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B&B episodes available on Paramount+


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  • GuidingLite
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Sep 2004
    • 10438

    B&B episodes available on Paramount+

    Last night, while scrolling through listings on Paramount+ streaming network, I came across B&B...and decided to see what they have available. Imagine my surprise when I got to watch an episode from 'Season 8"...Here are the highlights of the episode:

    -Sheila has a gun on Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Brooke, James, and Lauren at the Forrester Mansion, insisting that Stephanie ruined her chances at a new life in Los Angeles with Eric. She threatens to kill Stephanie. Ridge stands between them saying Sheila will have to go through him to get to his mother. Brooke joins him in shielding Stephanie from Sheila. James tries to reason with Sheila to not do any more harm, and Lauren stands her ground calling Sheila out for all the terrible things (to date) that Sheila had done to her. Sheila lowers the gun eventually, and produces a bottle she claims is filled with poison. She comes to the realization, as everyone tries to talk her out of taking the poison and killing herself, that they are, in fact, good people...and perhaps she was wrong about them. She drinks the poison and collapses to the floor. Eric reassures her she will get help, but Sheila only wants one thing from Eric - his forgiveness. He tells her she has it, and Sheila cries that all she ever wanted was to love and be loved. She closes her eyes and slumps to the side.

    -Darla enters Sally's office at Spectra and says the new hairdresser she mentioned to Sally is there to meet her - Sally claims she's too busy, but agrees to meet her. Enter Gladys Pope, played by Phyllis Diller. Sally speaks with Gladys, who claims to be hairdresser to many famous people, but Sally smells a sham. When Gladys is leaving and name drops Taylor Forrester, Sally stops her...how can she be Taylor's hairdresser when Taylor died in a plane crash? Gladys reveals she has been doing Taylor's hair and makeup for weeks, and Taylor is staying with her father, Jack Hamilton. Sally calls Jack's home and when Taylor answers and Sally recognizes her voice....she realizes it's all true...Taylor didn't die after all!!!

    -At Jack Hamilton's house - Taylor declines an offer from her dad to get out of the house. She wants to wait for Ridge's call. Jack asks his daughter what she's going to do about Brooke, now that Ridge has married her....Taylor agrees that she acknowledges that Ridge does love Brooke, perhaps as much as he loves Taylor....but when all is said and done - she didn't die - and she is Ridge's one and only legal wife.

    It was SUCH a treat to see Sally again....and to have confirmed what I have thought for many years now - Sheila's motivation is not anger, not revenge, not a desire for power or wealth....she just wants someone to love her most of all.

    A wonderful trip down memory lane....and I hope to find several more similar episodes to watch.
  • SinnRising
    Board Regular
    • Jun 2022
    • 818

    Yeah they have back to 2013 and some other episodes they've aired during covid


    • GuidingLite
      GuidingLite commented
      Editing a comment
      The one I watched was circa 1994....I was amazed they had something that far back!!!! :0)
  • Quintessential
    Senior Board Member
    • Aug 2016
    • 1769

    You can watch all the episodes beginning with episode 1 all the way through season 5 in chronological order on youtube. Not YouTube TV just regular YouTube. Right now they're in season 5 they release four episodes every day. When season 5 is over I don't know if they'll release season 6 or not. But I hope they do cuz I prefer the old episodes to the new ones.


    • GuidingLite
      GuidingLite commented
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      Thanks for the heads up!

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