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Two Scoops - April 20 - Arrogance versus reality


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  • ARTICLE: Two Scoops - April 20 - Arrogance versus reality

    Nel shares her thoughts with us this week ..

    Adam believes he has beaten Victor, Victoria wants revenge by possibly enlisting Alyssa in her plan, Nick wants to take Adam down and Phyllis wants to help him, Summer and Kyle set Theo up for a fall, but will Theo take the bait, Sharon faces surgery, will Traci choose to work at Chancellor Media, will Billy and Lily continue to see eye to eye? Let's unbox the drama that took place in Genoa City this week.


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    Wow... I know it’s just an opinion piece but this person even tried to gloss over Theo’s consistently devious behavior and make it seem like he’s some poor little victims of big bad Kyle and Summer and after reading that I just couldn’t continue with the article. I guess this just proves we all watch the same show but come out of it with completely different ideas of right and wrong.


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      The whole thing about Summer and Kyle was completely wrong. Summer loves Kyle and is completely in love with him and doesn't see him as a convenience and Kyle is not fooling himself thinking he is in love with Summer he is completely in love with Summer the way he looks at her with so much love and adoration. He was fooling himself thinking he as in love with Lola when he was not. He has never looked at Lola with that much love at all. Summer and Kyle I truly believe will last they will end up breaking up like most couples do bu they are endgame and they will end up back together whether they belong because they are true love and they always end up back together.


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        Good article! I agree with them about both Phick and Skyle. Phyllis and Nick are awful together and Kyle and Summer were believed to be siblings! It’s nasty!
        Chelsea did use to be good for Adam now she wants him to be a bad guy. Phyllis getting involved is ridiculous. She just wants her boyfriend to be happy so he can keep her happy in the boudoir.


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          Solid article. Totally agree about Phick and Skyle.


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            Just a note here ... it's fine to disagree with the writer's opinion and explain why, but it's not okay to put down the writer, fans, fanbases or this message board. Please keep the conversation constructive.



            • CouchCruisin'
              CouchCruisin' commented
              Editing a comment
              If this was in response of my opinion that the article seemed one-sided, then I apologize sincerely.

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