; Paul being shown more; Phyllis falling on her ass; Abby & Chance; Abby making her hotel like the Collinade Room; no Grand Phoenix; Jack & Victor finally making amends; Adam & Chelsea moving to the farm, Adam not being charged w/murder, as it was a child causing a fatal accident. Victoria getting well w/her being CEO of Newman w/Nick Co-CEO.
                        Make good stories. No sex, have characters "making love". no violence


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                          I don't know why this was flagged, so I will try to post again...

                          I'd love to see the banking establishment press charges on Abby for impersonating, forging and stealing, and Chance named as an accessory for producing the fraudulent passport that Abby used to gain access.
                          I want so see Abby’s new hotel project fail because there are two hotel’s in Genoa City already, and not enough people to fill them.

                          I'd like to see Jack bump into the nice woman he met, whose father was in the facility with Dina, and they go on some dates after it is discovered that Dina has been misdiagnosed, and her medicines give side effects that mimic Alzheimer’s.

                          I'd like to see Kyle and Summer continue to thrive as a team for Jabot and show Theo some real competition if he gets hired at Chancellor.

                          I want the whole truth to come out regarding Kyle and Theo in New York so we can determine once and for all if Theo’s veiled threats have merit.

                          I'd love to see an end to Adam's continued need for vengeance. He and Chelsea can pack up Connor and move to Kansas.

                          I want to see Paul, and Gloria, and Michael. And since Dina mentioned Mamie recently, I'd love to know what she has been up to.


                          • couplingchick
                            couplingchick commented
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                            Great ideas and I agree with all... especially about Abby finally getting what’s coming to her... I hate that she acts so much better than Phyllis when she is just as dirty and sneaky when need be... it’s about time the naked heiress loses as well! Also would love to see more Michael , Lauren and Paul ... and evening having Gloria back in Genoa City would be a nice treat as well!

                          • fracabell
                            fracabell commented
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                            I miss Paul seeing him on the classic episodes makes me miss him more. He needs to come back and with a good storyline. I miss Gloria too, love her and Michael and kevin they are the comedy relief on the show

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