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Nick thinking he can trust Phyllis O M G


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  • Nick thinking he can trust Phyllis O M G

    Is he out of his mind? This is so stupid it's gotten ridiculous already.

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    There is no reason why he can't trust her she is not after him and she cares about Nick a lot. Nick can trust Phyllis so I like that he thinks he can trust Phyllis because he can. She is not going after him. Nick can't trust Adam though or Chelsea and he sure as heck can't trust his sister Abby as long as she is with Chance. Adam's cheerleader.


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      She’s turned on him when she was in the murder club. She hates Victor so when the bloom is off the rose with the nookie, she could very well turn on Nick and his family again.


      • KendallSam
        KendallSam commented
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        Nikki and Sharon both confessed to the police before Phyllis confessed to the DA... For a deal --proving she was the smartest out of the 4. ?‍♀️

      • Chatty Cakes
        Chatty Cakes commented
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        No she was the greediest and most selfish. That’s why she can’t keep,a girlfriend. Or any friends.

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      Phyllis said herself that she cares about Nick more than she hates Victor. I guess we will see, but right now, she has no reason to turn on him.


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        Phyllis cares about Phyllis. Didn't she help Adam take Blackhorse fromNick? She is a snake and will turn on anyone


        • TunerEyes
          TunerEyes commented
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          Phyllis didn’t keep the flashdrive with Adam and Chance’s conversation in Vegas on it to give to Nick for some altruistic reason. That’s bull crap. She wanted the recording and kept it because she wanted leverage 1) against Adam (he tricked her on the hotel only after she sold all of DH’s properties out from under him after he hired her for DH when no one else would touch her with a ten foot pole) and 2) against Chance (he rejected her for Abby who she detests but not unlike everyone else in town pretty much).

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        Originally posted by CouchCruisin' View Post
        Phyllis said herself that she cares about Nick more than she hates Victor. I guess we will see, but right now, she has no reason to turn on him.
        I couldn't believe it when she said that! Made me LOL. She might think that right now, but like you said, we'll see.

        What was more ludicrous was when Nick even said all that to her about trusting and keeping a secret. That info on Victor will be burning a hole in Phyllis' proverbial pocket.


        • KendallSam
          KendallSam commented
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          Phyllis said she was going to give it to Nick.

          Phyllis kept the evidence because she is smart and knows Adam.

          I'm glad Abby stealing the evidence screwed her family in the end ??

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        We all know Nick isn't the brightest bulb in the box so there's that.


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          Phick are disgusting. Nick is a bigger fool for getting back together with her, just as Sharon would have been had she gotten back together with Adam.

          What Sharon did to the almighty Newman's precious family ain't nothing compared to all the crap Victor has done. Cheating, taking over the company, and setting fire to the ranch is deemed worse? It is because both Victor and Phyllis are poor victims of big bad evil Sharon.

          Both of these "victims" have attempted murder, blackmail, and obsession under their belts. They can do whatever they want to her because they feel as though she screwed them over, but she better not even think about doing anything to them.

          As punishment for all of these things, this woman has lost her husband to another woman, all because she had the nerve to reach out to another man, who was her sister-in-law's fiancé, gotten her child taken away from her thrice because she fell in love with the man who kidnapped her, supposedly switched her former step daughter's paternity results, and lied about another man's child.

          She was thrown under the bus for something a vengeful doctor did, when all she did was lie about a miscarriage. Guess she should have done what Chelsea did to Dylan, huh (cause him to have another PTSD episode)?

          Ex husband gets a free pass for using his gut feeling, claiming his mistress's daughter for 18 years of her life, using her as a way to replace the daughter he lost.

          As punishment for existing in ex-husband's life (and sleeping with him), Sharon is blackmailed for having an affair with brother-in-law, subjected to slander, set up to be kidnapped, where she could have been killed, and sent to jail for stealing when then wife commits crime by breaking and entering her room at the local athletic club, proceeding to destroy personal property.


          Used the memory of his deceased granddaughter to spook her into admitting her secret (which was actually Nick's as mentioned above. And no, I am not saying he switched Summer's paternity results. I'm talking about him playing Daddy to her for 18 years. Sharon switching Summer's test results absolved Nick of any responsibility, thus, giving him a reason to play the injured party and be mad at Sharon. He still felt justified in doing that).?

          Used her mental history to keep her from taking care of his grandson and sued for custody so Nick could take over at Newman and snatch Victoria's position out from under her.

          But... yeah. Sharon is horrible for hurting them.


          • EPJ46990
            EPJ46990 commented
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            The way they threw Sharon under the bus re: Summer paternity so Nick could come out looking like sunshine and roses still makes me livid to this day.

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          No two ways about it . . . . . . Nick is an imbecile. An imbecile who can't get enough sex from the same woman he crawled to all those years ago when Cassie died. All so he would not have to face the REAL pain of death, and stand by his poor grieving wife, at a time in their lives when she needed him the most. There are NO excuses for Nick Newman. Yet we get this off-kilter out-of-balance story and we are supposed to like it. Sit back and enjoy all that "hot sex" with PHICK----the most self-absorbed and shallow people in Genoa City. It leaves one SO cold. So empty. And just so disappointed. Such a terrible Soulless hookup. They can't end soon enough.

          But before they end, I do hope that Nick Newman is knocked on his keister when he once more has to face the reality of what Phyllis is-----a manipulative liar who he terribly and cruelly hurt the REAL love of his life for. Several times.

          Thanks to the OP. Great thread!


          • #10
            All the couples on this show have hurt each other. If the criteria for trust between two people is they cannot have hurt them in the past then no one would have confidantes.

            Nick has hurt Phyllis too. I am pretty sure he was married to Phyllis when she saw him kissing Sharon in Paris.


            • couplingchick
              couplingchick commented
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              Yes and he was also married to Phyllis when he had an affair and knocked Sharon up with Faith ? both woman have had kids with Nick while he was married to the other ... both women have hurt Nick and he’s hurt them as well... Sharon over the years has proven to be just as selfish and hurtful as Phyllis. If hurting and deceiving someone you claim to love is not allowed with couples than NONE of the couples would ever get back together ... that goes for not only Phick , but also Shick, Shadam, Chadam , Villy... the list could go on and on and let’s not forget the longest running masochist couple on Y&R.. Victor and Nikki Newman!!

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            Just add Nick's "trust BS" . to the big ole pile of B.S.( you are my soulmate, etc ) that Nick tells any woman who .he wants to get into her pants.

            Nick ain't that deep. This has very little to do with Nick's "trust "of Phylliss.it is more about Nick's " lust " of Phylliss(or insert any woman 's name).
            Last edited by not so young; April 19, 2020, 11:25 AM.


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              Surprised that Nick would tell Phyllis. She hates Victor and I think he would drop her if he knew about her role in
              switching Victor's meds with Adam. He also doesn't know Summer and Billy slept together. Phyllis keeps a
              lot close to the vest and she hasn't told Nick a lot especially when it comes to Chance and Adam. Not a reall
              trustworthy relationship. Mostly lust as other posts said.


              • #13
                Phyllis is likely so surprised that anyone, including Nick, would admit to trusting her, she'll do her utmost to live up to the expectation!
                IMO, Nick acted just like a typical village gossip, when he gave Phyllis the lowdown.
                In this town, when one person knows, eventually everybody does!


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