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Wardrobe, Sets, Makeup, Hair, Music, Props etc Week Ending 6/3/2022


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  • JCmojoe81
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2006
    • 13548

    Wardrobe, Sets, Makeup, Hair, Music, Props etc Week Ending 6/3/2022

    Wardrobe, Sets, Makeup, Hair, Music, Props etc Week Ending 6/3/2022. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
    SOC Moderator
    Questions? Email me: JCmojoe81
  • Teaday13
    Contract Poster
    • May 2019
    • 2515

    Hope what are u wearing... looks mis-matched imo. also low cut around Thomas again.


    • Katbert
      Katbert commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree. That orange top with the green pants was a bad choice. Is she wearing that to work? Does she go to work anymore?
  • Betsey
    Executive Poster
    • Aug 2012
    • 3578

    Those Forrester men in their grey sweaters! Yum. Except the fringe on the bottom of Thomas' sweater was silly...I think it wold be ok on a woman's sweater.

    I love Steffy in a white shirt and black blazer, she can rock a blazer pregnant or not pregnant. Her hair was beautiful today, simple, loose curls.


    • RedheadTeacher
      Aspiring soap scribe
      • Feb 2006
      • 20272

      JMW had to be close to the end of her pregnancy when this was filmed, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. I loved her look today.

      Hope's outfit was really unflattering.

      Thomas' fringed edges sweater was weird.

      Ridge, Taylor, and Liam looked nicely casual.

      How is it that Finn's blood pressure is a constant 120/80?


      • Katbert
        Katbert commented
        Editing a comment
        Steffy did look great today. Loved her makeup and hair.

      • prim
        prim commented
        Editing a comment
        no for Taylor;
    • taramartin
      Soap Addict
      • Oct 2013
      • 6352

      I like Hope's outfit - she was holding her laptop so she may be working at home. Thomas came over unexpectedly - she didn't dress for him but I have certainly seen more revealing outfits on all of them. I wouldn't normally pair the orange and green solids but I have seen those colors combined in many prints and plaids.


      • Theresa_Fan
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jul 2007
        • 65059

        Hope's outfit. Awful. Yikes.

        Steffy looks gorgeous. That woman has so much sex appeal and is exotically beautiful.


        • SLW117
          Board Regular
          • Jun 2011
          • 1161

          I liked Hope's outfit but not the color combo. Loved her hair. All the small braids looked great. I think they have done a great job of hiding JMW pregnancy. Donna is drop dead gorgeous. Gotta give Eric credit for not staring at her breasts when he talks to her!


          • Boldfan4ever
            Soap Addict
            • Jan 2018
            • 7036

            Loved Ridge's top today


            • Blank Slate
              Senior Board Member
              • May 2009
              • 1561

              Hope’s orange top looked awful. It didn’t even fit well. Paired with green pants? What did sh3 do to get outfitted like this?

              How did they manage to dress Steffy so well that you wouldn’t know she was pregnant unless you know?!


              • DavidFuentes
                • Jun 2022
                • 1

                I like Hope's outfit.


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