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Was Victoria's best pairing Travis, Billy or Ryan???


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  • Was Victoria's best pairing Travis, Billy or Ryan???

    I know Travis cheated, but he did love her. I loved their chemistry and I wish he would come back and woo her.
    i love Heather's Vikki and Ryan. Maybe the love of her life or Billy who she shares 2 kids with.

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    Ryan can’t come back since we saw him die, but he was by far the most developed pairing. It was a slow, steady romance that exposed layers of Victoria’s innocence and wanting more. Couple that with Nina and Ryan’s romance, this was one of the best on Y&R.

    The show will never see a romance like tbis again because there are many who are many who are impatient with storylines today.

    As for for enjoyment, I love Billy and Victoria, but I don’t see that happening with Josh Griffith. Again, sad.


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      I have never liked any Victoria pairing to date. I have never liked Victoria either so that probably has something to do with it.

      Though I will say, that under Mal I haven’t completely disliked her so thats new.

      For it to work, there needs to be somene out there that she would put first before her Dad or someone who doesn’t hate Victor and is comfortable being second to him.
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        Cole. I wish Travis and Melanie had stayed.

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      I think she was best with Billy for a while. I don’t think she’s one that works that well in a relationship. I barely remember Travis . Ryan was so long ago. She was with Stitch longer than Travis.


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        Originally posted by Theresa_Fan View Post
        I know Travis cheated, but he did love her. I loved their chemistry and I wish he would come back and woo her.
        i love Heather's Vikki and Ryan. Maybe the love of her life or Billy who she shares 2 kids with.
        Did the actor who played Travis decided to not stay longer or quit on his own? Heather Tom's Victoria was with Ryan from the 1990's. And, HT's Victoria was also with Cole Howard in the 1990's and I used to really like them.


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          I thought Victoria and BM’s Billy were great together. I’m not sold on this new version of Villy just yet.


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            I don't mind Vikki with Billy. Could not stand Travis at all and Ryan was good but that was then. For now I want to see her stay far away from Cane. I think she would do well with an older man, someone more like her father and maybe even a friend of her father's.


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              Never watched when Ryan was on. I did like Vicki with Travis alot. Would have been nice if for once Victor would have approved of her love interest and she could have been a happy couple. Would have been nice to see Victor working along side a potential son-in-law in business and I kind of had hoped that Travis' business knowledge would have enabled him to fit into Newman.

              I do wonder in the end, if the show ever gets written to this point, who Victor will leave the company to, who he will ultimately want to run it.


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                ^^^ There was a time Victoria gave Victor a lot of hell for when he tried to sabotage her relationships.... even with Brad and Billy in the beginning but I have to blame the writers when they let him win. There is a difference for her to have to go by his rules at work but another when it's her personal life.

                They did try it out not long ago and have her go against him with JT only to show she got abused by him but that was the s/l ….it doesn't mean cause she was abused by JT she will be by all other men (although I can see Victoria feeling insecure and bad about herself with that trauma, which is hard to forget).....

                Victor doesn't need to love every man she wants to be with...She always went against him with that especially in the past and she didn't let him win.

                In the past when she was with Diego and he broke them up due to Sharon sleeping with him while she was married to Nick....Victoria was wild and slapped the heck out of Victor and was verbally belting him for it. The writing was perfect. They need to keep writing it as so. She can be compatible in business with Victor and not let outsiders speak of her dad but when she is in love like the past old shows have her give Victor hell when he wants to control who she dates or marries just like the old shows when Bill Bell was at the helm.....

                She also did have other times as well with Abby where she came to her defense when Victor didn't want to speak to Abby and gave him hell for how he was treating her and told her it was his daughter Abby's Bday and how he could be so cruel as to shut her out. Also her and Nikki concealing things from him too most recently.


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                  I agree. I loved BM's Billy and Victoria. I was shocked how much I loved them and even more so miss them.

                  Michael who played Travis left on his own. I would love him back, I liked his chemistry with Vikki (And even Ashley).


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                    It’s a toss up between Billy and Ryan. I give the edge to Billy Millers, version of Billy Abbott. It would be nice to see her visit the grave yard of Ryan or bring him up. Also Y & R could even bring Tricia back for a storyline.


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                      I loved the original Victoria, Heather Tom, with Ryan. Loved. I also loved current Victoria with Billy Miller's Billy and the true/real JT. (Not the ridiculous JT that's been completely altered during the last year and a half.) Jason Thompson's version of Billy works well with Victoria, too.

                      I NEVER liked Victoria with Travis.

                      IF TPTB decide to pair Victoria with Cane, I will be completely disappointed. Yuck.


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                        Anyone but Stitch

                        I liked her with Billy Miller and JT until he started abusing her. They had great chemistry.


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                          I enjoyed Brad & Victora, Ryan & Victoria, the last actor who played Billy & Victoria but the first go round with JT before 2018/2019 JT was my favorite.


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                            i liked her with ryan and cole. I like her with billy but prefer Bill Minor or Tom


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