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Do you miss Shauna and Flo Fulton???


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  • Lakergirl 04
    Board Regular
    • Aug 2018
    • 1454

    Do you miss Shauna and Flo Fulton???

    I thought I did but I realized I truly can't stand Flo. She just doesn't work. What she did to Steffy and Hope, was cold and calculated. It truly disturbed me that she ran around, having sex with Wyatt while lying to him and Hope that she was Beth birth mom! She only told the truth because of Douglas. She NEVER would have if Liam hadn't confronted her about the lies. Wyatt was completely destroyed to prop her up. He. Cheated on Sally for Flo and treated her horrible, for the woman who sold his niece. The fact he asked her to marry him is crazy and just plain wrong. Flo wasn't redeemed. She just was background until they finally put us out her misery. They should sent her off when the truth came out, but she was kept around and made a Logan. Ugh.

    I didn'I mind Shauna but there were to many women her age.

    We need two more younger women on the show under 35. Zoey and Flo are gone.

    So did you miss them?
    Definitely! I really liked Shauna and Flo!
    God No! I hated both them!
    No. I just hated Shauna!
    No I just hate Flo!
  • SweetJade
    Board Regular
    • Apr 2009
    • 830

    I really liked Shauna, i miss her and Quinn's friendship. They need more people on the show that are not Logans, Forresters or Spencers


    • Sinn forever
      Recurring Poster
      • Dec 2021
      • 409

      I loved Shauna and loved her friendship with Quinn I would love for her to come back. I wish they would have tried her with Ridge more. They had chemistry if Ridge didn't end up with Taylor I would love for him to end up with Shauna or someone like her or Taylor.

      I couldn't stand Flo though nothing interesting about her and I am glad she is gone.


      • Chicklet
        Board Regular
        • May 2022
        • 1093

        Not so much!! Flo was a no go with me and Shauna was too immature.


        • Katbert
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Nov 2005
          • 19252

          I didn't care much about either of them. Don't miss them at all.


          • bernag06
            Board Regular
            • Sep 2006
            • 631

            Honestly, I forgot all about them!


            • Terileeh
              Board Regular
              • May 2014
              • 1494

              Shauna 100% Flo 0%. Time for Wyatt to move on.


              • soaps4me
                Contract Poster
                • Dec 2005
                • 2964

                Las Vegas trash. Glad to see the last of them.


                • Nick Fallon fan
                  Nick Fallon fan commented
                  Editing a comment
                  They are far from done
              • CouchCruisin'
                Executive Poster
                • May 2014
                • 3626


                I'm kidding!

                They are very easy to forget.


                • LoveStories
                  Board Regular
                  • Jun 2008
                  • 657

                  I really liked Shauna/DR.


                  • Quintessential
                    Senior Board Member
                    • Aug 2016
                    • 1768

                    I like Shauna and her do or die friendship with Quinn was uplifting and empowering. I don't think we have too many women in Quinn and Shauna's age range. Who else do we have? Brooke is much older than Quinn. Quinn was a teenager when Wyatt was born. Brooke's daughter Bridget was in her twenties when Hope was born. Bridget Quinn and Shauna are in the same age range.

                    However I do think we need a woman under 35 for Thomas more than we need Shauna. But I feel there's several characters we could get rid of and bring a younger woman on for Thomas one for Wyatt and still keep Shauna.


                    • Lakergirl 04
                      Lakergirl 04 commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Quinn, Shauna, Donna, Katie, Bridget are all the same age. Or basically.

                    • Quintessential
                      Quintessential commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Donna and Katie were both grown when Rick and Bridget were born. Rick and Bridget are old enough to be Hope's parents so they're about the same age as Quinn and Shauna. Quinn was a teenager when Wyatt was born whereas Rick and Bridget were in their twenties when Hope was born but Wyatt's a little older than Hope so Quinn was probably in her early twenties by the time Hope was born just like Rick and Bridget were.
                  • TooFree4You
                    Contract Poster
                    • Jan 2019
                    • 3380

                    Shauna I loved until they had Ridge looking like he was suddenly sick at the thought of being with her..like overnight. The man asked her to stay with him twice. He was kissing her every other day where anyone could see at Eric’s house. He chased her to Vegas. She is Brooke without the laying up with all Ridge’s brethren and daddy. I like her friendship with Quinn and that someone else on the show has a ride or die. Flo is like wallpaper. She adds nothing . She’s an old high school sweetheart made into a Logan and nobody cares at all.


                    • GuidingLite
                      Aspiring soap scribe
                      • Sep 2004
                      • 10438

                      Neither have been missed by me...I hated that Flogan was kept around after the babynap story, and that her family was expanded....AND that she was made a Logan relative.....she's been off screen so long I'd barely recognize her if she returned....and would like to either see Wyatt used more or send the couple (offscreen) off to be happy elsewhere with Mama Shauna close behind.....I like Wyatt, but he got saddled with a USELESS character....and there went his story....

                      Give Wyatt and Bridget a chance....they are 'supposed to be' around the same age....and bring back Logan Knight, Bridget's son.....as a teenager....and age Katie and Bill's son, Will, and make Logan and Will friends....they don't need Flogan.


                      • Lakergirl 04
                        Lakergirl 04 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Bridget is way older! Hope is the same age as Wyatt, Bridget is 20 years older than Hope.

                      • GuidingLite
                        GuidingLite commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Bridget cannot be twenty years older than Hope, or else Brooke, who is in her mid-to-late 50s, would have to be at least 75.....with Hope's rapid aging...the gap between the two was shrunk....I know that technically Bridget was about 19 when Hope was born, but...Hope is now 30 or so....and Bridget is not 50+....
                    • Glorygal21
                      Day Player
                      • May 2021
                      • 145

                      I loved Shauna, and I miss DR. However I do not miss Flo at all.


                      • Theresa_Fan
                        Aspiring soap scribe
                        • Jul 2007
                        • 65059

                        I dislike when Flo/Shauna are grouped as one. DR is a talented actress. I miss DR/Shauna. They missed out with Shauna.


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