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Paris manages to be even less likeable w/her attitude towards Carter & Quinn [MERGED]


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  • RedheadTeacher
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Feb 2006
    • 20267

    Paris manages to be even less likeable w/her attitude towards Carter & Quinn [MERGED]

    Paris' words and attitude toward Carter and Quinn today were beyond disrespectful and rude. I enjoyed watching Quinn call her out and put her in her place, but the expression on Paris' face shows that it didn't even phase her.

    Her sense of entitlement has no bounds. If Queric blows up because of Honey Bear's cheating with Donna, then I truly hope that Quinn and Carter get back together and hope they send Paris an invitation to their wedding. She deserves a front row seat.
  • joncharmed93
    Contract Poster
    • Apr 2012
    • 2700

    Paris really trying to come for Quinn when she cheated on Zende with Carter? I don't want to here this open relationship nonsense, Paris was not upfront about Carter, she kept him a secret because she knew how Zende would feel about it.

    I hope Quinn wipes that smirk off of Paris face, she gets in my nerves.


    • brenda08
      brenda08 commented
      Editing a comment
      Totally agree. Paris can't say anything about cheating when she did it herself. I totally want to see Quinn go against cause Paris has no chance.

    • SweetJade
      SweetJade commented
      Editing a comment
      I want to know how it has been twisted now by Grace that Carter cheated on Zoe? Zoe was the one trying her hardest to cheat on Carter. Quarter was when Zarter were broken up

    • Teaday13
      Teaday13 commented
      Editing a comment
      there is no place for Paris to try to act like a big shot. She is way out of her league when coming up against Quinn - and we know Quinn, so better watch out Paris.
  • taramartin
    Soap Addict
    • Oct 2013
    • 6351

    She has been an annoying mess since she arrived in L.A. but then she displayed a very phoney niceness that made me sick - now she doesn't even pretend to be nice.


    • Teaday13
      Contract Poster
      • May 2019
      • 2515

      does she really think she can take on Quinn! - nope u can't Paris. They could just fire her


      • brenda08
        Day Player
        • Jan 2021
        • 230

        I really wished Quinn would had just fired Paris...

        I am glad there is at least someone that will put Paris in her place. I don't think Paris even has a chance facing off against Quinn. Does Paris even know what Quinn has done in the past and what she is capable of doing?


        • Forresterfan
          • Apr 2022
          • 59

          Who talks to the bosses wife like that!?!


          • RedheadTeacher
            RedheadTeacher commented
            Editing a comment
            It was Carter who hired her, and I would presume that he can fire her as well.
        • tollyfan35
          Board Regular
          • May 2018
          • 1498

          hey paris carter doesn't want you i will be cheering for quinn to stiop your horrible wedding to carter


          • Nick Fallon fan
            Nick Fallon fan commented
            Editing a comment
            It will be really humiliating for Paris to lose to a 50 year old woman LOL
        • maryg
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Mar 2006
          • 16886

          I never have liked her and I am liking her less and less. After what her father did, she should count herself lucky that she is allowed in the building.


          • Appaloosagrl
            Senior Board Member
            • Feb 2007
            • 1641

            OP: Yes, the more I see Paris, the less I like her and her domineering Mother...

            It looks like Paris is going to be obsessive and cray-cray like her sister Zoe. Carter is way too mature for Paris. I feel like she's a spoiled teen chasing after an adult. Paris is definitely tempting fate by getting in Quinn's face, LOL!

            Unfortunately, IMO Paris has not had chemistry with anyone: Zende, Thomas, Finn or Carter.


            • Carerra
              Senior Board Member
              • Nov 2018
              • 1795

              What Paris really needs is a sandwich


              • ShesAllThat
                Aspiring soap scribe
                • Mar 2004
                • 17884

                paris must not know much about Quinn and who she is dealing with!!! she does not want to come for her with her little chest stuck out thinking she has something to say. i would love for Quinn to show her who she is dealing with!


                • veryoldatwtfan
                  Senior Board Member
                  • May 2010
                  • 2240

                  Paris was incredibly rude and disrespectful today, a total brat. I didn’t think she could annoy me more … and then she did.


                  • Theresa_Fan
                    Aspiring soap scribe
                    • Jul 2007
                    • 65059

                    She can go any day. Everything Zoey said was correct.


                    • mudlokate
                      I Let My Evil Twin Post For Me
                      • Dec 2010
                      • 8072

                      I agree Paris is on my last nerve. I'm disappointed they've decided to turn her into a flaky adult woman wannabe. Though her mother is almost as intolerable.


                      • MemMem
                        Contract Poster
                        • Jul 2009
                        • 2524

                        Well, call me s contrarian, but I like Paris now that she has dropped her sweet little ingenue act and is letting her inner schemer out to play. Paris likes men who aren't that into her and present more of a challenge. Methinks Paris will have Carter's baby to hold onto him. I hate the way Zende is being wasted. Here's hoping the show brings back Sasha for Zende. Then and only then will Paris decide she wants him. Any how, that's the way I read her.


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