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Sounds like you're talking about your father Victoria


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  • Sounds like you're talking about your father Victoria

    Everything Victoria said about Adam is the same thing she could say about her father but she forgets everything her father has done

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    Originally posted by perky7kc View Post
    Everything Victoria said about Adam is the same thing she could say about her father but she forgets everything her father has done
    The storyline is about Victoria’s feud and hate for Adam. It’s not about Victor


    • perky7kc
      perky7kc commented
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      Well Adam is his father's son and Victor is the one who keeps running over Victoria
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    • TunerEyes
      TunerEyes commented
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      Billy has been spot on however about how Vikki always gives her dad a pass. Now that she has the big chair again she is not likely going to let the matter die, and instead she will seek her form of vengeance by bringing the matter to CI media division and Billy and leave him with the unenviable position of running the story or not. At least he had some perspective of the problems it could cause and his own motivation. I can see Jill not wanting Victor and Adam as an enemy.

      I’d hope that Victor wouldn’t want Adam hurt by Vikki’s wanting to publicize this. Victor and George, if he is still alive, would be guilty of moving a dead body and compromising the scene and a slew of other charges. If 11-yr old Adam blocked it out, which I believe he did, I don’t see him in as much legal jeopardy as Vikki hopes he is. So will Vikki throw them all under the bus...I have no doubt she will. When someone like Alyssa who’s dad was the dead person can not want to see Adam punished for what happened then, it says a lot about Vikki in tetrospect.

      I wonder how Nikki will view Vikki doing this to Victor/NE/and Adam (given she understands he was a child then).
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    • shortcake2015
      shortcake2015 commented
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      What Adam did would be justifiable. There would have been no charges filed. AJ attacked Hope who was blind and Adam defended her. I think a majority of the people who heard of fear the story would feel nothing but sympathy for a child being in a situation to where he kills someone protecting his mother.

      The reverse of this would be his people would view Victor. Victor was his father, and yet a young boy takes over being man of the house, being forced to PROTECT his mother, but his billionaire father can't take the time to find a therapist who would specialize in this kind of trauma. He leaves Adam to let them trauma perhaps change him and his personality forever while Victoria and Nick were attending the best schools and driving New cars and having pool parties.

      This could end up destroying Victor because he certainly does not come across as the living father but an absentee one that threw his money around to make it to away instead of taking the time to get his son help.

      The excuse of Hope didn't want him to and abiding by her wishes just sounds like an easy cop out.

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    Yeah she think her father walks on water and do no wrong and if he does he deserves to be forgiven and look the other way while they sweep his crap under the rug but the same actions by Adam is the biggest sin in history. She and Nick just seem to conveniently forget Victor has other children other than her and Nick. They both think (along with Nikki) that Nikki's kids are far better than Adam or even Abby but they do at least give Abby a little bit more acknowledge than they do Adam. Victor's venomous blood runs through his blood just like her or Nick no matter how much they don't want them to have it. Why does Vikki think she has earned that company and deserved it more when Adam has more education and has not been handed the company just like her and Nick. Adam has to fight for everything and they get everything handed to them on a silver platter. Adam acts the way he does cause he crave love and acceptance from his father and siblings. Just once I wish they felt what it feels like to be on the outside looking in.


    • YDoIStillWatch
      YDoIStillWatch commented
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      You notice how once Abby ventured out on her own and away from Newman, Victoria started to treat her nicely again.

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    Wow! Just watched Thursday's episode. Victoria is so grossly consumed with wanting power and being the CEO, it's really disgusting to watch. I'm surprised she didn't give Victor's desk and chair a big kiss! UGH!


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