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Is there a character you love but hate their kid?


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  • Is there a character you love but hate their kid?

    For me - it would be Abby and Summer.

    I absolutely adore Ashley. She's classy, she's loving, she's smart and reasoned and she's a boss in business. She also knows what she wants and how to get it. She's a great communicator and I love her day-to-day approach to situations - she strikes me as a good friend to have.

    But Abby??? She sooo annoying. She's smug, spoiled and bratty - and don't get me wrong I can appreciate those things, when they come with no pretense - Abby is convinced that she's a good girl and it just rubs me the wrong way. Honestly, if she were even a 1% like Victor she'd be 100% more interesting. None of her mom's class or savvy.

    I love Phyllis. She's vibrant, interesting, take charge, loving (yes loving!) and she's a boss of her own destiny. Now we can always debate about whether her destiny even makes sense - but ultimately, she drives it she doesn't sit around and let life happen to her and I appreciate her for it - she's also a good friend to have in a pinch and in doses. One of those friends you catch up with every 6 months, but you know you can call still her if you get into hot water.

    Summer??? Bland, wallpaper, sanctimonious, ms. perfect pretender. Wayyyy too much of Nick in that child. Where is Phyllis??? It's like she's spent so much time trying not to be like her mom that she's the definition of boring and uninteresting. She does rotten things that's for sure... but she owns none of it. It all happens to her. Cannot even stand to watch her in scenes with Phyllis. I keep thinking, are you sure this is your child Phyllis? Summer should have been a wild child - blazing her own trail, letting her creativity shine through as an artist/ fashionista /singer/ activist - anything but what she is now... which is a complete snooze fest.

    Anyone else have a fave but seriously dislike their offspring?

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    I would have to say Abby

    I love Ashley she is such a nice and smart loving person But I can't stand Abby she is way to smug not a good person at all and I don't get her hate for her niece as if Summer did something to her when she is the one who slept with Summer's husband.


    • ev7
      ev7 commented
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      Thanks, Chabby lover this is exactly my choice too. I could not have said it any better. I don't know what they have done to Abby, I have no clue why she hates her niece either. Summer s/b the one doing the hating since Abby slept with her husband but she's not.

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    Nope. It's generally the opposite.
    Ashley annoyed me but I love Abby
    Olivia was the worst but I adore Nate

    Love Phyllis, love Summer
    Loved Dru, like Lily


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      Connor. Yup I said it. The late summer - winter of near endless Connor was enough for me to not want to see him again until he is SORASed. I love Adam but his offspring can head on to boarding school and only be mentioned at holidays as far as I’m concerned.

      I don’t like Abby but I wasn’t really watching during Ashley’s prime.

      Love Sharon but Mariah can get on my nerves when she tries to be on her high horse.


      • #5
        Not really,..

        love Lily, and love Neil .. never make the relationship with Dru and Lily,.. I like Dru .. but for me the Winters resume only to Lily and Neil
        like Olivia and Nate, just disappointed we weaken Nate’s compared to the firs cast, more credible being the top doctor, surgeon they describe him , here.. too nice..
        love John Abbott, ... love Jack Abbott ... like Ashley, Tracy and Billy
        Adore Sharon, ... love all her kids equally ... Noah, Faith and Mariah ...
        Ok with Gloria, ... like Michael , .. don’t like Kevin , never did ...
        Do not like Sheila , ... like Ryder,.l and forget the name of his sister ...
        Like Lauren, .... like Scott, like Fen ...
        Not disliking, but not a fan of Victoria ..., but seems, have decent kids who should have a shot to be part of the storyline, sad they don’t t use them ..., but not like Reed ...
        love Lily ... love Maddie and Charlie
        Love Jack, .. love Keemo, ... yep no words for Kyle right now, really can live without ...
        Do not like Victor,.... love Adam ...
        Do not love Nikki .. do not like Nick, Victoria sometimes ... love Dylan
        like Ashley ... like Abby ,
        Dislike of Phyllis ... and didn’t know I could dislike her daughter Summer even more, .. but like Danny ...

        Oopsie I forget Devon ...
        I love Neil, Love Tucker McHall ... I like Devon .. they should have developed more Tucker and Devon relationship​​​​​, they really had gold in it ...
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          Love Jack, can't stand Kyle


          • SUDSYFUN
            SUDSYFUN commented
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            LOL agree on those two. Although Jack is getting on my nerves lately , mainly because he's giving Kyle too much. I want Jack back as CEO of Jabot.

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          Love Nikki and Victor, can't stand Victoria


          • #8
            I am going type this out then duck.

            I have never been a fan of Cassie but hate is a harsh word when it comes to her. I just thought she was a bit whinny.

            As for Mariah, I don't hate her but I have a great dislike for that girl. Mariah's attitude stinks and she is a know-it-all which is very unattractive.

            I am probably one of the few posters who like both Sharon and Phyllis.


            • ncposton
              ncposton commented
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              Literally laughed out loud at you ducking because of the Cassie comment. She really was a pain to Sharon right before she got in the wreck. Now I feel like I need to join you wherever you're hiding.

          • #9
            Love Jack (when written true to character), I used to support/root for Kyle, but after the whole swapping Summer for Lola then back to Summer, it has made me hate him. Maybe if he had a backbone I could love to hate him. But now, I think he's just a pathetic coward.

            Love Ashley, and I used to like Abby. But this whole hotel business shows how petty and immature she really is. All the Abbott progeny can go jump off a ledge; they make me miss Colleen (Note: Johnny and Katie are exempted from this).


            • #10
              I like Nick and Jack but can’t stand Summer,
              I like Jack but don’t care for Kyle.


              • #11
                Absolutely love Neil but sometimes Devon gets on my nerves.


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