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Anybody else watch Loving on YT??? Trisha/Trucker storylines from 1991-93!!!


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  • Anybody else watch Loving on YT??? Trisha/Trucker storylines from 1991-93!!!

    The person who puts the videos up clearly loved Trisha and Trucker because they took the time to create a library of episodes featuring their two characters - I found the epis from late 1991 - 1993, when Noelle Beck left the show as Trisha. The frightening storyline with Gifford Bowman, the crazy father of Casey, in love with Trisha, was great!

    Now I am watching the Dec. 1993 episodes where Curtis (who is being played once again by my favorite Loving actor, Christopher Marcantel), is being held hostage by Dante Parlou (Emmy-nominee Thom Christopher, who had won an Emmy for OLTL).

    A year ago I watched The Loving Murders, the last 4 months or so of the series, which was amazing!!!

    I wish the whole entire series was available in sequential order though. Any other sources out there for the show???

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    None that I know of
    The show got better and better, and The Loving Murders storyline was still my favorite soap storyline ever.

    Have you watched The City? It was a continuation of Loving that ran for a couple of years which followed some of the survivors
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      I used to enjoy that couple. Thanks for the information.


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        I loved Trisha, alot.
        I hope she is doing well these days,and happy/healthy in life.Always enjoyed her on this classic soap.



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          I watch whatever I can find about Trucker and Trisha. I use to hope that the two actors would be
          paired again in another soap, but that never happened.


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            I was a Trisha/Steve fan. I would love to see their wedding again.


            • chandon1
              chandon1 commented
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              I LOVED them but crushed when they ended the way they did.

              I don't know if I watching when Trucker came on the show?

              I think I may have already left the show by them.

            • ILoveBizzie
              ILoveBizzie commented
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              Me too, hated that they killed Steve!

              I stopped watching when that happened, well regularly anyway, and only once in a while checked what was going on in the soap mags.

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            Loving was the first soap that I got drawn to when in middle school. Taped it daily and watched after school. I might have to search and watch what's out there. Since I was a young teen watching I was drawn to really wanting the Ally/Cooper pairing. I disliked Casey and Steffy.


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              I have been enjoying them too. Love watching Gifford chew up the scenery


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