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why do TPTB shove unlikeable people down our throats


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    My question is why do they make them unlikable?


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      We all have a different set of characters we love and those we can't stand. I love Victor, Nikki, Nick, Sharon, and Jack. I can't stand the entire Rosales clan, dislike Lola the most, find Abby and Lauren boring, and can't stand Victoria. Probably no one would duplicate my list. We have to put up with some we don't like because they are popular with others.


      • CouchCruisin'
        CouchCruisin' commented
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        I duplicate your list with exception to one. I actually like Victoria. I didn’t years ago, but I do now. I think I really warmed to her when JT started attacking her.
        And you are spot on regarding Lola zzzzzzz snoozefest.
        No, two exceptions. Normally, I cannot stand Nick, but I like him this week.

      • Camille78
        Camille78 commented
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        Nick makes me mad at times, like when he runs to Phyllis.

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      I really hate it when much-needed characters aren't around in storylines.

      For instance, we pretty much see the Rosales family EVERY DAY... but where is Reed for this JT storyline?! Reed should've never left and should be front and center when everyone found out how much his grandmother and mother were involved with his father's death. Also, where is Mac? She needed closure so I would think she would be right there! I could see Mac taking her time because their son and daughter found out that not only is their father dead, but he was killed.

      Where is Noah for his mother, grandmother, and aunt's sentencing? This doesn't make sense!


      • megmigraine
        megmigraine commented
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        The absence of Reed, Mac, and Noah is ludicrous.

        They could give Rey and Arturo a sympathy coma for a few days to show characters who are important to the story

      • BrAk5742
        BrAk5742 commented
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        megmigraine - "a sympathy coma"... from your fingertips to the writers' eyes! It feels like TPTB are just phoning it in when it comes to these important details!

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      And that's why I have a FF button. Phyllis will always get it - and the Rosales crew. I can handle Summer without Phyllis because she never seems to succeed with her devious plans.


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        “Unlikable”is a relative term. Just becasue a character isn’t particularly popular this platform or among the people you discuss the show with doesnt necessarily me a they don’t have a fanbase. There is someone for everyone out there.

        As always the show needs balance, doesn’t mean every character needs to be front and centre all the time, but if they’re on the show then they should be getting used and be involved.


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          The audience that watches this show is diverse and the writers are adding characters to reflect that diversity but it seems many old timers are resisting. The way Shauna was treated and all the names this young girl was called is so much worse than any criticism of that horrid Summer who IMO is nothing but pure evil.


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            Originally posted by CloverLeaf View Post
            If everyone on a soap was kind, caring, smart and made good decisions, where would the drama come from? I agree that I cant stand several people but without them, this would be a giant love-fest and not a drama.
            I see your point, but I'd prefer mustache twirling villains to annoying whiny brats. However, I recognize that this is Y&R and not Days. I guess I just prefer bad guys (or gals) who are unapologetically bad.


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