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OK; It's Speculation Time.. concerning Adam...


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  • OK; It's Speculation Time.. concerning Adam...

    What happens next ??? How are they going to write the future of Adam now ?? I can't imagine what happens now... but I'm sure, some of you have ideas....

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    I think Adam is eventually going to remember. I also think the story gets out, and Victor sides with his son against Victoria and CI. Adam & Victor against the rest of the family with Nikki caught in the middle could be a good story.

    Either that or something happens at NE and the family comes together to fight against a hostile takeover.


    • Lightdeb
      Lightdeb commented
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      I like the hostile takeover s/l for Newman, let the Newmans handle that. The one Newman who needs to walk away permanently now is Adam. Build your own company. A new team, new stories. Victoria sat at that desk like she had a happy ending. Let her, leave them alone , they don't want you. Your obsession with hanging on is freaking annoying, we all know now how that will end. I like new ideas, twist that surprise me, come back and overwhelm us with good storytelling.

    • YDoIStillWatch
      YDoIStillWatch commented
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      Maybe Victoria gets the story published and Conner sees the story and is traumatised or something happens to him. Adam and Chelsea mentioned not wanting Conner to see or hear about this. Victoria has the look of someone who will not stop thus not thinking or caring about how the Newman children will be affected. Well Adam's child anyway.
      Lightdeb I agree. Adam needs to walk away from NE permanently. Enough back and forth, tit for tat. Be better rhan them for once.
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    The best revenge for Adam is so build his own empire, much more successful than NE and put Victoria to shame. Victor will realize that Adam was the right person for the job all along. Victoria feels so entitled to it. People earn those positions demonstrating their successes, not by constantly seeking daddy's approval and feeling deserving because she did whatever he said. I don't feel Victor really respects Victoria as he does Adam


    • WorldTurner
      WorldTurner commented
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      If he really has so much respect for Adam, he could have put him in charge when Victoria was out, or even now he could have left him as CEO instead of reinstating Victoria.

    • pipette
      pipette commented
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      He was thinking about it until Phyllis convinced Nick to take it. Remember he asked Adam to run NE a while ago, feeling like he's most like him. Why did he put Victoria back? guilt and also to punish Adam for trying to blackmail him.

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    Victor has never respected Victoria as far as the company and business in general goes. The only businesswoman he has ever respected was Ashley and if he never had sons he'd probably appoint Ashley or some other outsider over her.


    • jett626
      jett626 commented
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      Your Right. Victor would choose Ashley over Victoria. Ashley has a style that Victoria doesn't. Victoria has not come into own yet, she is always looking over her shoulder for Victor's approval. Victoria is the one who should move on. She has worked hard and thinks she deserves the job but she will never OWN the job. She does not have the self confidence to lead NE. Do think Adam will start having nightmares and remember what happen, may bring Adam and Victor together??? Like the hostile take over idea of NE - Who Will Save It??

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    LightDeb, very well said. I agree with you 100%. Adam needs to pull up his big boy pants and move on. Start over somewhere else.


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      Nick showing Adam some compassion & supporting through all this would be great.
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      • TunerEyes
        TunerEyes commented
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        The only time Nick showed Adam compassion was when Adam was going to leave (maybe going to prison where he was nearly beaten to death) and asked Nick to look after Connor and Chelsea. Then of course Nick moved in on Chelsea and wanted to be Connor’s dad and when Adam came back even with amnesia it was like Nick had developed amnesia over the whole thing and was immediately hostile to Adam. Where Victor was welcoming to Adam, Nick and Victoria were once again bitter.

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      It's obvious Adam isn't going anywhere, and its pretty clear from this most recent s/l that Victor does want his son. Victor needs something to do. Let him and Adam partner up on a new business venture that isn't Newman Enterprises. That would be fresh and new.


      • Rusti
        Rusti commented
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        I like your idea. Whether either of them will admit it, they both are craving the respect of each other.

      • TunerEyes
        TunerEyes commented
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        Victor has certainly been distressed over Adam getting his memory back and Adam becoming traumatized by what had happened. He was sensitive enough to recognize it could “destroy” Adam. Shows how he still very much loves Adam.

        I give him kudos for telling Nikki this was her fault for breaking her promise to him by telling Victoria of all people. I was glad to see him do that and Nikki seemed surprised but I don’t think she should have been. Victor was right that Vikki’s hatred of Adam would lead to nothing good.

        Also loved that he expressed how unhappy and disappointed he was with Vikki for what she had done. Didn’t let her get away with trying to pass off her comment to Adam as anything less of the intentional act that it was when she sought him out at CL. Glad he told her he didn’t respect her any more. He should not have given her NE back to run however.

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      I think we are headed for a changing of the guards so to speak. If Adam did kill AJ to PROTECT his mother then it could explain a lot with Adam's behavior. There is no way that kind of trauma wouldn't cause psychological damage not to mention Victor actually admitting that Adam never really had a childhood. Feeling he had to be the man of the house would cause him to take on adult responsibilities meaning Adam didn't have the care free childhood and teens that Victoria, Nick, and Abby did. It seems all that ended when Cliff died.

      We could see Adam doing a bit of soul searching now learning where all his anger and bitterness come from. I would love to see Adam shift as Victor and Jack have done from time to time. Victoria is power hungry and having it is all that matters regardless of who she tramples. I would love to see them play this up with her being CEO becoming more important than her family or children.

      I would love to see Nick warm up more to Adam being more sympathetic when he heard what happened when Adam was 11. Nick and Adam are brother's and it is time to explore that relationship.

      I would love to see Adam trying to warn Nick and Nikki of the road down which Victoria is headed because he had done it himself. They would of course not listen and accuse Adam of having ulterior motives. Then Nikki and Nick would observe Victoria having no time for her children and actually ignoring them for NE.I

      ​​​​​​Seeing that something would have to be done they decide to go to Adam and accept the help he offered. This would not be them begging but being willing to work with Adam to save Victoria from herself. They implement their plan and bring Victoria down allowing her to see the person she has become.

      Nikki and Nick would make up with Adam once again feeling like the outsider and starting to leave when Nick calls to him. Nick walks over to where Adam is and they state at each other for a moment when Nick slowly begins to smile and thanks him calling Adam brother for the first time meaning it. Adam just nods his head and walks out the door not showing Nick how much him calling Adam brother meant.

      All would not be forgiven and there would still be issues for them to deal with but it would be the beginning of them becoming a family maybe not close but a family.

      After building on this a threat could come against NE which is not Adam and they join together as a family to fight it. I

      It is time to bring them together as a family instead of constantly tearing them apart.


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        We do need some new companies in GC.


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