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Question about Jack Forbes


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  • Question about Jack Forbes

    It's hard to find any comprehensive story/character recaps on Loving /The City on the internet. One of the many nagging questions (and there are many from what I remember from the show) is the status of Jack Forbes. Now my memory is pretty shoddy seeing as I tend to watch soaps live and never really went back and watched storylines again (though that has changed somewhat due to the advent of YouTube).

    So to make a long story short, was it ever confirmed that Jack Forbes was dead? I seem to remember that he disappeared off a ship and no body was ever found. I also seem to remember that later on, Stacy was being stalked or getting weird phone calls and messages from someone claiming to be Jack. I don't think it was him. But again, I seem to recall never getting a definitive answer and it was just left as he was dead. If anyone with a better memory can elaborate or provide more info, I would appreciate it

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    Yes, you are right. Its a good observation.

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      I was saddened to learn that Jack's portrayer, Perry Stephens, had passed away at the age of 47. Re: the character, I found this summary:
      "Jack is presumed drowned - he fell off the boat on the honeymoon for his second marriage to Stacey. A body was found, but Clay identified it and Jeremy later proved it was NOT Jack. Clay identified it because he wanted to marry Stacey and drive her crazy so that he would own controlling interest in Alden Enterprises....so that he could destroy it. Stacey pined for Jack when it first happened, that's why she was so vunerable to Clay's advances. Nothing more is said about him. . ."
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        That is so sad that he died so young, I didn't know that.

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