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ADVISORY: Personal speculation about the actors & HAIR.


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  • Moore ideas
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    • Jul 2005
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    ADVISORY: Personal speculation about the actors & HAIR.

    Please posters -- no more "HAIR" topics! They will be removed. They are not only considered "frivolous" topics on SOC (unless it's a specific critique of wardrobe, hair & makeup, in which case the conversation belongs in that designated thread), but the most current numerous and (now removed) repetitive threads have also been paired with inappropriate personal speculation about the actor. SOC's guidelines state:

    Any personal attacks or mean-spirited remarks about the performers are not permitted.....…………..Soap actors and actresses do read these boards and we would not want them to be upset by something written about them. You can, however, grumble about a character.


    Please do not post frivolous topics that have little or nothing to do with the show. For example, "Who has a nicer hairstyle" has nothing to do with the storylines or the direction of the characters.

    Additionally, we have had ongoing issues with guidelines violations lately, so -- everyone -- please use this opportunity to review SOC's guidelines in their entirety:

    Thank you...
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    Moore ideas
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  • Lizincinti
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    Please make sure that your subject line is a clear reflection of the topic, not just a name or a list of names. It helps cut down on multiple same-topic discussions, and it helps posters find the proper thread to post in.

    We edit subject lines and merge same topic threads when time permits, but it's a time-consuming process. All threads with vague subject lines can be removed without notice.

    Per the guidelines:

    Please post messages that are on-topic. Look over the entire message board forum for a similar thread/topic before making a post. We don't want a board full of threads that discuss the same thing. When making a post, please be as descriptive as possible with the subject line. Descriptive titles reduce the chances of double-posting and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read.

    Questions? Comments? Please email me .


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