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Kevin is such a coward!


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  • tnysgrl
    Senior Board Member
    • Jan 2005
    • 2496

    Kevin is such a coward!

    He is really getting on my nerves the way he is cowering to Adam's demands!
  • Tiffany37
    Recurring Poster
    • Sep 2016
    • 471

    I never liked him. To loud, to annoying, and never tells the truth. Always creating problems for himself, and other than hacking, really isn't a smart guy.


    • ElbaRivera58@Ya
      ElbaRivera58@Ya commented
      Editing a comment
      I don't think he is a do-do! He is probably (besides Phyllis) the most technologically savvy of all these folks at GC. He is
      "kooky" and does go overboard but I don't think he is cowardly. I think he is "buying time" before acting on all that he wants or thinks he can accomplish to keep his "Family" together. He has done some pretty bad stuff in his younger days and has been "accomplice" to many crimes that the "rich and famous" are guilty of and were never convicted and so on. Some of the stuff he did required big time you know what, yet he did them. So Coward....I don't think so. Devious, yes. I would like to have seen him with plots or s/l's with Gloria (JC such a fine actress) and also with Mariah....these three made a good interactions on the soap...even comical at times...which the soap really needs a little of, instead of so much Toxic stuff. JMO LOL Elba
  • Labelle0928
    • May 2018
    • 0

    I hate the character and always have. He is no good and I don’t like Michael when Kevin is in town. He and Chloe make a perfect pair


    • KTitus
      Executive Poster
      • Aug 2005
      • 3784

      I think, given his background of extreme abuse, Kevin has tried to be a better person. But that dark side will do just about anything and Adam better keep a close check on him. Actually, Kevin and Chloe make the perfect couple. I do think Kevin is a good father but both he and Chloe are terrible role models.


      • Silentfan
        Silentfan commented
        Editing a comment
        Chloe brings out the worst in Kevin.
    • Y&RFan9
      Recurring Poster
      • Apr 2012
      • 489

      Originally posted by Labelle0928 View Post
      I hate the character and always have. He is no good and I don’t like Michael when Kevin is in town. He and Chloe make a perfect pair

      Same here. He literally makes me sick.


      • Aquarius69
        Lurking in the Shadows
        • Dec 2009
        • 16

        He is the biggest coward and so protective over crazy Chloe, who by the way needs to be locked up. They both have gotten away with a lot especially Chloe but Kevin has done some shady things in his past. Neither of them have faced consequences of their actions.


        • Lauren1
          Executive Poster
          • Mar 2004
          • 3678

          I always loved Kevin but never with Chloe but certainly not in this story.
          And the same goes with Michael, he's so immature in this story.

          if this 2 goes to dark side again, their past with Tom Fisher will not be an excuse. There is not way this writers will let them win on their 2 new favorite characters Adam and Phyllis.


          • presbyterian
            • Feb 2012
            • 4949

            I hope he pulls one over on Adam


            • BBDaysBabe
              Board Regular
              • Jul 2017
              • 1100

              I don't like him either. He's pulled some shady moves on people over the years but can't do a thing to Adam? I'm not believing it.


              • YRRanger
                YRRanger commented
                Editing a comment
                Well Adam has pulled some shady moves too. LOL. Purposely causing a miscarriage while dressed in Drag above a stairwell, throwing a miscarried fetus into the fire, and then snatching a baby from one woman and giving it to another.

                And those are only the first three shady things - off the top of my head.
            • CloverLeaf
              • Jul 2017
              • 4540

              I really have a hard time when a character deliberately does something stupid that we all know will come back to bite him in the end one day. Kevin has now given Adam power over him by getting involved with him in the first place.

              The only way out of this would be for Kevin to go to Paul and tell him what Adam is up to. He may be putting a noose around Chloe's neck as well but she's nuts and needs to be put somewhere.

              I understand each person grieves in his own way, at his own pace, but Chloe's obsession with killing Adam and her inability to move on in ANY capacity at all is wearing thin. If she's not getting any better after 6+ years, she most definitely needs to be in a care facility.


              • Elisheba24
                Executive Poster
                • May 2014
                • 3721

                Kevin is a immoral chump, I am glad Adam is giving it to him, he deserves it, his long history of crummy thing he's done to people, the criminal helping a woman fake her death, and kidnaping is just the latest. I can't see how he stays around, he's' hacking, what is he going to do next.


                • YRRanger
                  YRRanger commented
                  Editing a comment
                  And baby snatching, fetus burning, murder framing Adam is a saint?

                • Elisheba24
                  Elisheba24 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I said the other day he acts devilish. Besides, I think it's all a facade, Adam is protecting himself from everyone that hates him, keeps calling him a murderer, rants and accusations. I think that is his secret w/Chance and Victor knows it, it's why he said to Adam something to the effect: "you act like don't need anyone". Last thing he wants is for people to find out he has a soft side, that he's not as fearless as he acts.The comment to Victor about his other kids falling apart is another clue to me, he's the one that is going to have to hold it together if Victor dies. I think Adam needed a friend in Vegas and that person was Chance.
                  Last edited by Elisheba24; June 26, 2019, 04:21 PM.
              • Mandolin Rain
                Day Player
                • Apr 2013
                • 222

                Originally posted by Tiffany37 View Post
                I never liked him. To loud, to annoying, and never tells the truth. Always creating problems for himself, and other than hacking, really isn't a smart guy.
                I have never liked Chipmunk Kevin! He thinks he is above everyone on the planet and can break whatever law, commit whatever crime he wants -- and then blame it on some else since he has it in his head he is so totally above the law. I know a lot of folks are so jazzed that he was brought back to the show. I am not, at all!! He is not the only character they have brought back that I can't stand. It is hard for me to watch the show and with the upcoming characters they are bringing back, it is going to get a whole lots harder to watch. Granted, I know this is an unpopular opinion, but it is how I feel about the show in general.


                • Tiffany37
                  Tiffany37 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I couldn't agree more Mandolin. He hurts my ears.
              • colormebadd
                • Jul 2008
                • 4832

                What else is new! Kevin's character always seems to be all over the place. When he debuted he was a scary creepy little sexual predator who gave Lily a sexual transmitted disease, he tried to roast Colleen alive at the GCAC, he then became a creepy little adolescent child who turned into a claustrophobic scaredy cat afraid of small spaces, then he became some kind of silly creepy hero dressed in a chipmunk suit, he was then supposedly redeemed citizen of GC getting a job of all places GC police Dept. Go figure this is Paul we are talking about so why not hire a former criminal to hack into computers in the police station. Now he's back to being a stupid annoying little jerk again. I like the actor RG very much I just can't deal with the many changes of his character even if he's does an amazing job of it.
                Last edited by colormebadd; June 25, 2019, 05:34 PM.


                • DallasGal
                  Aspiring soap scribe
                  • Jun 2008
                  • 17101

                  Kevin has always been a screw up but I don't think I would use the word coward to describe him. He loves Chloe and is protective of her. Adam is diabolical so he is going to get the upper hand with Kevin.

                  Chloe has been written into a corner. I actually liked her with Billy.


                  • mikeylaurenfan
                    Soap Addict
                    • Dec 2004
                    • 7121

                    He always has been but I find it endearing


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