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The last time you couldn’t wait to watch Y&R?


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  • The last time you couldn’t wait to watch Y&R?

    Some people might feel that way right now... maybe?
    However, I was trying to think of the last time I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode... and it has been awhile.

    For me the last few times were actually under Mal Young...

    1.) JT and Victor’s fight with Victor being thrown down the stairs (that episode was intense)

    2.) The reveal of Ashley having messed with Jack’s paternity. I hated the storyline but couldn’t wait to see Peter Bergman, Eileen Davidson’s performance.

    3). Dina’s movie being played and wondering if it was Kyle or Victor who put in the footage of Jack’s paternity. Kyle was written so mysterious then.

    I guess not one thing under Josh G. had me in “must see” mode.

    Your turn. List The last 1-3 times you couldn’t wait to watch the next episode?

  • #2
    #2, The reveal of Ashley having messed with Jack's paternity. I watched the Canadian show on YouTube because I literally couldn't wait for the U.S. show. I too hated the storyline; thought that Ashley's behavior was vicious and cruel. Yet the Eileen Davidson/Peter Bergman scenes were riveting.


    • YRRanger
      YRRanger commented
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      Ashley was really vicious but damn... Eileen knocked it out of the park. Even when I hate Ashley’s storylines - Eileen keeps me glued to her scenes. She is very commanding.

  • #3
    Those three choices are really good and among my picks.
    At this moment, I will add that I really want to know the secret that we will learn next week regarding the Kansas murder.


    • YRRanger
      YRRanger commented
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      Couch... let’s hope it’s a good reveal or something we didn’t 100% predict.

      I’m not gonna trash Josh G. but he hasn’t had one reveal or climax that has excited me. All is storylines are underwhelming... like Kyle/Theo/New York or dragged out or possibly forgotten: Adam/Chance (although that could resurface).

    • CouchCruisin'
      CouchCruisin' commented
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      Yeah! That New York thing was/is on my last nerve.
      I just knew that it would be something spectacular when Theo kept mentioning it. Then we got nothing.
      I kind of believe the Adam/Chance stuff will resurface. If only because Chance seems to be having such a great time skirting the law with Abby.
      Something has to blow up in his face soon.

  • #4
    Must see for me was when Cameron Kirsten (or however he spelled his name) kept coming back from the dead and scaring Sharon. Also must-see is any time Phyllis or Adam get what's coming to them.


    • #5
      For me I always can't wait to see the show right now. I love anything Summer and Kyle and when they are on I can't wait to watch. I love anything Phyllis also. The only time I don't like to watch much is when Sharon or Lola are on they both annoy.


      • #6
        Not counting the recent classic episodes we’ve had lately...

        Honestly I haven’t been itching to watch the show since like 2005. During that year, Cassie was killed off, Tom Fisher showed up, and Sheila returned. Probably the last great year of the show if I’m being honest.


        • #7
          I was very excited to see Phyllis convicted of extortion and actually have to serve time. It was part of Druscilla falling (being pushed) off the cliff. The fallout and that silly orange jumpsuit was a great time to watch.

          I also enjoyed the beginning of Victoria and JT. But then it went predictable with Victoria forever mired in her daddy issues which was tiresome. But then I got to relish the stick being poked in Victor/Victoria’s eye when Victoria lost custody of Reed. I was dancing around the living room on that verdict!

          For the past few years, it feels like the show is just marking time. I still watch but I feel very disconnected from anything that’s happening. I just don’t care about any of the current pairings or story lines.


          • YRRanger
            YRRanger commented
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            I do recall Phyllis being convicted and sentenced- I believe it had to do with blackmailing Brad Carlton maybe? What I really didn’t like about that storyline is that the Phyllis “goodbye” scenes lasted longer than her sentence. It felt like weeks of her moping and boohoo-ing to Nick, Michael, Lauren and others. It was cringe-worthy.

        • #8
          Anything Phyllis
          Cameron/Sharon s/line was one of my all time favorites,
          David Kimble s/line
          Nina Webster stolen baby s/line with Rose Deville
          Anything with Paul Williams and Andy Richards...they were the dynamic duo.


          • #9
            I remember wanting to find out if Chance would save the day during hostage situation at the Grand Phoenix.


            • #10
              Since I found out Adam was coming back


              • #11
                I’ve had my share thru the years of having to tune in. I was a fan of Nina thru the years. When Rose sold her baby, when Phillip Chancellor (Chances dad) was on with her and Cricket......etc Nina had an evil husband for awhile, was it David Kimmel?

                When we knew that Phyllis was coming out of her coma thanks to the revolutionary come out of your coma drug, and knowing that she had unfinished business with Sharon was an enjoyable time. She did not disappoint walking into the Nick /Sharon wedding.

                For some reason I got a big kick out of Patty Williams embroidered pillows during the Diane Jenkins murder investigation.
                Does anyone else remember those? Nicks pillow was “Hunk of Burning Love”, Adams pillow was “why yes I am evil” There were several but I remember Ronan reading them out loud, it was a comical part of the murder investigation.
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                • GwenSharonteam
                  GwenSharonteam commented
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                  They never finished the reveal ..., so we don’t know who really sent them ..or, it was like it was really Diane, who knew she would die, and sent anticipated to the person she wanted the police be suspicious after her death ..., but as so many thing in YR, they just forget it ...

              • #12
                The last time was under Mal Young. Nothing this past year AT ALL. I can’t imagine what CBS was thinking renewing this mess. They must not have had anything to replace it. Its like GL was in its final years—not one resemblance of its former self.


                • #13
                  From past to now ... last time I want to see the next episodes .

                  1) Sheila/Lauren the reveal .. to see if Sheila’s mother would manage to say the truth after her grange burn out ..
                  2) Cane’s death ... and the way he appeared back during his ceremony..., ... one of the best dramatic arc YR did in the past, vey underrated storyline, such a deserved Emmy win for CK/ Lily ... https://boards.soapcentral.com/core/image/gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​ ...
                  3) with my friend Sharon so many arcs and storylines , Lost of her third born child, .... Cameron’s storyline ... the sewer episodes with Nikki and Larry,.... Death’s of Cassie .. no spoiler at the time, I couldn’t believe it I was sure she would woke up and be saved last minute ... Reveal of the Phick affair, how can you make such great scene in underwear, the cliffhanger, Nick decomposing his head when he saw Sharon knew everything, .. I run the day after to see what happened ... and not miss it live, DVR or not, ... , Shack’s wedding ... the John ghost’s storyline with Gloria ... the all Shadam storyline .. from flirtation to wedding, to knowing he kidnapped he baby,to kangaroo trial ... to trying to save Sky, ... I still never understand how victor stay hidden when you know he could save a life .. , and after stay silent all along Sharon’s trial ... ,... , Later on ... Sharon’s losing Dylan’s baby ... Dylan’s last scene ,... even it’s just a glimp the last Shadam love scene was worth it the wait, for so long even it didn’t last ...but still watching for Shey ...
                  4) ... I allow a small 4th for the present time ... I am still hanging for Jack whatever happens for him, Sharon and now Lola and Theo ... , I loved their first kisses https://boards.soapcentral.com/core/image/gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​ ... I tuned it for it ...


                  • #14
                    1. Sheila Carter.

                    2. Anything Drucilla Winters. Such an iconic charcter that is still missed even today. Her fued with Phyllis was must see tv.

                    3. OG Shadam with Michael Muhney. I was absolutely riveted. I have never seen such effortless chemistry between two characters and I've been around a long time. Hands down, their winter marriage and NOLA was some of the best writing and acting I have seen on daytime.

                    YR died a long time ago. It's going to take vision and execution to get this show back on track. I'm not expecting glory days but just a little care and a lot less iodicy will go a long way.


                    • ncposton
                      ncposton commented
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                      Dru calling Phyllis a heifer never got old. Their fights were soap gold.

                  • #15
                    1) He was crazy and a lot of people hated him, but I always tuned in for YR when Pratt was writing. That was probably the last time I was truly on the edge of my seat with the show
                    2) I did like the hotel hostage crisis. I wish it would have lasted longer

                    YR used to have the best emotional drama, but its been much longer since I really felt compelled by an emotional story. Maybe Delia's death arc.


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