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What Kids Should Be Rapid Aged Next?


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  • GuidingLite
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Sep 2004
    • 10434

    What Kids Should Be Rapid Aged Next?

    Charlie and Mattie Ashby were kind of a bust in terms of rapid aging them (ridiculously so)...so who do you think should be next to give the show teen characters?

    Faith Newman
    Katie Abbott
    Johnny Abbott
    Moses Winters
    Connor Newman
    Christian Newman

    The writers really need to start working on the next wave of babies for the show....Noah, Abby, Kyle, Fen, Devon, Nate....all these characters need to have kids....soon....
    Contract Poster
    • Mar 2004
    • 2723

    I think Faith since she might have been a little older than the Ashby twins or at least close in age and Moses should be diseased since he was just a few years younger than the twins. IMO the other kids can wait a few years.


    • Lauren1
      Executive Poster
      • Mar 2004
      • 3678

      Faith Newman and Moses Winters.


      • stillrestless
        Board Regular
        • Aug 2008
        • 1218

        Logically, I'd say that it needs to be Faith but I understand why they want to keep using the young actress who portrays her....she's a great little actress!


        • JosieD
          • Apr 2007
          • 53

          Oh please age Johnny and Katie. It already seems Katie is older (maturity wise) than Johnny. Sorry but I'm not very fond of the child playing Johnny too babyish.


          • Carroll
            Carroll commented
            Editing a comment
            I absolutely LOVE the child playing Johnny! He is so adorable! Please don't age Johnny or Katie.

          • ElenaDobrev
            ElenaDobrev commented
            Editing a comment
            He is adorable
        • soapfan6
          Senior Board Member
          • Mar 2010
          • 2276

          Faith, Johnny and Moses.

          I wws actually hoping with the death of Neil that Moses would come back older and want to live with Devon or Lily and be with his father side of the family for a bit.


          • Rubythroat1
            Aspiring soap scribe
            • Jan 2014
            • 24187

            I'd nominate Summer. Faith has more adult values than Summer does. Summer is still a child in emotional range and choices.


            • KendallSam
              I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
              • Jun 2007
              • 9949

              Faith, Sam & Christian

              better for story

              also, Maddie and Charlie need someone to interact with


              • CouchCruisin'
                CouchCruisin' commented
                Editing a comment
                When was the last time they even showed Faith, Sam or Christian? Lol
            • Hope4BetterDays
              I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
              • Sep 2006
              • 8908

              I was thinking about Phyllis granddaughter Lucy visiting over the summer.


              • Angelala
                Soap Addict
                • Jan 2007
                • 6385

                Faith, she and Summer are supposed to be only a couple years difference.


                • TrishS
                  Day Player
                  • Mar 2005
                  • 443

                  Faith should be sorased to around 16 and Johnny and Katie should be 10 and 12. I doubt Moses will be back on screen since Neil is dead and Sophia isn't on the show anymore.


                  • CloverLeaf
                    • Jul 2017
                    • 4533

                    Faith, Johnnie, Connor.


                    • Fanlady
                      Executive Poster
                      • Dec 2010
                      • 4019

                      Faith, and Johnny, especially Johnny, he was born before Connor, Christian and Katie but he seems to be almost their same age. Also, Faith really is suppose to be just a couple of years below Summer. Phyllis and Nick was only married a couple or so years when Sharon got pregnant with Faith.
                      Last edited by Fanlady; April 17, 2019, 05:25 PM.


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