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Ridge needs someone new


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  • Sweaver
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Oct 2004
    • 12373

    Ridge needs someone new

    I don't want to see Ridge go back to Taylor or stay with Brooke. Both have been done so many times it's ridiculous. What Ridge needs is someone new to start over with. There's nothing more romantic than Ridge getting to know someone new sweeping her off their feet and falling in love without all of the pettiness and jealousy that follows Brooke/Ridge/Taylor.

    I thought we would get that with Shauna, but it seems the writers didn't want to go there for some reason. What do you guys think, would someone new be better than the same old relationships?
  • Chicklet
    Board Regular
    • May 2022
    • 1094

    I'm not liking Ridge much these days so I'm not sure I want to see him with anyone! But I am sick of Bridge and Tridge for the reasons you stated. It's been done so many times that it is just boring now.


    • Gwennie123
      Gwennie123 commented
      Editing a comment
      No those 2 women need new men. Who cares about Ridge??

    • Chicklet
      Chicklet commented
      Editing a comment
      Exactly Gwennie123 Ridge needs to go sit in a corner for a while.
  • VA Beach Girl
    • Sep 2020
    • 64

    They did that when he was with Caroline. Brooke didn't like that she went after him and tried to get him to come back to her, well, he told her no and to find someone else. Since there won't be anyone else on the canvas if I have to choose I want to see him with this Taylor, she's new and I really don't see Taylor,Taylor in her. She looks like she's got what the other Taylor didn't have and that is spunk and determination. Him and Brooke are so used up, she only wants him if someone else is around that does too, once she has him and has no competition she's off kissing Bill or whoever puts their face within reach of her lips. She has zero respect for him and his children. It's time he's going to let that used up ole thing go.


    • jdemm58
      jdemm58 commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree with you. I actually enjoy watching Ridge with (this version of) Taylor and their family. I would like to see Brooke have life after Bridge and be sent in another direction for a good long while.
  • Tahemet
    Senior Board Member
    • Mar 2016
    • 2178

    Ridge needs to be alone for some soul searching


    • bluejazz
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Aug 2008
      • 24178

      Ridge needs a long vacation and a big reset. He's unbearable.


      • taramartin
        taramartin commented
        Editing a comment
        I agree, he needs to be alone for a while.
    • Sinn forever
      Recurring Poster
      • Dec 2021
      • 409

      Ridge does need someone new. I don’t care who ridge ends up with as long as it’s not Brooke. Ridge needs someone who loves him and will be there for him. He also needs someone who cares about his family and that will never be Brooke she will never love him or be there for him and she can’t stand his family she hates his kids. She is more obsessed with him than anything.

      i want Taylor to find someone new also she can do better than Ridge. I don’t care what Brooke does but she should be alone for awhile and stop depending on guys and learn how to be on her own for once


      • bluejazz
        bluejazz commented
        Editing a comment
        He has RJ with Brooke. Please tell me how much Taylor and Steffy and Thomas care about Ridge's other son.

        Taylor and her kids really remind me of Nikki and Nick and Victoria on Y&R. Snotty elitist attitudes thinking that they're the only ones who are family and any others are second rate, even their own sibling.

      • RedheadTeacher
        RedheadTeacher commented
        Editing a comment
        bluejazz Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas care as much about RJ as Brooke and Hope do.
    • prpnc
      • Jul 2006
      • 4994

      Originally posted by bluejazz View Post
      Ridge needs a long vacation and a big reset. He's unbearable.
      I keep wondering when he's going to take that long break that has been mentioned for well over a year now.


      • Theresa_Fan
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jul 2007
        • 65059

        Someone new why? I loved Ridge/Shauna but KA and TK have so much chemistry.


        • ABeth
          Senior Board Member
          • Jan 2019
          • 1722

          I like nuTaylor with Ridge. They have so much on screen chemistry. I would like to see Ridge make a real break Brooke and be with Taylor. It is Brooke who needs someone new.


          • BrendaBlanks
            Board Regular
            • Mar 2012
            • 785

            Ridge needs to be alone, meditate on his poetry and creativity. Determine what really makes him happy.
            It appears it's Taylor and his family with Taylor.
            But Brooke is like a drug to Ridge and he never, ever will get over her. Brooke won't let him get over her.
            So it hope writers will make it stop.


            • Carson1
              Day Player
              • Dec 2020
              • 205

              I hope Ridge stays with Brooke and Taylor moves on


              • GuidingLite
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Sep 2004
                • 10438

                I don't think Brad Bell will ever completely and with all finality break up Ridge and Brooke.

                That said.....if TK ever DOES take his vacation as has long been rumored...the writers should plan for a huge split for Ridge and Brooke - send TK off screen...have divorce papers arrive via messenger....and then when TK is ready to return.....have him come home, Brooke certain that he is coming back to reunite with her....and he returns with a new wife. Sure they 'sort of' did this with Shauna, but that wasn't legal and wasn't something Ridge went into with his whole heart....have him bring back a wife that he met off-screen.....and he really loves her....

                While he's away....bring back one of Brooke's past loves for a 'short term' story...like bring Nick and his son Jack to L.A. - introduce a teen Jack...and have Nick and Brooke reminisce about their relationship years ago.....recapture some of that....but ultimately Nick realizes it will always be Ridge she loves most of all....and leave town...but Jack decides to stay on....


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